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There are two very important topics, however, that need to be perused with much sincerity:

I want to discuss two very important matters, namely the “Lord’s Prayer” and “The Truth Shall Set You Free” as a basis for the reason that I want to become a TRUE and Faithful Jehovah’s Witness. The “Lord’s Prayer” lays the foundation of what we NOW need, and “The Truth Shall Set You Free” the foundation of how my life will be changed for the better in this time period and the future, and also in the conditions that our world is in today.

I know I am repeating text but repetition is normally very good, as it makes for remembrance.

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It is imperative that it must be clearly understood that I am not officially a Jehovah’s Witness. The reason for this is that I have the differences as stated below. It is also imperative that it is understood that I am not seeking to enhance their image or create any unwarranted illusions as to the integrity of their doctrines and required beliefs and behavioural patterns.


 In my website I will indicate where I differ from the Jehovah’s Witnesses!

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All the interpretations, and everything that I write, is my own interpretation of what I understand the Bible to state and mean.

I am, from this Post onwards, going to start from the angle of what this website is all about, and then carry on through the Bible subjects. I will first give my interpretation, and then follow the interpretation with as many Scriptures as possible, starting from Genesis through to Revelation each time, to prove continuity of theme throughout the Bible.


There are a few differences between what I believe and what the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, but in my opinion, there is no other group that share their overall dedication, conviction, industriousness and a number of other desirable qualities, that they continuously strive to maintain. Many believe that way due to the fact that they were members of a family that were Jehovah’s Witnesses, but even those do daily studying of the Holy Bible, and by conviction, stay members. The majority, however, are persons that were willing to listen, and by Bible study they  became convinced.

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The Bible states that one of the occurrences that will be directly followed by Armageddon, and thus the destruction of this evil world as we now know it, will be when the rulers say “Peace, Peace!, but there will be no peace.”

In most of the world at this present time, there is no warring occurring, so where there still is strife, and when that strife is totally eliminated, then there should be Peace.

When the word “Peace” is used, then normally, it is associated with no warring or military action.

This is not actually the case!

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Once the truth of Jehovah God’s Word is known, the person with accurate Biblical knowledge is “set free!”

Free from what? Look around you. The persons that committed suicide, for instance, were not “free”. They were locked in to anxieties without foreseeable end. False beliefs and reasoning should have that effect on any normal person. Sad as it is, the twisting of the Biblical Scriptures has done, and still is doing, untold harm, and also causing untold misery. Just take lying out of our scene and imagine how different the world would be. And that is just one evil type of sin.

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All the interpretations are my own!Jesus told us how to pray. He included himself in the prayer when he voiced the introduction.So Jesus himself considered Jehovah God to be His Father as well.The main reason for placing the prayer as a Post is to make sure what Jehovah God has planned and also to prioritize His Qualities, Desires and Intentions.You will see from my Post that Jehovah God is first and foremost a FATHER! Read the rest of this entry »