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I am now going to discuss the “Creation Of Idols In The Worship Environment.

The Bible states that humans must not create idols, or any object, in other words a statue, etc., that is on Heaven or on earth. However, you just have to look around you to see hundreds of ornaments, paintings, toys, etc., that are replicas of animals, trees, plants, humans, etc. Does this indicate that humans just do not obey Jehovah God, and what He commands in the Bible. NO. DEFINITELY NOT IN MOST CASES!

The idea of the above is not to create anything that can be revered or, admired or receive any religious connotation, whatsoever. I personally and sincerely believe that there are such beautiful paintings and ornaments , especially nowadays, that they not only enhance the beauty of one’s surroundings, but also remind us of the beauty of nature, etc.

A statue, in my opinino, is a DEFINITEno-no. Under no circumstances is the creation of a statue of any person, or god, or especially Jesus, admissable. As I stated before, a creation of a model of an animal, is acceptable. However, if that created model is of an animal for the purpose of having it prayed to, or resembling someone or something that has to be prayed to, then Jehovah God is being disobeyed “big-time”.

Now just take note of all the concrete, wooden and glass images that are prominently displayed in most religious churches, or places of worship. All of them, especially the “cross” that Jesus was supposedly to have been murdered on, are displayed in the most prominent places in the buildings or surroundings. The fact that these abominable creations are erected and displayed show the arrogance of the total disobedience and lack of respect and true reverence to the true God, Jehovah. Jehovah God, however, mocks those who perpetrate these obnoxious deeds. In the Bible, He states: “The  tree is chopped down, then broken down into wood for cooking the meals, then some of the wood is used to warm him in the cold weather, and THEN, the rest he makes into idols. Remember, an idol is not some or other figure that demonic persons pray to.

Today, especially, we should understand the meaning of the word “idol”. According to the dictionary, an idol is an object of excessive or supreme adulation. One of the most important forms of enjoyment today, is for people to either watch an Idols Programme, or become an Idol. So, today, even existing humans become “idols” or are idolized.

The “cross” that Jesus was supposed to have been “murdered’ on, was in fact a straight wooden stake, and did not have the shape of a cross. The cross has an evil existence from heathen practises. Having said that, however, would you have a copy of the weapon that was used to brutally murder your fleshly father in a place of reverence in your abode. Let us assume that your fleshly father had been brutally beaten with a club and then pierced through the heart with a metre long sword, would you have a wooden carving which looks exactly like your father with a club against his badly smashed head and a sword through his heart. I DO NOT THINK SO! So why should you accept that your place of religion should display Jesus being beaten and “murdered on display in prominent places.  JEHOVAH GOD FORBIDS THIS. SO YOU ARE ASSOCIATING WITH DISOBEDIENT PERSONS.

If the Bible did not place so much emphasis on this subject, and Jehovah God did not deem it necessary to mock those creations, then obviously, the disobedience assiciated with those practises would not bear such utmost importance. Also, the fact that the Bible is so adamant, indicates that those that profess to do the “TRUE” God’s will, are transgressing on a very large scale.

Breaking away from the above subject slightly, and taking into account what is presently occurring, two individuals have drawn massive crowds that are totally enthralled by their public religious gatherings. How is it possible that two virtually unknown persons can, all of a sudden, be so enthralled by so many hundreds of thousands of people. I think there two main reasons. Firstly, due to the arrogant way that their religious meals are being supplied, mostly with apathy and total indifference, and very ritually based, there is a true hunger for a more fulfilling way for those “meals” to be placed before them. Secondly. without appreciating that their religious leaders have failed them, and the condition of society and the world is indicative thereof, they have grown a hunger for something better, without even being aware of it. The other side of the coin is the idolization of these two individuals, and even if they are unaware of the idolization, they are lavishing in the enormity thereof, and thoroughly enjoying all the attention and publicity. The masses are truly glorifying them, and most are even thinking they are prophets sent by Jehovah God.

Under my “Subjects of Discussion” will be many verses that cover idols. If the sculptures, statues, painted windows in churches and wooden carvings, etc.,  in churches are not what the Bible is speaking about, what is? Remember, if an atheist, agnostic, or even persons or beliefs that do not acknowledge the existence of Jehovah God make idols, then those instances and persons are not who He is talking to. Jehovah God is talking to all who read and profess to read His Manual, and to tell other what the Manual truthfully states.

I hope that you seriously consider going to my “Subjects of Discussion” to further read what the Bible really states.

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