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When the Bible is mentioned, or persons are reprimanded or advised about inappropriate behavior, it is almost a fact that the many well-known Scriptures, or often erroneous interpretations thereof, are quickly forwarded or mentioned.

If you for instance say that a person should not be using foul language, or that being “gay” is wrong, then quickly, you are informed that you have no right to judge. Why: “Because the Bible says so!”

The truth of the above matter actually is that the Bible advises you not to judge, especially without mercy, lest you be judged with the same attitude. In other words, very harsh judgment yields very harsh judgment against the person that is judging. It is imperative that a person judges the wrongs that are being perpetrated, and if continuously and consistently perpetrated without remorse, then disassociation is recommended by the Bible. How can you decide not to associate with a person if you have not judged that person as a result of his or her conduct?

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