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Remember, what I write is my own interpretations and opinions. In “My Subjects Of Discussion” I cover Biblical interpretations with Scriptural interpretations. Go there – it will be worth your while, although it has still to be completed by the creator of the website, as I have given them all the input.

I doubt that there are many persons that care, even slightly, and even some that care very little, that will not agree with me that the human race is degrading so fast that it is frightening. The human race is racing to self-destruction.

With modern equipment that technogoly has designed and created, and all the other technical and brilliant designs, solutions, achievements and established resources, there is more discontent and trouble than ever before. In years gone by, if your leg was amputated then you would hobble along on an artificial limb until death. Nowadays, legs are in the process of being tested for transplanting, just to mention one of the fairly miraculous achievements.

Medical staff battle, suffer and work long hours tirelessly to save and repair lives, whilst within walking distance suicide-bombers and “honourable” soldiers are destroying lives and bodies, and making the lives of those injured and the medical staff far more difficult and complicated.

This is soon to end. VERY SOON.

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All that I write is my own opinions and interpretations.

In my “Subjects of Discussion” I concentrate on the Bible and what it tells me.

In this post I am going to discuss our world of today as I know it. I see a world being torn apart by greed. Greed from yesteryear and still going strong today. In my recent posts I have mentioned this greed, but have not expanded on it.

From natures side: Rebellion against human greed in the following ways: Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, hailstorms and changes in weather patterns. These cover most of natures revenge, retaliation or enforced reactions.

From human’s side: Suicide bombers, wars, testing of nuclear weapons, vast abuse of mineral resources, building of massive buildings to display the grandeur and so enhance the owner’s misplaced self-indulgnce, replacement of Jehovah God’s fertilizing methods with artificial methods. These cover many of the physical crimes against nature.

Laziness, drunkenness, sick moral attitudes, no discipline, no respect, absolutely no awareness of, or gratitude for, the vast beauty of nature. The last group covers many of the mental attitudes side of the crimes against nature.

With the above being rampant, how long will our earth be able to last before it disintegrates. Definitely not for long!


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