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How actual historical events play a part in Jehovah God’s “Big Picture” and “Greater Plan”?

My Post, Chapter 002 – NOW, FROM “THE YEAR 1914CE” TO “THE UNITED KINGDOM”, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” AND “THE UNITED NATIONS” posted in January 2010 not only informs of how historical events fulfil Bible prophecies, but also how imminent the destruction of all the people that are unacceptable to Jehovah God.

How and why the vast majority of the past, present and future population of the world will be unacceptable to Jehovah God and VERY SOON be eternally destroyed.

What truly ensures the possibility of a person becoming acceptable to Jehovah God?

What will REALLY happen to a person that is acceptable to Jehovah God?

As far as Heaven is concerned: Will they go to Heaven? Where is Heaven? Is there more than one heaven? What will they do in Heaven? Will they know their loved ones in Heaven? Will the husband and wife still be considered to be “one” in Heaven? More questions can be asked!

Will the people that enjoy very high esteem on earth be satisfied if they are considered equal to those that are not even considered to be people of any value on our earth at present?

Will there be “spiritual” animals and creatures such as lions and snakes in Heaven?

If ALL the people that are acceptable to Jehovah God are going to go to Heaven then the Scriptures at Isaiah 11:6 -9 given below just do not seem to have any substance.

Isaiah 11:6 – 9 states:

“6 And the wolf will actually reside for a while with the male lamb, and with the kid the leopard itself will lie down, and the calf and the maned young lion and the well-fed animal all together; and a mere little boy will be leader over them. 7 And the cow and the bear themselves will feed; together their young ones will lie down. And even the lion will eat straw just like the bull. 8 And the sucking child will certainly play upon the hole of the cobra; and upon the light aperture of a poisonous snake will a weaned child actually put his own hand. 9 They will not do any harm or cause any ruin in all my holy mountain; because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah as the waters are covering the very sea.”

Millions of the religious leaders of today were financially capable of studying at universities. It can therefore be accepted that they will be able to state EXACTLY what each and every one can expect will happen to them according to their deeds, attitudes and lifestyles WHEN THEY DIE or at the advent of ARMAGEDDON.

It is absolutely necessary for the religious leaders to state where the wolf, the lamb, the kid and the leopard and the lion will have a “mere little boy” as a leader over them.

Verse 9 states that there will be no harm or any ruin caused because the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah.

If ALL the people that are acceptable to Jehovah God are going to go to Heaven then there will be no people on earth. That could possibly explain why there will be no harm or ruin caused, but what about the “knowledge of Jehovah” that will “fill the earth”?

Most of the religious leaders are living in the “lap of luxury”, receiving well above the average remuneration, esteem, power and honour so they should be accountable as “leaders” in the field of religion.

As far as the REAL world and employment is concerned:

Most people do not have a problem in enquiring what the terms of employment are when applying for a position. They want to know what future the company is offering them. They try to obtain all the relevant important and even unimportant information.

This most people do even though they realise that they will only work there for a portion of their lifespan.

Very often they are ecstatic about the possibilities of their new found possibilities and cannot wait to tell as many people as possible.

They will normally be very content to find out as much as possible of their new found “boss”, their supervisory staff, their colleagues and everybody else involved with the company.

They will also want to know about the standing of the company.

Is the future sound? Are the products and services viable and appropriate? Is the history of the company and the reputation found to be reputable?

If everything is found to be exceptionally acceptable then they still normally have the nagging doubt if they are “doing the right thing” especially when leaving the employment that they have.

Mostly all people at retirement age are also concerned about their future.

Will they have enough financial means until they die one day?

Where will they end up if their health becomes very poor and they cannot assist themselves anymore?

Eventually, DEATH, even though an unwelcome train of thought, puts an end to most people’s worrisome lives!

When DEATH has often become the “best way out” then all people should realise that something is terribly wrong. And how often does that occur in our present conditions in our world of today?

The last thoughts, possibilities and facts mentioned above are all to do with our temporary life here on this same physical earth in this present evil and wicked “system of things”.


Almost NO people have a problem in enquiring what the terms of “employment” are when “applying” for a position in their institution of religious “employment”.

They do not even consider that TRUE religion requires “WORK” to be done.

Mostly, they do not even NEED to apply as they are just following in the family’s footsteps.

They “KNOW” what future their religious company is offering them. They are going to Heaven!

As far as they are concerned, in most cases it worked for their predecessors. All their family that have passed on are surely in Heaven.

So why should they try to obtain all the relevant important and even unimportant information?

This most people do because they do not realise that their eternal future is at stake and not only a portion of their lifespan.

Although they sincerely believe that Heaven is their destination they are NEVER ecstatic about the possibility and virtually NEVER tell as many people as possible.

Many, but definitely not most of the billions of people on earth, “HAVE” their churches. As FAITH without WORKS is DEAD then it should be realised that the “CHURCH” is Jehovah God’s “company” OR “employment” house!

The people mentioned above surely “HAVE” their churches but are totally unaware that spiritual needs and duties are required of them.

They are though not totally ignorant. They do know who their religious leader is. They do know that Sundays are set aside for “going to church”. Often wives even have meetings once or twice a week too.

No! They do not know that their religious leader should NOT have a title such as Reverend, Archbishop, Father when used in the religious context, etc. That is not very important though, is it?

Job 32:21 & 22 states:

“21 Let me not, please, show partiality to a man;

And on an earthling man I shall not bestow a title;

22 For I certainly do not know how I can bestow a title;

Easily my Maker would carry me away.”

Some religions have gone so far to religiously “honour” humans that titles such as “Reverend,” “Most Reverend” and “Most Right Reverend” have been instituted. I could easily interpret that as demanding the reverence of their parishioners or church members.

In the “real” world today, I do not think that I would very easily apply for a position in a company that has a Manager, a “Most Manager, a “Most Right Manager”, a Director, a “Right Director”, OR a “Most Right Director”.

I can therefore categorically state that the majority of people that are remotely or very interested in the Bible do not REALLY know what their “RELIGIOUS” company’s policy is.

Those people have no REAL terms of “employment” that are of REAL concern to them.

They definitely do not know what future the company is offering them. For instance, in the not-to-far distant past if you were a man and you were intimate with another man, then you would be continuously burnt into eternity in a “hellfire”.

Nowadays, luckily though, if you were that way inclined, to keep you as a member of the “staff”, these religious “companies” changed the “rules”. They actually have to do that to keep their members as any company without members will become non-existent.

Many of these religious “companies” have adjusted many of their policies to retain the “funding” from their membership.

They are normally not concerned enough to find out as much as possible of their new found “BOSS”, their supervisory staff, their colleagues and everybody else involved with their religious “company”.

Many know the “BOSS” is God, and also believe that He and His Son, Jesus, is One and the same Person. They think it does not REALLY matter though if that is NOT entirely TRUE!

If one of them, though, holds the position of Director and someone should refer to them as the Manager or Supervisor then that would just not be acceptable.

They consider their “BOSS” to be so kind and loving that it should not bother Him if they blaspheme against Him by making Him equal to Jesus.

John 14:28 states:

“28 YOU heard that I said to YOU, I am going away and I am coming [back] to YOU. If YOU loved me, YOU would rejoice that I am going my way to the Father, because the Father is greater than I am.”

Many of them have heard that there is some other religious “company” that states that 144 000 earthlings will be the only ones to go to Heaven and rule there with Jesus as the supervisory staff.

They mostly know that there are angels. They most probably sincerely believe that when they eventually “get there” they will most probably be angels too.

They have NEVER actually thought of standing or future of their religious “company”.

Mostly all people strongly believe that all people MUST die, but ONLY once. They do NOT know that millions of people will NEVER EVER die, and that many that have died and been resurrected will die for a second time.

False religion has caused so much irreversible damage to this old and wicked system of things that Jehovah God will have to implement very severe and drastic measures to “set matters straight”.

I am now going to mention the condition of billions of people worldwide.

If a person only experiences the worst of Third World Country conditions and a person mentions that a loving and caring God exists then that person would most probably really have to wonder why he or she is being so blatantly lied to.

If I asked that person that has NEVER really heard of our Creator Jehovah God in the REAL context if he or she would rather want eternal life in paradise conditions on this very same earth OR a slice of bread, I am positive the slice of bread would be desired.

The above is understandable, as it is the most logical solution.

How can a loving God exist if a slice of bread receives priority?

Getting back to First World Countries we should expect the REAL logical answer would be eternal life.

What would the drug addict, alcoholic or severely disadvantaged people ask for in the First World Countries?

They would surely NOT ask for everlasting life on this same physical earth in paradise conditions.

False religion does NOT advocate eternal life in paradise conditions on this very same physical earth, so why would people ask for an option that they do NOT know will VERY SOON exist?

False religion has tainted Jehovah God so badly that it would be fruitless to billions of people to ask Him for anything.

As far as I can ascertain, my whole family and everybody I personally know or speak to BELIEVE in the occurrence of miracles.

Miracles are based on the belief that Jehovah God has a physical input into our wicked world at present. Can any reasoning be more illogical?

Billions of “good-at-heart” or normally acceptable people are starving to death, suffering and dying of unnatural causes.

Billions more are having their bodies riddled with severe pain and terminal diseases that leave them emaciated. By the time they die there is almost nothing left of them and DEATH is actually a hoped for release and a blessing in disguise.

Above are but a few atrocities that occur COMPLETELY due to the teachings of false religion and the evil fleshly desires of billions of other humans that WANT to believe what false religion advocates.

Yet my daughter strongly and sincerely BELIEVES in miracles and that Jehovah God had an input in “saving” her life in a motor vehicle collision. Billions of other people also believe in miracles as strongly and sincerely as my daughter does.

My daughter and all those billions of other people are accusing Jehovah God of not only being impractical but also being partial. Jehovah God VERY STRONGLY denies being partial!

Acts 10:34 states:

“34 At this Peter opened his mouth and said: “For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial,


Romans 2:11 states:

“11 For there is no partiality with God.”


Ephesians 6:9 states:

“9 Also, YOU masters, keep doing the same things to them, letting up on the threatening, for YOU know that the Master of both them and YOU is in the heavens, and there is no partiality with him.”

There are most probably more Scriptures but I think the above suffice!

As far as the PARTIALITY is concerned, how is it possible that my daughter receives this wonderful action from Jehovah God? What about all those that are killed?

As far as the “miracle” being LOGICAL, why did Jehovah God just not prevent the collision in the first place? What about those billions that starve to death, suffer immensely, etc.?

My Post: “INTERLUDE 002: WHY DOES JEHOVAH GOD ALLOW WORLD CONDITIONS AND DOES HE PHYSICALLY INTERVENE?” posted in January 2012 covers the topic quite fully.

My Post: “DISCUSSION 059: MIRACLES” posted in August 2011 also covers the topic quite fully.

I can only sincerely hope that visitors to my website ask their religious leaders and other unbiased persons about what is written in my website.

There were only a few expressions that I really found to be of any worth and I will just mention two of them below:

If you do not measure, you do not know!

The above expression should be of ultimate importance when measuring religion and being found acceptable enough to Jehovah God.

Things are never so bad that they cannot get worse!

Satan has been cast out of Heaven and has a short time before he is bound for approximately a thousand years and he is VERY angry.

Fortunately for him he has billions of humans that have adopted his evil desires. Although they do not obey him it suits him that they individually in their own ways support him against Jehovah God.

The above does not seem to be correct but my interpretation will have to be explained.

Satan was quite convinced that he could oust Jehovah God, that he was immortal as he had never known death before, that he could maintain paradise conditions and that he would have the full control over obedient humans.




Satan initially thought that what Jehovah God originally intended for us humans is what he, Satan, would be able to enable.

He would allow the humans to procreate until the earth was filled with obedient people. As love was not Satan’s strongest characteristic he most probably imagined that humans would just have to obey him.

By example I would like to mention:

There is no person that I know of that would willingly work with human excretion.


One of those exceptions is the LOVE of a REAL and TRUE MOTHER!

She not only meticulously cleans her new born baby when the stomach has worked but does so more than willingly and lovingly. The interaction of the loving touch between the physical bodies of mother and child is not only exhilarating but also exudes feelings of sheer bliss.

The TRUE and LOVING MOTHER holds the LIFE of her infant in her HEART and in her HANDS!

The same applies to ALL her other children!

This is the emotion that Satan was, and still is totally unaware of.


When Jehovah God eventually has His IMPENDING Kingdom fully instituted then the TRUE and LOVING HUMAN FATHER and MOTHER will be able to enjoy those desires into eternity.

This is the case with Jehovah God. He IS a TRUE and LOVING FATHER!

He is a TRUE and LOVING FATHER and HE will also SOON fulfil His desires!

Getting back to Satan though!

Just like our normal earthly bosses think they WILL make the business work with the reasoning that their employees are “not to reason why, but to do or die!” so also Satan considered he would make paradise work. Humans would not have the right to reason why, but to obey him at all times.

The example above with the TRUE and LOVING MOTHER and the human excretion is where the success of Paradise lies.

“WILLINGNESS” combined with “DESIRE TO BE GRATEFUL” for what we receive from Jehovah God will make us too completely fulfilled to consider any other life worthwhile.

At this stage, in our present imperfect positions, we are not capable of conceiving how wonderful we will enjoy making our Heavenly Father’s heart happy.

If we humans all obeyed Satan from the beginning then he would have been in a much better position of maintaining our earth near to paradise conditions.

Obviously, he would not have been able to equal what Jehovah God intends for the earth and humans. Satan would inevitably have failed but it would have just taken longer.

Because Jehovah God created us as free-thinking agents and Satan does not know how we REALLY “WORK” he unleashed the fleshly desires and does not have a clue as to how to control the spiritual elements of human souls.

I have before stated on my website that humans do not obey Jehovah God so why would they obey Satan the Devil.

I am sure that many people would disagree and sincerely and firmly believe that all the bad things we do are because we serve Satan the Devil.

The truth is that ALL the people that are eventually acceptable to Jehovah God were NOT obedient to Satan the Devil. The fact is that they all had human weaknesses and failings but REFUSED to allow Satan to fully control their lives.

A VERY important factor to remember is that if Satan the Devil had full control and was ultimately and alone responsible for all sins then Jehovah God would not have been able to destroy any person except Adam.

We as humans decide if we are going to support Jehovah God or Satan the Devil. I am very sure that the word “support” is more appropriate than the word “serve” in the previous sentence.

It is, however, ultimately important that the word “support” must be read in the proper and intended context.

No person, spiritual or physical can spiritually or physically “support” Jehovah God, but when the word “support” is used in the context that we agree with the desires, requirements and aims of Jehovah God and strive to uphold those ideals, then we are “supporting” His “Big Picture” and “Greater Plan”.

Because the CHOICE is ours we will be individually accountable to our Creator Jehovah God.

Let us take note what might transpire if false religious leaders shun their present advocating of all the lies and blaspheming against Jehovah God.

Firstly, they will be stripped of their wealth, power, esteem and influence that they should not have ever had.

Then they will be shunned by the financial and economic spheres of society, and possibly be physically harmed as well.

They will have to speak out against unjust gain.

They will have to speak out against all unethical practices.

They will have to speak out against unfair governance policies that inflict dire poverty and suffering due to the unfair profits and crooked economic practices.

To carry on with the list will actually serve no purpose as the false religious leaders will never put my writing to the test.

Bible prophecy, however, states that “The Wild Beast” that represents all the ruling powers of the world is going to destroy “Babylon the Great” that is the representation of all false religion.

I am reasonably sure that there are false religious empires in many countries that still have more material and financial possessions than the rulers and governing bodies of those countries.

It is common knowledge that “The Wild Beast” has many financial problems and might be on the brink of collapse. What could then in their opinion be better than to “confiscate” the material and financial wealth of the false religion institutions?

“Babylon the Great” though has many supporters that will blindly follow and try to prevent the wealth being taken so “The Wild Beast” will have to figuratively, literally and physically destroy “Babylon the Great”.

Humans support both the above parties and will thus be in the conflict that results.

Can you imagine the false religious leaders and rulers of the world in Biblical times ever being able or WANTING to take anything materialistic or financial from Jesus or any of his TRUE followers?

The same applies today!

My earthly father was not very popular as he only spoke about the Bible and the urgency of the message that he received from the Bible.

When he died he had sufficient to live, had no luxury, but at least had enough food and clothing and a good enough roof over his head.

He would always say: “The boat is sinking, GO FOR THE LIFE RAFT!”

A month before he reached the age of 90, he died and thus arrived at his own personal and individual Armageddon.

He will soon be, or has already been judged on how he lived his life and how he obeyed Jehovah God. There is or will be no second chance for him.

If he has been judged and found acceptable he will have been told to “wait a little while longer” until Armageddon has past and then he will be physically resurrected.

Revelation 6:11 states:

“11 And a white robe was given to each of them; and they were told to rest a little while longer, until the number was filled also of their fellow slaves and their brothers who were about to be killed as they also had been.”

This Scripture was given to the Heavenly Class that were killed or died before Jesus took over power in Heaven in 1914CE.

Just so, although my father might have been found acceptable to Jehovah God he will have to wait until after Armageddon.

If my father has been judged and found unacceptable to Jehovah God then he was immediately eternally destroyed.

If, however, he was found acceptable and eventually enjoys paradise conditions on this same physical earth for approximately 1000 years he must then be prepared to face the wiles of Satan the Devil for the second and final time.

If he perseveres and overcomes Satan’s wiles again, then he is guaranteed eternal life on this very same earth into eternity.


I am truly thankful that my earthly father was so sincerely interested in Jehovah God and His Word, the Bible, as it laid the foundation for me.


I do not try to build up treasures on this earth where “rust and moth can devour it”,

I do not waste precious Sunday time sitting and listening to mostly traditional lies told by false religious leaders,

I do not sit back doing nothing substantial and believing I am worthy of gaining Jehovah God’s acceptability,

I do not believe that I am just worthy of going to live in Heaven because I do not steal, do not commit adultery, assist in collecting funds to enrich religious empires or the administrational staff of orphanages, etc.

The load that Jehovah God has given me is not a burden, but to retain my faith is not easy as doubt is Satan’s strongest weapon, and he uses it to stumble as many humans as possible.

It is good that we fear to fail Jehovah God, but we must use that fear positively and not let it affect us negatively.

The last thought on this Post:

Religious Leaders are accountable and the onus is on each and every one of us to enquire of our Religious Leaders what the truth really is when confronted with websites such as mine!

A hazy and meaningless answer, or a warning to ignore or stay away from such information, does not have substance.


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