Firstly: The two unforgivable sins being discussed further:

I am just going to briefly expand on these two sins.

The unforgivable sin of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit which I interpret to be the Person of Jehovah God Himself. When we were still very young children many years ago, if you really wanted to get a spanking then all you had to do was say the word “God” or the name “Jesus” if you were not speaking about your Creator or His Son in a very respectful way. The number of spankings per family per lifetime could most probably have been counted on the fingers of one hand. IT WAS JUST NOT ON TO SAY: “OH, GOD”, or for instance “OH, JESUS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT MACHINE, ETC?”

So what I am actually saying is that each and every person should ABSOLUTELY restrict their use of Jehovah God’s Name or that of His Son, or THEIR actions, to actual facts or actions, and always in very religious connotations.

Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are not involved in physical deaths, pain and suffering, or anything fleshly, such as “I gave a poor beggar a couple of coins, and two days later I won the lottery”.

Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are there for every person spiritually. Jehovah God can be compared to an Electric Power Supply. When anyone sincerely needs spiritual assistance that is in line with Jehovah God’s desires and purposes, all they have to do is pray for guidance, and “PLUG IN”. When they need assistance to fight evil influence, Jehovah God is there! When they need comfort in spiritual pain and suffering, Jehovah God will give them comfort similar to the warmth of an electric heater on a very cold night!

The Bible states that persons must draw near to Jehovah God and the He will draw near to them. It is imperative that the persons initiate the interactions.



The Leaders of False Religious Doctrines are the Main Perpetrators!

The second unforgivable sin is much easier to restrain from committing, but this also requires that a person’s actions also become a “way of life”. One of the major causes of committing this unforgivable sin is the tongue. To anger or incite a person to the point of irrational behaviour or violence, could lead to the spilling of innocent blood. In anger a person causes an accident and a person with innocent blood is killed. In violence any unnecessary remark could could for instance spark zenophobic action which could also result in the spilling of innocent blood. The person that made the remark in either of the cases is mostly responsible for the results and also, therefore, going to receive eternal punishment.

In both of the above sins a “way of life” must be cultivated and nurtured, as this will make it so much easier to maintain abstaining from committing either of those two sins.


The Leaders of False religious Doctrines are the Main Perpetrators!

Now to the Wilful Sin:

The previous post was mainly to indicate under what guises wilful sins can be performed.

The toilet paper manufacturer could easily accept the exorbitant increase as the normal procedure, as it had been done that way throughout the previous generations of his family, and it was a healthy financial practise. The same with the reduction in quality and quantity a little later, also only intended to boost economic empowerment. The first possibly unwittingly performed action is the sin of “unjust profit” according to the BIBLE. The second possibly unwittinly performed action is the sin of “stealing” according to the BIBLE.

But, once again, ignorance of Biblical Law will not have any  value in Jehovah God’s Court of Law!

So, also with wilful sin, the onus is on every person to ensure that they monitor their thoughts and actions, and make it a “way of life” to also ensure that they love their fellow humans enough to avoid causing them financial loss, suffering or pain.

Unfortunately, the billions of wilful sinners out there are not in the least bit concerned about any scruples or morals, and really care less about true religion as an integral and important part of life. So for all persons, it is their duty to ensure that they are not wilful sinners. A lotto ticket here or there – serve the “goddess of luck” and eventually die into eternity. “Jump a red robot” every now and then throughout your life, you might not be killed, but you are eventually going to eternally die.

My biological brother gives me the impression, and I am not amused at all, that the more he sins the more he makes it worthwhile that Jesus came down and got murdered. He believes that Jehovah God has this enormous amount of undeserved kindness, and he, my brother, is just being an imperfect human with no strings attached. My heart goes out to him as I am sure that if he continues with this attitude he is going to die eternally.

Now to the persons that are easier to sway and commit sins

In the first part of this post I gave an example in which it would take a man with outstanding qualities to obey Jehovah God to that extent. Millions of persons, especially children, die that way every year, but unfortunately without the same hope. Of those persons, there are those also who have “innocent blood”. The persons responsible for their plight are committing the unforgivable sin and will suffer eternal death.

For those that do not have “innocent blood”, the persons responsible for their plight are going to die the eternal death as well, if they do not repent, start obeying Jehovah God, and speaking out against the atrocities through the proper channels, and also preaching about Jehovah God’s Kingdom that is on hand to all and sundry.

I know it is easy to tell a hungry man to find work and stop begging, AND NEVER TO STEAL. I know of one time that I told a hungry man to find a job and then he would have food. I was in a train, and he was easily a meter and a half lower than myself where he was standing on the ground. He very calmly and well-mannerdly told me that as I was in a much higher position that he was, I could possibly see a weed in the desert area, and if that was so, could I indicate where it was, and he would not charge me to go and pull it out. I felt so ashamed.

Unfortunately I do not think there is an answer for these persons, that due to “real” unfortunate circumstances, are influenced to commit sins. When I say “real” unfortunate circumstances, I definitely do not mean: “Oh, I sin because I was the black sheep of the family”, or “I was molested as a youngster”. That type of circumstance should make one stronger in trying to avoid it ever happening again. It can just be hoped that a ray of Jehovah God’s eternal light will flash their way, they will repent, and they will be saved.

I have seen the results of what human governments and rulers are doing to mankind, and would like to repeat what I have once written on my website: I consider the television to be the greatest Jehovah’s Witness that exists!

The television “speaks it all”. Human lust, human suffering, idolising of humans that have no morals or principles, destruction of Jehovah God’s earth and nature, greed, corruption of high officials, contempt of Jehovah God’s standing, etc. It is all there, and much, much more. Except for the poorest of the poor, and the filthy rich that are too busy with “their” deeds, I would like to see the person that can say: “I did not know!” or “I never knew!” to Jehovah God on their judgement day.

Just imagine the amount of money made on a television series where police investigate brutal murders and crimes. A mutilated body is discovered and the whole story is about who is the sharpest, the cleverest, the wittiest, and who will be successful, the perpetrator or the police. The victim is just the “juicy” piece of evidence, and the basis for the money-spinner provided. Taking this series in this perspective, it is sad, isn’t it!

All I know is that all the signs are almost in place, and Jehovah God is going to annihilate all those who do not feel for their fellow humans and do not love, glorify and obey Him, and preach His Kingdom.

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