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In this world we are living in today, we are in a training process. We have to distinguish between right and wrong. Not “OUR” right or wrong but Jehovah God’s “RIGHT” or wrong. Then we have to adhere to, support, uphold and implement His “RIGHT”. Jehovah God has given us His Manual, the Holy Bible, which , in detail gives us all the guidelines, as well as an abundance of required information. This information covers from who our Creator is, what are His qualities, what are His goals, what are His expectations of humans, and many other items of great importance. Most importantly, He spells out what we can expect from our futures, according to our actions.

As with any project, profession or employment arrangement, there is almost always a “trial” period. The aim of the trial period is to ascertain if the person is capable of complying with the expectations. Once again, I reiterate, no employer that requires a dentist will send a prospective candidate to train to be a capable motor mechanic. LOGICAL, IS IT NOT?

So why would an ALMIGHTY, OMNIPOTENT AND OMNISCIENT CREATOR place humans on earth to learn how to live here in a proper and harmonious way with their fellow humans and NATURE, when He has plans to utilize their services somewhere else that does not even resemble the same conditions whatsoever. Another aspect would be that it is very unlikely that you would apply for a post if you do not eventually know where it will land you. The very thought would be repulsive. So, please take note, the human race is here to remain on this earth, FOREVER!

Am I speaking about all human beings, no definitely not.

The humans under discussion fall into two distinct groups that are very accurately described in the Bible.

The major group that number well into the billions, are those that are going to be destined to total annihilation. They are the ones that do not DO Jehovah God’s will explicitly. They have a form of faith but do not prove true to it. They believe that God is only a God of love that He forgives anything, and all the time. The Bible states that there are many that do not know the severity of God.

If you look around you, how many persons would you truly want to have around forever? Please do not say that the Bible says you must not judge. The Bible specifically states that you must not judge, because with the measure that you judge, you will be judged. So back to my question: When observing the deeds that you may freely judge in most instances, would you allow many people to live forever? I do not think you will allow everybody to live forever. Jehovah God also has the major problem. Remember, everyone that lived or is living, is a child of God. But just like us humans, He has most of His children doing their “own” thing, and presenting a danger to the everlasting life of His obedient and loving children. The result is that He will have to annihilate them totally.

Take note: Billions are going to be destroyed and totally annihilated at Armageddon. The choice is yours, and yours alone, and you are totally responsible for all those who are biologically dependent on you, in other words, your children.

Noah was most probably mocked, just as those that talk about the end today are mostly being mocked, but as this short remaining time goes by, the “signs” will become more inevitable. Please note that when you reach the court of Law, where Jesus reigns as King, do not have the slightest thought that you will not immediately know: “Here I am, stripped “naked” of all false inclinations, standing before  a court where my innermost thoughts are not even hidden.

It is then and there that you and you alone will stand, and your destiny be told to YOU!

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