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I am now going to discuss World Powers – Past and Present, that have bearing on the “Time of the End”

  1. Babylon the Great – From 607 B.C.E. (Started with the destruction of Jerusalem.)
  2. Medo-Persia – From 539 B.C.E
  3. Greece – From 331 B.C.E.
  4. Rome – From 30 B.C.E.
  5. Anglo-American – From 1763 C.E. (First the United Kingdom, and later joined by the United States of America.)
  6. The United Nations – From 1945 C.E.(First known as The League of Nations)

This is the last World Power to rule. Armageddon, which, according to Bible Prophecy, should  destroy The United Nations in the very near future, will then introduce Jehovah God’s rule, with His Son Jesus Christ as His King, now already reigning in Heaven only. Jesus will then ensure that his Father’s Will is implemented, and maintained. The United Nations, and all other world rulers, and all their   subjects that are not DOING God’s will to the best of their ability, will be destroyed  simultaneously.

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This is my granddaughter, and if all goes well, and she DOES the will of Jehovah God, as the Bible commands it must be done, there is, according to the Bible, a strong hope that she will never taste death, so she will never physically die. In the Bible Jesus asks: “Do YOU believe this?” Jesus asks this as he knows that it will be hard to be accepted by humans due to all the years of false doctrines, that are the standard and norm in our religious society today and throughout history.

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