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Now I will be discussing Blood Transfusions, Fatalism, Immortality of the Soul and the Creation of Idols for Worship.

The first three are interlinked, but I will discuss all four subjects apart, which would incur repeating myself. This would enable the reader to see the contradiction of logic in the subjects themselves, and also possibly enable me to maybe include a new thought that I had ommitted in the previous subjects.Firstly, remember, we are made in Jehovah God’s image, and as we do not have spiritual bodies, then it would be logical to assume that God means that we have logical reasoning powers, and the capability to differentiate between good and bad. Secondly, Jehovah God is the epitomy of LOGIC, and all His ways are so designed. Thirdly, as we are created in God’s image, we are persons in our own right, with our own free wills, and although we will never reach the Glory, Intelligence and Power of Jehovah God, we are capable of being “perfectly” capable enough to understand and Do His Will, acceptably, to His criteria.

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Please note, all my posts are my own reasonings AND please do not forget about my “Subjects Of Discussion” Page on My Home Page

Let us continue with what doctrines are being preached, and what is acceptable, in various religions:

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