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I doubt that there are many persons that care, even slightly, and even some that care very little, that will not agree with me that the human race is degrading so fast that it is frightening. The human race is racing to self-destruction.

With modern equipment that technogoly has designed and created, and all the other technical and brilliant designs, solutions, achievements and established resources, there is more discontent and trouble than ever before. In years gone by, if your leg was amputated then you would hobble along on an artificial limb until death. Nowadays, legs are in the process of being tested for transplanting, just to mention one of the fairly miraculous achievements.

Medical staff battle, suffer and work long hours tirelessly to save and repair lives, whilst within walking distance suicide-bombers and “honourable” soldiers are destroying lives and bodies, and making the lives of those injured and the medical staff far more difficult and complicated.

This is soon to end. VERY SOON.

The world is speedily changing from the serenity of  refreshing outings, strolls, picnics and good, favourable and happy relationships, to a massive dirtbin filled with disgruntled, destructive and greedy human beings and disgusting litter.

I have slowly but surely refrained from dropping the casual piece of litter, occassionally wearing my seatbelt and frequently crossing an intersection when the robot is amber, just to mention some of my failings that I am concentrating on. I hope to live on this same earth when Jehovah God has restored it to Paradise condition. So, it is going to be a way of life to keep it that way if I can make it a way of life now.

It is really fairly easy to change from the bad habits and it does not really need excessive willpower or discipline either. If you are kept very busy, especially when doing something you love to do, then you do not even miss that cigarette that you so badly crave for at least twice an hour. Maybe  three hours later you suddenly realise how long last you had a “lovely smoke”. There are things everybody likes, or even loves, to do. Then, over and above what I have just stated, find a motivation to want to change.

When a young girl’s boyfriend is on his way, her favourite television programme or whatever else, is not even thought of. Prince Charming will soon be there! And she wants to look her best, and be on her best behaviour, and she wants to impress him. There is proof that still today, when built on a such a sound and stable basis, there are couples that are still married afterbeing blissfully married over seventy-four years ago. AND THOSE COUPLES ARE EXPECTING TO HAVE THEIR LIVES ENDED IN DEATH FAIRLY SOON AS THAT IS THE EVENTUALITY OF ALL HUMAN LIFE!


The necessity of possibly becoming one of those persons depends on only you yourself, or if you are very young or even a toddler, then it depends on your parent, or parents. In our world of today, parenting has become an inexplicable disaster. Oh yes! Most parents have a guideline, and most know it is called The Bible, although many might not be sure what it is called, as many people are leaving their original ancestral beliefs for the more exciting and mysterious interpretations.

Because Adam and Eve ate of the tree of “the knowledge of good and evil” they were then destined to place their own interpretations of what, how, when  and why they should live. That line of thought became our inheritance. Today as I sit here typing, I am sincere that I am desiring to think and live Jehovah God’s way, as far and fully as humanly possibly. Remember, the expression “Remember, we are all only human” is not applicable here. What is applicable here is that we transform ourselves from the “Remember, we are all only human” to the “We have the urgent desire to transform from our weak human state to the glorification of our Creator’s Name” state.

Two issues of importance taken from what is written above are:

The girl waiting for her human sweetheart did not battle to find the time or facilities to ensure her readiness to be found acceptable. It was just important enough to warrant the effort and opoffering.

Does anybody now have reason to believe that that same girl cannot find the time or facilities when she desires to be acceptable to her Heavenly Creator. I THINK NOT. It is just a matter of setting the proper priorities!

Secondly, just as for the girl above, if a loved one is hospitilised with very serious and dangerous symptoms, then time and expense and the organising of facilities all of a sudden is not such an unsurmountable problem. Once again, prioritising has been necessitated. Just so, your life and the lives of all your loved ones are in dire danger every second of time, so prioritising has become long overdue if yo do not know the requirements of your Heavenly Creator.

Now let us look at the mental attitude of the general huma race in our world. I sincerely think the following is fairly accurate in many spheres of life: “DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY WILL DO UNTO YOU, BUT DO IT FIRST! The “Do unto others as would wish them to do unto you” is virtually extinct.

Physical litter, physical abuse, bad manners, bad debts, poor and slovenly clothing appearance, low moral standards, no moral standards, bad behaviour, rape and murder especially of babies in third world countries, and many other totally unacceptable acts and conditions, are the norm today. Road accidents are mainly due to badly enforced discipline, corrupt officials “selling” certificates, blatant disregard and real ignorance of the necessities of driving and maintaining vehicles, abuse of alcohol, high speeds, poor maintenance and certainly there are other factors as well. A road accident is just another statistic nowadays, and the total number of accidents a measuring tool as to how bad the situation is getting, although it is not mainly viewed in that light.

Just test attitudes in the following way to see what I am referring to. Say to a person, that instead of the normal seven to twelve people that are normally killed in road accidents, only one was killed in this past weekend. The response is almost a guaranteed sigh of relief or an exclamation of satisfaction or joy at the improvement. THEN SAY: By the way, the one that was killed was your brother that you really loved and that you had seen three years ago, and he was almost by your house to visit you. Then see the different expression, and the changed amount of concern then for the same death. It is the norm today, and I am not pointing a finger at anyone, we all have the very same bad tendencies, the only difference is that some people have honed their view of life, and the loss of life, to correspond and coincide with Jehovah God’s view on life.

Bad maintenance on aeroplanes, trains and motor vehicles and also no experience are blamed for most tragedies. The concept of bad maintenance and experience is absolutely true, but not on the physical machinery, but on the consciences of the human race. For almost seven thousand years since Adam was created, only the very last centuary has taking this drastic turn for the extreme worse.

I will continue this discussion as soon as possible.

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