Now, I would like to tell you as to how I see the “Greater Plan”

Certain Persons Will Never Die, Do You Believe This?

 From the Holy Bible: John 11:25 & 26.         Authors: All Directed Through Inspiration by Jehovah God, our Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient God

 John 11:25-26 25. Jesus said to her: “I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life; 26. and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. (If you have never known of the above promise of Jehovah God, or have heard of it, but discarded it as fictional or impossible, then in the interests of you and your loved ones, do not stop, rather now read further!)


In the title of this chapter, a question is asked. Jehovah God Himself poses this question. The truth is that Jehovah God does promise this. Fact is, you and your loved ones could be of these certain persons that are living at the specific time and would not have to ever die.

You will see that I underlined the “everyone that is living” expression in the above Scripture. So it must be obvious that the expression is indicative of a certain point in time.


So if you are acceptably doing the explicit will of Jehovah God at that point in time to the best of your ability, then you will go through and assist in returning this wicked and fairly badly destroyed earth of ours back to paradise condition. You will then live there in perfection. Once the earth is filled, as was Jehovah God’s original intention, then Satan the Devil will be let loose again.

Now in the perfect condition that Adam was in, Satan the Devil will again have the chance to tempt you. If you “fall”, then you will be totally annihilated when Jehovah God has Satan destroyed and also annihilated.

After that has occurred, then everlasting paradise will exist here on this earth, and you will live there into eternity if you persevered.



If you are to make any decision, then you attach a varying amount of time to the feasibility of the results of your decision. The more important the decision, the more information, and facts, should be obtained, and thoroughly perused, with all possible implications, and possibilities, taken into account.

Three of the most important decisions that most people normally make are 1) must I get married? 2) must I buy a home? and 3) should I buy another car? All three of the subjects have certain common factors, such as timing, affordability, etc. All three decisions are very important aspects of daily living.

The ultimate decision, however, is: Must I really believe in Jehovah God, and more importantly: HOW?

The three first-mentioned decisions are open to discussion. Advice, speculation, warnings, opinions, options, etc. The most important, the ultimate decision, does not qualify for any of the above open negotiating elements.

Normally, the ultimate decision, however, receives very little decision-making. Traditions, or family related habitual practices, mostly form the basis of the average person who attends church, or believes in certain ways.

The purpose of this writing is not to alienate or patronize people. The Word of Jehovah God, the Holy Bible, is written with all your interests at heart. Most people do not deny that Jehovah God created them. It is, therefore, imperative that you accurately learn and know what His Manual says you must do to obtain the best results, and what the results are. And if not adhered to, what problems will arise. If you are keen to give meaning to your life, love yourself and your loved ones, you should want to know where you are going now, and eventually. Please do not stop reading now!

At first impression Jehovah God’s Manual seems totally difficult, devoid of living contentedly or happy, and even fear-inspiring at times. All this will become void as a person starts to really know God. The most important aspect of a person’s life is to really know Jehovah God. You did not just love your earthly father automatically, you came to know him first. Then you did not love him for the food, clothing or shelter that he gave you, you loved him because you got to know him. His love was normally reciprocated. He loved you, cared about you, was concerned about your well-being, and always had your best interests at heart. When you were punished, even physically, it was in your own best interests. If you witnessed your spanking, not realising it was your father, and also for the first time that you were aware that spankings existed, you would have lived in the same fear and disillusionment that you experience when reading the Bible for the first time. Get to really know Jehovah God, and if you were fortunate enough to have had a wonderful earthly father, then you will realise how fortunate you are to have such an Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Loving Heavenly Spiritual Father.

Let us have a gradual introduction, and then a thorough look into Jehovah God’s Manual, the Holy Bible:

 What seems of utmost importance, is that Jehovah God is the Supreme Ruler, that Jehovah God is One Person, and that, most of all, He gives us His name, Jehovah. Jehovah God’s entire outlook is that the Family is the most important aspect in His existence. Jehovah God knows that the perfect Family will be there eventually, one for the other, in total love for each other, every second of time. This is His original plan, and it is going to come into existence very soon.

My earthly father had a name. His first names were Colin Campbell, our surname irrelevant. When any family member of our family with our surname was mentioned, and preceded by Colin Campbell, then, everybody knew who was being spoken about, and I was fully assured that my earthly father was being mentioned.

Just as my earthly father became one with my earthly mother, just so I became one with my wife. The implication is that we live in complete unity, with one goal in our entire existence. We live for each other, for what we can favourably mean to each other, what we can do for each other, and how we can sustain each other in a honest, loving, nurturing way, with total conviction, faith in each other, and absolute completeness.

Just so: I have a Heavenly Father, His Name is Jehovah, He is an Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Loving Heavenly God and Father.

He has a Son, a Family member, and the both of Them are One, in EXACTLY the same context as a married couple are One. His Name is Jesus. Both share the same outlook, and goal in life: that is Jehovah God’s Kingdom, with all living in perfect harmony and total happiness.

Our Father, Jehovah God, has other angelic children. What we read about them in the Bible, is that every Family in Heaven is known by their own name. So, it can be accepted that there are families in Heaven, in spirit form, all Jehovah God’s children.

Now we get to our Heavenly Father’s earthly children. We know that these are humans of flesh and blood. There is much controversy about the mortality or immortality of us earthly fleshly beings. Shortly: our Heavenly Father said Adam would surely die if he disobeyed Him. The Devil, known as Satan, said to Adam: “you will surely not die”. So our Heavenly Father says Adam is mortal, the Devil says Adam is immortal.

We know that as our Heavenly Father’s children, we have become individual families, with loved ones of our own. So if one is a worthwhile parent, then that one has but an inkling of what a parent’s love is, when compared to our Heavenly Father’s Parental love. By example, just as our Heavenly Father, so today we parents face similar problems with our families and loved ones.

If my totally wayward and wicked son were to come rushing into my home with a weapon, about to kill my exemplary son within the next split second, I would, if possible, have no option but to strike, and most probably kill him, to avoid the slaying of my exemplary son.

Just so: Our Heavenly Father, will have to have many of us killed, that constitute similar dangers to His good children that He wishes to give, and ensure, everlasting life. From the above example, I only acted at the very last second, always cherishing the hope that my wayward son would change for the good. So, our Father in Heaven also allows many evil people to live longer, also cherishing the hope that there will be others that change for the good. Our Heavenly Father states in His Bible that there is a great need for change for the good. Our Heavenly Father also states in His Bible that there is a great joy amongst the angels for every person that changes for the good. Any person should be astounded, and delighted, to hear that even the angels know, care about and love us, especially when we become part of Jehovah God’s good, loving and exemplary Family.

Another aspect that must be known is that our Father, Jehovah God, has given the full rule over the earth to the Devil. The Devil also has the power of death. The Devil is solely responsible for every malediction that occurs on earth. What has just been mentioned could cause the misunderstanding that our Father condones what is happening. Can you believe that our Heavenly Father could condone any pain or suffering, of whatever kind. Later will be seen, our Father, unfortunately, has to allow this. Our strength lies in our Heavenly Father.

Many billions of persons have died, or been killed in warfare, that was caused and instigated by fellow humans, kings and rulers, etc. out of sheer greed and lust for power. Those people willingly went to their deaths with the sheer conviction that what they were doing was out of love for their fellow humans. How much more would our reward be if we really have to suffer, even to death, if we know that our Father will soon resurrect us to a perfect life in paradise.

Do not blame our Father for anything, as you will one day know that His undeserved kindness really exists, and that whatever happens, many humans are enjoying that undeserved kindness. To suffer and possibly die with hope, is far better, than to live, with no suffering and no hope, even if living in the lap of luxury. For many, however, the fact that they are experiencing Jehovah God’s loving and undeserved kindness will be too late.

Most people have seen a boxing match, where two people do as much damage to each other, for the purpose of riches, fame and self exaltation. Even to those unenlightened individuals, our  Father has built in protection. As soon as the punishment becomes too severe, then they lose consciousness. They are then oblivious of any further actions. Just so, our Father will not test you over and above your human limitations. If through life you have developed defects, He knows about them. So you will be accurately judged, and your limits noted, and His promise adjusted. Jehovah God alone will have His will carried out as far as this decision is concerned, so you will not have the right to claim “I am only human!”. You cannot fool your Almighty Creator.

Just as a matter of vital interest: What proportion of family life on earth has survived the attacks of Satan the Devil. Satan knows that he is succeeding in destroying human family values, and that human family values are required to survive an live eternally. IF POSSIBLE: DO NOT LET SATAN DESTROY YOURS FAMILY LIFE VALUES.

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