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There is a global hunger for realistic religion. It is quite apparent that humans possess qualities that they are fully unaware of in many fields of life. One of these fields has been religion. For years billions have been attending their churches regularly. The reason for this is that┬ásome knew that they were supposed to receive their “spiritual” food there. Of those billions, however, most just attended ritually, but we are not interested in the behaviour of those, or even actually their motivation, as they really qualify or classify as passive churchgoers for the sake of appearances.


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All the interpretations below are my own, as well as those in my “Subjects of Discussion” on this Home Page.

I am now going to discuss the “Creation Of Idols In The Worship Environment.

The Bible states that humans must not create idols, or any object, in other words a statue, etc., that is on Heaven or on earth. However, you just have to look around you to see hundreds of ornaments, paintings, toys, etc., that are replicas of animals, trees, plants, humans, etc. Does this indicate that humans just do not obey Jehovah God, and what He commands in the Bible. NO. DEFINITELY NOT IN MOST CASES!

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Remember, all writing done on my posts are all my own interpretations, as well as all the information in my “Subjects of Discussion” on my Home Page.

The Immortality of the Soul.

This is one of the most misleading, dangerous and obnoxious doctrines ever preached!

Last night I read an article where a mother drugged her two daughters aged 14 and 13. She then shot (murdered) them and then shot (murdered) herself. Although it is considered a very traumatic experience for all the families involved, at least they are consoled by the fact that all three are now by God.


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I must repeat myself with each post – the entire contents of all my posts are my own interpretations.


Fatalism is in my opinion so entrenched in our normal lives that it is not even considered a part of religion, but more so, that it is not only a way of life, but LIFE itself. So What If I Believe In Fatalism? My Opinion: Then it is a fact that I often mention that my Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, is not only partial, but also capable of heinous crimes, violent deeds, brutal murder, and many, many more callous deeds. Often enough, though, I will also occasionally push some self-indulgent praise His way. Fatalism is another powerful weapon of Satan the Devil.

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