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The Bible is Jehovah God’s Manual and is mostly thought of as “The Good Book” that will guide humans to being delivered from the burning fires of Hell to the wonderful everlasting life in Heaven.

Without being considered a Bible-puncher with nothing else to do, I would like to inform what the Bible really is.

The Bible is every breath that is breathed, every movement on earth, every vision of the eye, etc. and should mean everything to every person.

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Our Creator Jehovah God “NEEDS” absolutely nothing from humans. The word “NEEDS” that has been used is in the context of meaning that Jehovah God WILL live eternally without any input from humans.

Our Creator Jehovah God, however, SINCERELY WANTS two very important reactions from humans!

The first reaction from humans must be to desire to WANT to CONTINUALLY live into eternity and not have to be destroyed, as He considers ALL humans, the GOOD and the BAD, to be His children.

It is necessary to react to Jehovah God’s second WANT to realise, achieve and obtain His first WANT.

Jehovah God’s second WANT is that we accept His offer of the GIFT of eternal life that He offers us!

To be able to achieve His second WANT, the following reaction from humans is required:

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I have noted that billions of people are still totally in the dark about the advent of dying and the precise condition of the person and the physical body when DEATH occurs.

Firstly, I must repeat what I posted in Discussion 22 in October 2010:

Not a very pleasant subject, especially for persons that have always believed incorrectly, and then when accurate knowledge of the Bible is taken into account, the real truth emerges.

A jolting, very unpleasant start to this discussion is absolutely necessary, as it informs of all the lies about death that are prevalent, and also why the sacredness of LIFE is not as fully appreciated as it should be.

Jehovah God, the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Almighty God, our Heavenly Father and Creator, states in His Manual, the Holy Bible, that when you die, that you are as lifeless as a stone, with one real difference. After your death you remain in His memory, either as a loving child of His, or for a short while as a disobedient wrongdoer.

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