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All the interpretations are my own!Jesus told us how to pray. He included himself in the prayer when he voiced the introduction.So Jesus himself considered Jehovah God to be His Father as well.The main reason for placing the prayer as a Post is to make sure what Jehovah God has planned and also to prioritize His Qualities, Desires and Intentions.You will see from my Post that Jehovah God is first and foremost a FATHER! Read the rest of this entry »

Remember – What I write are all my own interpretations. Especially my 81 Subjects of Discussion which are completed as far as “The Holy Spirit” and I am very busy with “Accurate Bible Knowledge” which should soon be finished.

To all the Readers: Please keep an open mind!

I think I should discuss society as a whole, and the men, women and children that make up society.

Just to introduce the subject, I would like to give a quick overview:

Question: What are the three main causes of fires? Answer: Men, women and children!

My opinion: What are the three CAUSES of the total breakdown of our world of today? Answer: Men, women and children!

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I have spent quite a considerable amount of discussion and time  on the previous subjects of the Year 1914C.E. and the ruling World Powers. You must have realised my reason for doing so was mainly to bring to your attention that the Bible is not the “Book” that will remain throughout the ages to time indefinite, and will be adjusted as and when required to suit the prevailing  circumstances and conditions. Presently though, the Bible is being adjusted to suit the whims of many. 1914C.E. was just a little further back than yesterday, and centuries later than the creation of Adam, or the Flood of Noah’s day. So the Bible is now covering the “Here and Now”!

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Where is Armageddon now? Where am I and YOU now? – Let us see if we can find out!

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In this world we are living in today, we are in a training process. We have to distinguish between right and wrong. Not “OUR” right or wrong but Jehovah God’s “RIGHT” or wrong. Then we have to adhere to, support, uphold and implement His “RIGHT”. Jehovah God has given us His Manual, the Holy Bible, which , in detail gives us all the guidelines, as well as an abundance of required information. This information covers from who our Creator is, what are His qualities, what are His goals, what are His expectations of humans, and many other items of great importance. Most importantly, He spells out what we can expect from our futures, according to our actions.

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The feet of iron mixed with moist clay represent the present time that we are living.

In Daniel 2:43 the Bible states “they will come to be mixed with the offspring of mankind; but they will not prove to be sticking together,”. We are now talking about The United Nations.

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I am now going to discuss World Powers – Past and Present, that have bearing on the “Time of the End”

  1. Babylon the Great – From 607 B.C.E. (Started with the destruction of Jerusalem.)
  2. Medo-Persia – From 539 B.C.E
  3. Greece – From 331 B.C.E.
  4. Rome – From 30 B.C.E.
  5. Anglo-American – From 1763 C.E. (First the United Kingdom, and later joined by the United States of America.)
  6. The United Nations – From 1945 C.E.(First known as The League of Nations)

This is the last World Power to rule. Armageddon, which, according to Bible Prophecy, should  destroy The United Nations in the very near future, will then introduce Jehovah God’s rule, with His Son Jesus Christ as His King, now already reigning in Heaven only. Jesus will then ensure that his Father’s Will is implemented, and maintained. The United Nations, and all other world rulers, and all their   subjects that are not DOING God’s will to the best of their ability, will be destroyed  simultaneously.

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