All that I write is my own opinions and interpretations.

In my “Subjects of Discussion” I concentrate on the Bible and what it tells me.

In this post I am going to discuss our world of today as I know it. I see a world being torn apart by greed. Greed from yesteryear and still going strong today. In my recent posts I have mentioned this greed, but have not expanded on it.

From natures side: Rebellion against human greed in the following ways: Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, hailstorms and changes in weather patterns. These cover most of natures revenge, retaliation or enforced reactions.

From human’s side: Suicide bombers, wars, testing of nuclear weapons, vast abuse of mineral resources, building of massive buildings to display the grandeur and so enhance the owner’s misplaced self-indulgnce, replacement of Jehovah God’s fertilizing methods with artificial methods. These cover many of the physical crimes against nature.

Laziness, drunkenness, sick moral attitudes, no discipline, no respect, absolutely no awareness of, or gratitude for, the vast beauty of nature. The last group covers many of the mental attitudes side of the crimes against nature.

With the above being rampant, how long will our earth be able to last before it disintegrates. Definitely not for long!


The suicide statistics are  very indicative of the condition of the emotions, feelings, aspirations, fears and emptiness of future prospects of the world’s population, just to mention some. The suicide figure would skyrocket straight up if it had not been for the love of Jehovah God. As I have stated before, the Holy Spirit is the Person of Jehovah God. Jehovah God has a Spiritual Body, and the Holy Spirit is He Himself, The Person that controls His Spiritual Body. Humans have a set of tools called physical bodies that are controlled by the persons. In other words, if my brain could have been transplanted into my brother’s body, then, if I told his physical body to go home, then his body would not hesitate, but go straight to my home.

The main reason that suicide is not much higher, is that the love, caring and obligations to their loved ones, of those inclined to suicide, prevent them from taking those drastic actions. If it were not that I believe so strongly that I have an eternal future on this planet, then I am not really serving any purpose being alive, and remember: AT THIS POINT IN TIME I AM NOT SUICIDAL, AND HAVE NEVER FELT THAT WAY, THANKS TO THE GRACE OF JEHOVAH GOD. Why I feel that I can say the above is that I am in my seventieth year, and if I believed as billions of others believe, then I am just idling along to my eventual death, which would most probably not be too long away. So if I fail to have the hope and faith in an eternal life on this earth, then suicide would just change my date of eternal departure. I am not well off, but if the billions that suffer severely also reason as I do in my last sentence above, then suicide would actually be the answer. SUICIDE IS AGAINST JEHOVAH GOD’S LAWS, AND BY SAYING THE ABOVE, I AM NOT PROMOTING THE PRACTICE OF SUICIDE. I AM ACTUALLY TRYING TO PROMOTE ETERNAL LIFE ON THIS EARTH.

The Bible states that all persons have the Spirit of Jehovah God in them. When I observe my one sister in this real and true life, then I see my mother and my father in her. Nope, I do not think I am being stupid! My sister has a similar stubborness in her that I observed in my father, and similarly a certain amount of my mother’s patience. So, what I actually see is qualities, but yes, I still see my father and mother, also in ways of movements and facial expressions. But qualities are the main attributes that determine her existence.

Now, getting back to all persons having Holy Spirit in them! You will most probably find an extremely evil pshycopath with over thirty known murders committed by him, sleeping with his cat hugged in his arms whenever he sleeps. So the love of his cat is still love, and LOVE is the greatest component of Jehovah God’s Holy Spirit. The pshycopath regrettably believed he had the right to be motivated in that terrible direction, but there again, we find that Satan’s spirit had the stronger influence. So the pshycopath also had Satan in him. Satan’s qualities and desires, that is!

The Bible is explicit though that Jehovah God regretted damaging our earth during the flood due to his aggravation with the human race. The rainbow is there for us to witness Jehovah God’s promise that He would never damage our earth again, especially as a result of human behaviour. Jehovah God never in the Bible states that He will have to prevent humans destroying our earth. That they are capable of doing it is questionable, due to all the stringent measures taken by our Loving Creator to make our earth safe against all odds. But, why should Jehovah God allow humans to carry on as they are in a full out attempt to abuse His gift.

Jehovah God is going to take back control of our PHYSICAL earth. That is going to happen soon. IT HAS TO BE SOON.

 Never before in history have earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tornadoes and droughts, etc., ever been so numerous or widespread. The measly humans with their miserably minute atomic weapons compare miserably poor in comparison to natures weapons that the humans are provoking. Remember, though, Jehovah God has no physical input in our earth at this point in time, so it is not His work when nature reacts to her abuse.

The point that I am trying very strongly to put across is the installation of Jehovah God’s Kingdom, and how near that event is! Jehovah God’s Kingdom exists of His Supreme Heaven, numerous minor heavens, our heaven with sun and moon and stars included, and finally our physical earth. Also, there is Jehovah God Himself as Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient Ruler, His Son, Jesus Christ as Mighty God and King over our Universe which includes our physical earth,  the 144 000 co-rulers that are the aides to Jesus Christ, the angels and then all the physical humans and creatures on our earth. Just to refresh memories and previous statements, the 144 000 that will rule in Heaven with Jesus Christ, were before their Heavenly calling, all male human beings, and in their position in Heaven, they will be in authority over the angels.

Jehovah God’s Supreme Heaven has been re-instated already. Satan the Devil, and all the angels that followed him, have been ousted from Heaven and will never into eternity be allowed there again. Satan and his followers still have a short time in Jehovah God’s eyes to remain in existence, and then He will annihilate them. Satan and his followers will, however, see our physical earth returned to it’s paradise conditions before they are annihilated.


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