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It is with a sad heart that I address this subject.

I would like to start this discussion with what I consider should be  of utmost importance, if not the most importance, to each and every person, namely, the PRESERVATION OF ALL LIFE.

Firstly: To all the loyal, conscientious and true medical practitioners and staff of all the varying positions held:

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Below are well-known facts:

From the beginning of the creation of our universe Jehovah God was our only King and Ruler.

Jehovah God had different tiers of authority in His Heaven. These were all filled by angels.

Then Jehovah God had His different tiers of authority here on earth, all filled by humans.


The humans said: “We want our own king”, so Jehovah God obliged.

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Due to the following VERY urgent situation given below the following vacancies have been created:

The Kingdom of Jehovah God has drawn VERY near and harvesters are required to separate the “wheat”, which indicates all who have been found acceptable enough to Jehovah God, from the “chaff” which indicates the billions that are not at all acceptable to Jehovah God.

To confirm this Jehovah God Himself states in His Bible at Luke Chapter 10, and verses 1 to 3: 1 After these things the Lord designated seventy others and sent them forth by twos in advance of him into every city and place to which he himself was going to come. 2 Then he began to say to them: “The harvest, indeed, is great, but the workers are few. Therefore beg the Master of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest. 3 Go forth. Look! I am sending YOU forth as lambs in among wolves.

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