This is my granddaughter, and if all goes well, and she¬†DOES the will of Jehovah God, as the Bible commands it must be done, there is, according to the Bible, a strong hope that she will never taste death, so she will never physically die. In the Bible Jesus asks: “Do YOU believe this?” Jesus asks this as he knows that it will be hard to be accepted by humans due to all the years of false doctrines, that are the standard and norm in our religious society today and throughout history.

It is an accepted fact by billions of humans that there are two things that you will never escape from, one being the paying of taxes and the other death. Until the arrival of Armageddon, both of these statements are absolutely true. When Armageddon arrives, however, then those doing Jehovah God’s will as He expects it to be done, and as accurately as each person is capable of, those persons will have the opportunity of never ever physically dying. Incidentally, the paying of taxes will also disappear.

Just imagine what you are doing to your children if you do not investigate these statements, which are absolutely true, and you shun them as is the norm today. As family life has virtually disintegrated it is most certainly possible that most parents do not even consider their children. My experience is that there is a growing tendency to place status, greed and the parent’s own fleshly desires above the “true love” for their children. This is especially true on ths mother’s side. A very bad result that often emanates from the mother’s guilt feelings is the spoiling of the child, morally and financially.

How is it possible for so many child addicts to exist, and so many child rapes to occur. My mother would immediately know that we were physically ill if we walked past the table at mealtimes, or we were a little late, when arriving from school. We were seven children, and she knew how to discipline, train, treat and encourage each one of us individually. We were not “tarred” with the same brush. Although my mother was fairly strict, we were never afraid of her. I am not just piously singing my mother’s praises. Credit must be given where credit is due.

Jehovah God instilled in men the desire to love his family. It was not necessary in the beginning that men had the desire to protect¬†their wives and families. Only after Adam had disobeyed Jehovah God and most probably thought “Oh, it is only a small thing that I am doing, and God being so loving should not be so petty about such an insignificant act”. Given today, Adam would most probably added: “And by the way, It is my HUMAN RIGHT”. Just so today, as Jehovah God has created us free-thinkers, and also instilled in us the ability to understand WHAT He expects, each and every human often decides what God really wants. Since then the desire to protect his wife and family became an emotion that man felt was required. From the beghinning, however, man was to provide fully for his family. HOW MANY WIVES ARE TODAY SUPPORTING THEIR “SHAMELESS” HUSBANDS?

Jehovah God instilled in the woman the love, tenderness, forgiveness, kindness and caring that siblings needed to become mature and well-adjusted adults. In this world today, I see many women, of all different shapes and sizes, all different features and dispositions, very rich women and very poor women, and middle-class women. Working women, some with status and high positions, others normal workers and then the very lowly positioned women. What I very seldom see, are true wives and mothers. Parents expect that their children should “stand-out” in some or other way, so as to show the world what wonderful parents they were, and the children then reflected what wonderful capabilities the parents were capable of, but deprived of.

Jehovah God instilled in the children the desire to look up to their parents with admiration, love and also the desire also to please, and make them happy. What we see today is neglected children that have become moody, insolent, lazy, intolerant, demanding, belligerent and many other negative qualities. As a result of the parents need for the fulfillment of their fleshly desires, especially the mothers, the children have been left without any guidance, whatsoever. The children have been laid “bare” to the greed and shameless parasites that mostly never received God-fearing parental guidance. The one thing that they got, thinking it was “very good” and a “great privilege” was HUMAN RIGHTS. This resulted in persons without decent guidelines, morals and principles, to abuse these HUMAN RIGHTS totally.

In the past, mothers were prepared to “fight” for the custody of their children after a divorce. Today, how many fathers are bringing up their children, often daughters, as well. We are in a world today where what is written in the Bible, today is exceptionally the norm: “They cannot feel shame and cannot be humiliated”.

Today, however, it is a true fact that if the truth of the Bible be told, and YOU inquire, test and find proof of what the Bible really says, then You and Your loved ones might never have to die physically at all. It may, however, be a major task to try and convince them. YOU do, however, owe it to YOURSELF, and especially to YOUR Creator, to establish what Jehovah God really wants, requires and desires, and once convinced to make YOUR Creator truly happy.

The above is a true fact, and for further information please leave your comments.

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