Below are my own interpretationsWhile I was working on the subject “Accurate Bible Knowledge” in my “Subject of Discussion” page, I came upon the very short Scripture given below, and I realised the importance of the contents in conjunction with the end of this system of things at Armageddon.The time for everyone to see how and where they really stand in terms of satisfying Jehovah God’s requirements is becoming desperately short. It does not matter what you think at this point in time, the important factor is how does what you now think coincide with what Jehovah God requires.WHAT DOCTRINES DO THE RELIGION YOU BELONG TO ADVOCATE?

It is not going to relieve you of any accountability to say: “I did not know that!”

In an earthly court of law, ignorance of the law does not qualify you for any reprieve whatsoever. It is your responsibility to ensure that you know the law when you are taking any action. If you are not a qualified electrician, or have no electrical knowledge at all, and you potter around with electricity, you are bound to experience problems. It might just be that you pay with your life.

Just so with everything that affects your life, or is part of it.

Now your Loving Creator, Jehovah God, SHOULD be a major part of your life. Now that does not sound so good at all. Surely God does not expect everybody to be Bible-punching all the time, does He? The answer is: “NO, not at all”. Just as your earthly employer expects you to live and behave within certain parameters, just so Jehovah God desires the same.

It is illegal to cross a red robot when driving your motor vehicle, and your earthly employer is fully entitled to also lay disciplinary charges against you, and it could even cost you your job. That is but one example.

It is actually unbelievable that Jehovah God is so concerned about us, and that He expects such a little back. Also, everything that Jehovah God does, He does entirely in our favour, and until this point in time, I think that the human race has humiliated Him time and time again. Once you realise how powerful and Almighty Jehovah God really is and that He can override death, then all your concerns for yourself are diminished dramatically. It is then that you start fearing for others, especially your unwilling loved ones.

To try to change persons so that they realise what Jehovah God has in store for them I wish them to read the Scripture below, and begin a life saving process for themselves and all other persons:

2 Timothy 3:7

always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.(It is quite obvious that the persons were always studying the Bible, or similar religious transcripts, magazines or similar materials but never being able to learn the true actual theme and message of the Bible. So, with this Scripture in mind, it would be extremely wise to ensure that you are on the right track. Firstly, I would suggest that you find out about the six, or so, major doctrines, ie. The Trinity, Hellfire, Blood Transfusion, Immortality of the Soul, Warfare and Re-incarnation, etc. What you should then do is to write down some questions about the subjects that you could wonder about. Let me give some examples: The Trinity – Could my Almighty Creator be mocked by His earthly Chief Priests and on their orders be beaten up and murdered? Why does God say His Name is Jehovah, and specify that He only gave His name later to His people, Jesus have a name, but the Holy Spirit never is given a name? Hellfire – Can my Heavenly Creator burn and torture people into eternity? If the Hellfire exists, who will keep it burning once Satan has been destroyed, and what purpose will it serve if no one else knows about it except those that are being tortured? Blood Transfusion – What purpose does it serve if God has already decided when the person is supposed to die, especially as the same people that believe that also believe in Fatalism? Immortality of the Soul – If you believe you are going to Heaven, but sincerely think that your brother that has admitted to being a serial killer of twenty persons is going to Hell, could you be happy in supremely wonderful conditions knowing that your brother will forever be in extreme pain due to being burned and tortured forever? Warfare – Does it make sense that the religious leaders in your country pray that you are victorious in slaughtering your spiritual brother just because he lives in that country, and his religious leader prays for him to be victorious? Re-incarnation – Does Re-incarnation make any sense at all, especially when taking note of the above doctrines. REMEMBER – YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONE’S LIVES ARE AT STAKE!

It is with great hope that I write this post. Please peruse with great care.

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