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Fatalism is in my opinion so entrenched in our normal lives that it is not even considered a part of religion, but more so, that it is not only a way of life, but LIFE itself. So What If I Believe In Fatalism? My Opinion: Then it is a fact that I often mention that my Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, is not only partial, but also capable of heinous crimes, violent deeds, brutal murder, and many, many more callous deeds. Often enough, though, I will also occasionally push some self-indulgent praise His way. Fatalism is another powerful weapon of Satan the Devil.

Just a couple expressions that indulge FATALISM. Jehovah God has laid out each and every life, even before conception! It is God’s will! God has a purpose for everyone, irrespective of what happens, His will will be done! There are many others, some of which will be discussed in this post.

To elaborate on the above, I will now state some occurrences, some hypothetical, that could enforce the FATALISM belief.

Hypothetical: Last week I was to get to the airport to catch my plane. That day everything just went wrong. First, the alarm did not wake me, and the last straw was the flat tyre on my car. I could never have made it to the airport on time. Even now I praise God. The aeroplane crashed killing everybody on board. Oh how wonderful are the ways in which God works!

Let us analyze what God did for me. Firstly, God was partial, why was only I saved. As a matter of fact I had an accident with the car yesterday and my leg was badly broken. Maybe God was busy being partial for someone else yesterday, I do not know, and as I have a very unpredictable God, who am I to dare to ask Him? He has His reasons. Secondly, the families of the other 297 that were killed suffered extreme heartache, some even the family breadwinners, and great financial losses, amongst the many other losses. So, see what God did for me. In actual fact, I even saved the petrol that I would have used to get to the airport. Oh! God is Great!

This is actually true and I often saw the man. The man that used to beat his wife up was blinded by acid that she threw in his eyes. Many years later he was killed by a drunken driver. Now let us analyze this, using FATALISM and God’s alleged share in it. I suppose we can start anywhere. Hypothetically speaking, at the funeral the minister of his religion normally states that God’s will has been done. The blind man is now safe in Heaven, or something like that. SO, the poor drunken driver was being set up by God many years prior to the incident. The blind man had to beat up his wife. The wife had to throw acid in his eyes. the man had to stumble around blinded for many years. Then he had to be killed, even if he had changed his ways or not. And, ten to one, the drunken driver received either the death penalty or a severe gaol sentence. And this was all of God’s making. I DO NO THINK SO!


Be careful, do not use this expression, it has no real Christian value. Maybe in the example about the plane I missed, maybe when I was about two years old I had laughed at a cripple. Now that the wheel had turned, God had saved me from the plane crash so as to make me a cripple for the rest of my life.  I DO NOT THINK SO!

So, please stop believing FATALISM and placing the responsibility at Jehovah God’s door of all the terrible atrocities that occur, past, present and future.

I will not give any more hypothetical or actual cases as there will be billions and billions of them. Jehovah God has given the earth to Satan to rule, so as to prove that Satan is incapable of doing so. God has also given us the capability to embrace or oppose Satan. Embracing Satan seems so easy, and fleshly and physically it normally comes easy due to one’s own fleshly desires. ButTHE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” here takes on full meaning.

Embracing Satan you have the very empty here and now. Show me the filthy rich or the terribly poor person that willingly embraces death. It does occur that when death is inevitable that persons have said that they are happy or prepared to go and meet God, but if the opportunity arose that their health would be  miraculously and instantaneously fully restored, I think they would be relieved beyond belief. The suicide figures in the world today are indicative of the real and actual emptiness of life without embracing Jehovah God and what He can mean to us. The stronger the bond between you and God, the weaker the emptiness of life becomes, until the emptiness eventually disappears. Life without meaning is a living death. Although happy and fun at times, humans are created to want and desire more of life, as this is what Jehovah God had in mind for them, when he created them.

Due to the fact that Satan is on trial to try and prove his capabilities, in which it is obvious that he is failing miserably, Jehovah God cannot physically interfere or intervene in the occurrences on earth. That is why Jehovah God states: “He that loses his life on behalf of me, will gain everlasting life”. So what I am saying is: SATAN IS IN TOTAL AND COMPLETE PHYSICAL CONTROL OF EARTH AND ITS INHABITANTS. Satan also has the power of causing people to die, as is proven when God told Satan that he could do whatever he wished to Job, but that Satan was not allowed to take Job’s life. And that is where his control ends. Satan has no control over your decision to serve him or Jehovah God. It is YOUR choice!


Often when insurance policies are involved, then there is normally a clause that states the effect that “Acts of God” will have on the policy, such as earthquakes, etc. This is normally accepted by the all humans, but there is no truth in those statements. The way humans are treating the earth is the cause of all the unnatural disasters. Once all the gold, coal and other valuable minerals have been removed through greed, the mine dumps and all other changes brought about are just left due to the financial implications. Take any solid round ball and cause it to spin. Normally it will spin or roll smoothly. Now take a piece out of it and stick it on the outside, and see the difference.  True, Jehovah God placed all the forces, such as kinetic energy, in place to ensure the smooth operation of a paradise earth, but He did not take any “pieces” out of His earth and place them in the wrong places. The humans did that all on their own. So “Acts of God” should be replaced by “Acts of Unscrupulous Humans”.

Just imagine the earthquake at Haiti. Would YOU have done that to even but one of your children? So are YOU prepared to say that Jehovah God did it to all those children of His. Remember, we are all children of Jehovah God. Most of us deny this right by being disobedient, and as I have said before, all those disobedient children pose a threat of death and destruction to the obedient children of Jehovah God, and that is why He will eventually annihilate them. NO! He is not going to torture them forever in a burning Hell! Remember, Jesus did not die for all sins. He only died for the sins that  truly repentent Christians ask forgiveness for, and try their best not to do again.

Another important point. Do YOU think that it is possible for Jehovah God to have an input into this world, and for the world to have deterioated into such an unbelievable and shocking condition? I DO NOT THINK SO!

YES, Jehovah God does have a Spiritual input into this world. This in turn becomes a physical input when carried out by those who do His explicit will to the best of their ability. They preach Jehovah God’s glorious Kingdom that is fast approaching, and also willingly tell people the reason why the True God is worthy of having His Name, Jehovah, glorified.

In warfare, Jehovah’s Witnesses, amongst a few others, are killed or die as a result of the war, without physical weapons in their hands. Jehovah’s Witnesses have only spiritual armour on, to protect their future, that they expect to spend into eternity with their Father, Jehovah God. In all truth, most of the other soldiers die, or are killed, with very honourable, but badly misplaced, convictions. This is actually so sad, but those ministers of false religion that did not warn them will pay the ultimate price.

I will continue with the subject of “Immortality of the Soul”.

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