Let me now discuss Bible studies and Fornication:

Listening to the news on television it was mentioned that 2.4 million people are estimated to be living together out of Jehovah God’s marriage arrangement in my country.

To enable the dividing of their material possessions as fairly as possible should one partner die, or should the two become separated, the government is going to apparently adapt the laws.


Being intimate out of the marital arrangement is either fornication or adultery.

The Bible not only condemns fornication and adultery but also is derogatory about persons that are guilty of committing either of these sins.

Proverbs 6:23 – 26 states:

23 “ For the commandment is a lamp, and a light the law is, and the reproofs of discipline are the way of life, 24 to guard you against the bad woman, against the smoothness of the tongue of the foreign woman. 25 Do not desire her prettiness in your heart, and may she not take you with her lustrous eyes, 26 because in behalf of a woman prostitute [one comes down] to a round loaf of bread; but as regards another man’s wife, she hunts even for a precious soul.”

A “ROUND LOAF OF BREAD” serves an extremely temporary useful purpose.

A “round loaf of bread” appeases hunger, or forms part of a meal, etc. but can be easily replaced by another food or substance.

Just so can one “lover” be replaced by another “lover” to “appease” fleshly desires and this I would almost consider to be the norm in our world of today!

I am not at this point in time discussing marriage, marriage relationships or the amount of divorcing that occurs, but adultery and fornication!

How many unmarried couples “change” partners during their lifetime relationships?

The two “persons” are involved in adulterating or debasing their own “persons” by motivating the “set of tools” which are their bodies into performing those evil acts.

It is therefore the “person” that changes partners or commits fornication or adultery that is being compared to a “round loaf of bread”.

This is only the first portion of the Bible being derogatory about those persons that commit adultery or fornication.

The second portion is what happens to the “round loaf of bread” when it has been eaten. It becomes dung, and eventually it will become dust to time indefinite.

Jehovah God therefore considers “persons” that debase themselves so drastically to have no inner strength or the very basic principles of eternal and true love and compassion.

Firstly, they are incapable of becoming “one flesh” into eternity which thus eliminates them from being considered as worthy of eternal life in paradise conditions on this very same physical earth


Secondly, they have no compassion for other persons that they commit fornication or adultery with


Thirdly, due to their “short-sighted” fleshly desires they will constitute a danger if allowed into paradise conditions where both the men and the women will be perfect in every way, both spiritually and physically.

It will do well to remember that a decomposing cadaver is very similar to dung and surely it should be considered by each and every person individually that that is not the way that they would wish to enter into eternity.

I have stated before that in our “twisted” world of today the reasoning seems to be that when fornication or adultery is being committed that the two “are making love” whereas when a man and his wife are intimate they “are having sex”.

I find this to be weird as I always seemed to feel sincere bliss and contentment in the presence of my wife for quite a period afterward!

Fornication and adultery are NOT forever unforgivable sins.

It is imperative though that the person must refrain from ever desiring or committing either of the two sins again and then sincerely asking for Jehovah God’s forgiveness.

That, however, will only assist in obtaining Jehovah God’s forgiveness for either of those two sins committed but NOT His acceptance of allowing the person into His IMPENDING Kingdom.

To obtain Jehovah God’s acceptance requires an accurate knowledge of the Bible, or as close as possible at this LATE hour, and then persevering doing His EXPLICIT will to the best of one’s ability.

Fornication and adultery are also extremely self-degrading in that it debases a person to the level of animals.

The two differences between humans and animals are basically that humans have consciences and a higher power of reasoning.

We are therefore all individually left with the choice of being human or being a “round loaf of bread” and “animalistic”!


Let me now discuss Bible studies and Eternal Life on Earth:

Jehovah God is Omniscient and Omnipotent!

Although humans often question “Why this or That” as far as Jehovah God is concerned, humans do not have an inkling as to how far down the line our reasoning and knowledge is compared to His!

For example, we would NOT build a fowl run because we eventually want to have the fowls to become cows and then live in a cow shed.


Jehovah God, out of His Heaven, designs a universe that consists of our and other heavens and an earth.

He allows Jesus and angels with varying authoritative designations to live in His Heaven with him.

He designs our heaven to accommodate the sun, moon and stars for the purpose of serving Him in placing equilibrium in the movements of Nature and also to serve us in the various ways.

Then He creates us so as to fill the earth and subdue it.

Then He creates the animals so that we can live out our being created in His likeness.

Jehovah God has authority over us, and He now allows us to have authority over all the animals, flying creatures and creatures in the seas.

Even if we could we humans would NOT considerate it feasible or sensible to make ALL the fowls to eventually become cows, so why would Jehovah God want to make humans so that they all eventually become angels.

We would think it NOT to be wise to build the fowl run in the first place. So why would Jehovah God create the earth?

OVER AND ABOVE THAT, Jehovah God categorically informs us that He created the earth to stand forever, and that humans would reside on His earth forever, and that there would NEVER be death, illness or any kind of suffering or torment once His IMPENDING Kingdom is finally brought to fruition.

Isaiah 45:18 states:

18 “For this is what Jehovah has said, the Creator of the heavens, He the [true] God, the Former of the earth and the Maker of it, He the One who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, who formed it even to be inhabited: “I am Jehovah, and there is no one else”.

I do not think there could be any misunderstanding or that Jehovah God is LYING as the Bible states that He cannot “lie”.

Titus 1:1 & 2 states:

1 “Paul, a slave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ according to the faith of God’s chosen ones and the accurate knowledge of the truth which accords with godly devotion 2 upon the basis of a hope of the everlasting life which God, who cannot lie,

Genesis 8:21 states:

21 “And Jehovah began to smell a restful odour, and so Jehovah said in his heart: “Never again shall I call down evil upon the ground on man’s account, because the inclination of man is bad from his youth up; and never again shall I deal every living thing a blow just as I have done.”

From the above Scripture we see that Jehovah God gives two promises. Firstly that He will “never call down evil upon the ground again” OR destroy the animals, birds and other creatures ever again because of the evil fleshly desires of humans.

The earth would then obviously have to be created to exist into eternity.

Genesis 8:22 states:

22 “For all the days the earth continues, seed sowing and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, will never cease.”

We will be calling Jehovah God a liar if we state that this earth is to be destroyed. He even mentions “seed sowing and harvest” so as to certify that actual physical soil will exist.

Genesis 9:12 & 15 states:

12. And God added: “This is the sign (Rainbow) of the covenant that I am giving between me and you and every living soul that is with you, for the generations to time indefinite. 15. And I shall certainly remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living soul among all flesh; and no more will the waters become a deluge to bring all flesh to ruin.

It is such a wonderful gesture that Jehovah God, Who is so Almighty, should allow us mere humans to be able to prove His authenticity, love and undeserved kindness, and confront any person that denies that Jehovah God is a true, loving and living God. The rainbow, as we know it, is a miracle in its own right. It beautifies our world and confirms that Jehovah God will never destroy all flesh again in a similar fashion, and into eternity.

Genesis   9:16

“16 And the rainbow must occur in the cloud, and I shall certainly see it to remember the covenant to time indefinite between God and every living soul among all flesh that is upon the earth.”

Even Jehovah God always sees the rainbow and appreciates its value to humans, and His gift of eternal life to us.

In this Scripture Jehovah God will remember His covenant “to time indefinite”. Would that make any sense at all if there were no humans “to time indefinite”? I THINK NOT!

Genesis 13:15

15. “because all the land at which you are looking, to you and to your seed I am going to give it to time indefinite.”

Jehovah God states that He is going to give property to certain humans as a gift into eternity. So to possess the property into eternity, those humans must be alive into eternity. This is not an assumption but it is the plain truth.

Genesis 17:7 & 8 

7 “And I will carry out my covenant between me and you and your seed after you according to their generations for a covenant to time indefinite, to prove myself God to you and to your seed after you. 8. And I will give to you and to your seed after you the land of your alien residences, even the entire land of Ca’naan, for a possession to time indefinite; and I will prove myself God to them.”

Genesis 48:4

“4 And he went on to say to me, “Here I am making you fruitful, and I will make you many and I will transform you into a congregation of peoples and I will give this land to your seed after you for a possession to time indefinite,”

Exodus 12:17 & 24

“17. A statute to keep “to time indefinite” AND “24. A regulation to keep “to time indefinite”.

Exodus 20:6

“6 but exercising loving-kindness toward the thousandth generation in the case of those who love me and keep my commandments,”

The Bible was written over a period of five generations. We humans CANNOT at this point in time comprehend the existence of a thousandth generation. This is a small feat for Jehovah God and proves that people will still be living for a very long time, FOR INSTANCE, ETERNITY!

Deuteronomy 5:10

“10 but exercising loving-kindness toward the thousandth generation in the case of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Only being interested ENOUGH TO learn to REALLY KNOW and LOVE Jehovah God, your Creator, will you then try to gain accurate Bible knowledge, and ultimately understand what the thousandth generation means. The onus is on each and every one of us!

Deuteronomy 16:20

“Justice—justice you should pursue, in order that you may keep alive and may indeed take possession of the land that Jehovah your God is giving you.

The rulers of today do not even hesitate to openly show their hypocrisy. The terminology “Truth and Justice” have blatantly been replaced by “Law and Order”.

That “Law and Order” is very adaptable, as whoever is ruling at the time is the one that will decide. If the king is homosexual, then the laws and enforcement of those laws will be adequately adjusted.

I understand that The Church of England was founded because the king wanted to divorce his wife and The Roman Catholic Church did not condone divorce at that time.

It is extremely interesting to watch the solving of crimes on television, and especially the techniques that are used, even though some may be fictitious. The two important aspects are however that no “real” interest is shown as far as the human’s life is concerned, and also the fact that the crime actually becomes a battle of wits between the perpetrator and the investigators.

It will be PLAINLY seen that JUSTICE is NOT the goal that is aiming to be achieved BUT rather the victory of the one law representative over the other.

The victim is just a hunk of mutilated evidence. Truth is that the victim was Jehovah God’s child, possibly wayward and destined for destruction, but that was only really Jehovah God’s right to decide.

Deuteronomy 33:15

“And with the choicest from the mountains of the east, And with the choice things of the indefinitely lasting hills . . .”

“indefinitely lasting hills” again indicates that the Bible states that the earth is to exist forever, into eternity.

Psalm 104:5

“He has founded the earth upon its established places; It will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.”

Psalm 119:90

“Your faithfulness is for generation after generation. You have solidly fixed the earth that it may keep standing.”

Isaiah 25:8 & 9

“8 He will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will certainly wipe the tears from all faces. And the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for Jehovah has spoken [it]. 9 And in that day one will certainly say: “Look! This is our God. We have hoped in him, and he will save us. This is Jehovah. We have hoped in him. Let us be joyful and rejoice in the salvation by him.”

If Jehovah God swallows up death, then there must be living people at the time, never to die! Also Jehovah God will wipe away physical tears and “the reproach of His people He will take away from all the earth”.

The heavens have no mention here. People will live in perfection forever on this same earth.

Isaiah 26:4

“Trust in Jehovah, YOU people, for all times, for in Jah Jehovah is the Rock of times indefinite.”

A “person” can either be spiritual or fleshly, whereas “people” are always fleshly or physical. In the above Scripture there is spoken about “people”. So there will be humans on earth to time indefinite.

Isaiah 35:1

“The wilderness and the waterless region will exult, and the desert plain will be joyful and blossom as the saffron.”

This is a promise from Jehovah God, not about heaven, but about earth. The earth is going to be restored to a paradise where there will be no place for desert conditions.

Isaiah 35:5

“At that time the eyes of the blind ones will be opened, and the very ears of the deaf ones will be unstopped.”

This is a promise from Jehovah God, not about angels, but about humans, who will live eternally. If all “good” humans went to Heaven after dying then they would NOT be blind or deaf, but with perfect sight and hearing fully restored.

All the other physical human organs and wonderful qualities will be restored to perfection as well as they will NEED them to be able to live eternally.


“17 As for Israel, he will certainly be saved in union with Jehovah with a salvation for times indefinite. YOU people will not be ashamed, nor will YOU be humiliated for the indefinite times of eternity. 18 For this is what Jehovah has said, the Creator of the heavens, He the [true] God, the Former of  the earth and the Maker of it, He the One who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, who formed it even to be inhabited: “I am Jehovah, and there is no one else.”

By Jehovah God’s own Word we see that Jehovah God has a purpose for the earth to be inhabited. “Inhabit” does not mean a learning process or a by-pass of sorts to a heavenly or hell existence. In these two Scriptures “inhabit” definitely means eternal inhabitancy.

In Genesis 35:10 we also see that Jehovah renamed Jacob to become “Israel” so from that it would most probably mean that Jehovah God assures us that Jacob will be here on this same earth after Armageddon.

Isaiah 55:13

“13 Instead of the thicket of thorns the juniper tree will come up. Instead of the stinging nettle the myrtle tree will come up. And it must become for Jehovah something famous, a sign to time indefinite that will not be cut off.”

All undesirable, hurtful objects and actions will become obsolete forever, and be replaced by desirable, refreshing and beautiful objects and actions.

Isaiah 60:21

“And as for your people, all of them will be righteous; to time indefinite they will hold possession of the land, the sprout of my planting, the work of my hands, for [me] to be beautified.”

In the above Scripture are Jehovah God’s future plans for the physical earth and His people. Wondrous “possession of the land” and “planting” will occur and will be beyond our present human comprehension, and into eternity.

Isaiah 61:7

“Instead of YOUR shame there will be a double portion, and instead of humiliation they will cry out joyfully over their share. Therefore in their land they will take possession of even a double portion. Rejoicing to time indefinite is what will come to be theirs.”

People that are eventually acceptable to Jehovah God will take possession of “their” land, which is not a piece of Heaven, or somewhere else. The others will be destroyed and totally annihilated, with their evil ways.

Isaiah 65:17

“17 For here I am creating new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart.”

The “new heavens and a new earth” are not actual physical creations that will replace the existing physical heavens and earth, but will be the renewal of the outlook and attitudes of the inhabitants that have been found acceptable to Jehovah God.

The “new heavens” are the angels and the “new earth” the persons spoken of above. So there will be angels and people that have experienced the evils of our universe but that will be erased from their memories forever.

The above is similar to the following concept. In 1994CE South Africa became known as the “New South Africa” when the African National Congress took over power. There were no actual “new” people or physical changes.

Isaiah 65:21

“21 And they will certainly build houses and have occupancy; and they will certainly plant vineyards and eat [their] fruitage.”

The Bible never even hints at the building of houses in Heaven, or planting of vineyards there, so it must be going to occur on our physical earth.

Just as there was an “Old” South Africa and now the same territory is known as the “New” South Africa, just so the “new” heavens and “new” earth will be the same territories, BUT as indicated above, the “PERSONS” will have “NEW” attitudes and perspectives.

 Isaiah 65:22

“22 They will not build and someone else have occupancy; they will not plant and someone else do the eating. For like the days of a tree will the days of my people be; and the work of their own hands my chosen ones will use to the full.”

There is no time limit on the time that the house will stand, so it can be assumed that it will be forever, and so therefore the person will live, and occupy it forever.

Isaiah 65:23 & 24

“23 They will not toil for nothing, nor will they bring to birth for disturbance; because they are the offspring made up of the blessed ones of Jehovah, and their descendants with them. 24. And it will actually occur that before they call out I myself shall answer; while they are yet speaking, I myself shall hear.”

Isaiah 65: 25

“25 The wolf and the lamb themselves will feed as one, and the lion will eat straw just like the bull; and as for the serpent, his food will be dust. They will do no harm nor cause any ruin in all my holy mountain,” Jehovah has said.”

Constancy being one of the bases that the Bible is written on, therefore the Bible will not state that Jehovah God will create a new heavens and a new earth as in verse 17, and in another verse, or verses, state that the heavens and earth will remain forever.

Jehovah God will not contradict Himself, so the obvious explanation would be that verse 17 is indicating a complete change from the existing condition.

It is accepted that a New South Africa came into being with a change in the political arena and that the actual physical environment still exists.

Verses 21 and 22 state that houses will built for only the builder to ever have occupancy. So that is indicative that the house and the builder will exist into eternity as there is no time period attached to the occupancy.

The other verses also state a complete change in conditions, all indicating eternity, real peace, harmony, safety and numerous other changes for a wonderful future on earth.

We know that lions at present eat meat. The Scripture above however states that the lion will eat straw. The reason is that in Jehovah God’s IMPENDING Kingdom there will be NO slaughtering or killing whatsoever, so there will be no meat to eat.

With Jehovah God always knowing our needs even before we realise that the needs would have existed, Jehovah God would have eliminated the needs due to His love for the human race.

Isaiah 66:14

“14 And YOU will certainly see, and YOUR heart will be bound to exult, and YOUR very bones will sprout just like tender grass. And the hand of Jehovah will certainly be made known to his servants, but he will actually denounce his enemies . . .”

“your bones will sprout just like tender grass” has the meaning that everyone will become much better than they ever were as they and their bodies would be “perfect”.

Jeremiah 7:7

“7 I, in turn, shall certainly keep YOU residing in this place, in the land that I gave to YOUR forefathers, from time indefinite even to time indefinite . . .”

There is no land in Heaven, so it is a fact that the persons will dwell on earth to time indefinite, those people will live on land and will never die.

When Jehovah God makes a promise to US then He is speaking to His earthly family individually. Also, the ploughshares that were originally swords are to cultivate that land.

Jeremiah 9:24

“24 But let the one bragging about himself brag about himself because of this very thing, the having of  insight and the having of  knowledge of me, that I am Jehovah, the One exercising loving-kindness, justice and righteousness in the earth; for in these things I do take delight,” is the utterance of Jehovah . . .”

Jehovah God gives true Christians the right to “brag”, be happy and even elated if they have accurate knowledge and understanding that He actually is Jehovah God, and has the wonderful qualities stated, and that He exercises them toward real Christians who love Him and thus do His will.

Also, they have full insight as to His plans for His Kingdom.

Ezekiel 37:25

“25 And they will actually dwell upon the land that I gave to my servant, to Jacob, in which YOUR forefathers dwelt, and they will actually dwell upon it, they and their sons and their sons’ sons to time indefinite, and David my servant will be their chieftain to time indefinite.”

Daniel 12:2

“2 And there will be many of those asleep in the ground of dust who will wake up, these to indefinitely lasting life and those to reproaches [and] to indefinitely lasting abhorrence.”

This verse speaks of the resurrection of all, some to everlasting life and others to eternal destruction.

It is thus obvious that those that are going to eternal destruction were dead at the time of their resurrection, but had to be resurrected so as to finalise their destiny.





If humans were immortal and not actually dead, then Jehovah God could have informed them of their destiny without a resurrection being necessary.

Then Jehovah God could have conveyed to them that all they had to do was to return to where they had been, or to transfer to what many falsely believe exists, a fiery hell.

So everybody has to choose if they are going to believe in a resurrection as opposed to the combination of immortality and a fiery hell.

Here it would be wise to realise that if people incorrectly believe, then they would also believe that Jehovah God would then be responsible for keeping that hell fire burning, as He will eventually destroy the Devil and his followers, so they will then not be able to do so.

Joel 2:27

“27 And YOU people will have to know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am Jehovah YOUR God and there is no other. And my people will not be ashamed to time indefinite.”

From Hosea 1:10 “inherit” means “given to”, and so this earth is given to the Christian children of Jehovah God, into eternity. Here again, “Israel” is not the literal Israel that is known on earth today, but Jehovah God’s Spiritual Israel, all of His children who really love and serve Him, and all nations on earth will be eligible to become members of that “Israel”.

Again, “people” are spoken about and NOT “persons”, so they will definitely be physical and fleshly “to time indefinite”.

Amos 9:15

“15 And I shall certainly plant them upon their ground, and they will no more be uprooted from their ground that I have given them,’ Jehovah your God has said.”

Micah 4:4

“4 And they will actually sit, each one under his vine and under his fig tree, and there will be no one making [them] tremble; for the very mouth of Jehovah of armies has spoken [it].”

It is a fact that there will be no vines in Heaven, so the people will plant the vines “upon their ground” here on this physical earth.

To plant a vine and to live, will be to life everlasting, as no time allocation is mentioned, and there will be no fear no more.

Mark 10:30

“30 who will not get a hundredfold now in this period of time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and fields, with persecutions, and in the coming system of things everlasting life.”

Romans 8:11

“11 If, now, the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in YOU, he that raised up Christ Jesus from the dead will also make YOUR mortal bodies alive through his spirit that resides in YOU.”

The “Spirit” of Him that raised Jesus up from the dead, if you have died by the time of the end, will resurrect you.

Also note that Jehovah God talks about your mortal, not immortal, body. If Jehovah God’s Holy Spirit dwells in you, in other words, if your entire being is tuned into doing Jehovah God’s will explicitly, then, if you have died, you will be resurrected to a paradise life here on this same physical earth.

If alive at the time of Armageddon, then you could be one that eventually changes from a mortal being to an immortal being, alive and aware that you never died, but are now living in perfection, in perfect conditions, possibly into eternity, on this same earth.

Hebrews 2:14

“14 Therefore, since the “young children” are sharers of blood and flesh, he also similarly partook of the same things, that through his death he might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is the Devil.”

Jesus became “flesh and blood” so that he cause the destruction of the “death” of flesh and blood” as Jehovah God wants people of flesh and blood to live on this same physical earth into eternity.

So the Devil will be destroyed and then there will be no more death as this Scripture states that Satan has the power to cause death.

Hebrews 11:7

“7 By faith Noah, after being given divine warning of things not yet beheld, showed godly fear and constructed an ark for the saving of his household; and through this [faith] he condemned the world, and he became an heir of the righteousness that is according to faith.”

When I tried to explain to my brother-in-law that I was hopeful that I would never have to die and that with this same body of mine I hoped to enter Jehovah God’s Kingdom as an earthly inhabitant, he just would not listen.

With a fairly aggressive wave of his hand a few times, he told me that what I was saying was unacceptable, as such a thing had never happened before.

So, can you imagine that Noah had to build the Ark on faith alone?

It had NEVER rained before. No wonder Jehovah God found Noah acceptable enough to save him through the Flood, and Noah will be in Jehovah God’s Kingdom. Can you imagine, however the sheer amazement and mockery of the persons that were watching Noah labour for so long.

Rain had never fallen, a flood had therefore NEVER happened before. JUST SO, Armageddon has NEVER happened before, but Jehovah God has given the signs that indicate that Armageddon is now imminent.

Also, millions of people that are living when Armageddon occurs will never ever physically die.

Noah NEVER had an inkling of what was to happen, but my brother-in-law knows about Noah and even so, he will not accept that there are people that will NEVER EVER die!

Revelation 7:4

“4 And I heard the number of those who were sealed, a hundred and forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel:

Only 144 000 persons that lived as humans on the earth are eventually going to live as angels in Heaven.

No one else that ever resided on this, our earth, will ever reside in Heaven into eternity. All other humans that are found to be acceptable to Jehovah God will live eternally on earth after Armageddon.

Revelation 20:1 to 6 (Summary)

“1 – 6 Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ, and will rule as kings with him for the thousand years.”

The first resurrection is totally a spiritual resurrection of the Heavenly Class of 144 000 humans “bought” from the earth.

The first resurrection occurs before Armageddon and it is only the total number of 144 000 persons that lived on earth and that ALL had to die before Armageddon that will be acceptable and NEVER EVER have to die again.

The second resurrection is a physical resurrection where all those that are found acceptable to Jehovah God will again receive perfect physical bodies.

There will then be total peace for a thousand years so that the people can gain paradisiac condition experience as perfect humans.

After that period, Satan the Devil will be “let loose for a little while” and ALL the people on earth will be subjected to his evil wiles AGAIN.

Those that then “fall” will die, Satan and his cohorts will all be destroyed, and those that remain faithful will live on this same physical earth into eternity.

Life in Heaven is considered by the average person to be absolutely wonderful ALWAYS!


I MUST REPEAT ONCE MORE: There are over 7 billion people on earth today and it would be interesting to find out how many would want to die so as to go to Heaven if their health and circumstances were very good and very comfortable.

There are many other Scriptures about “Time Indefinite”:

Amongst others, there are Ex 19:9, 27:21, 28:43, 29:9 & 28, 30:21, 31:16 & 17, 32:13, 40:15, Lev 3:17.


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