It is my observation, and the conclusion that I derived, that the Jehovah’s Witnesses advocate that not all persons will know, or have heard of the “true” will of God, by the time Armageddon occurs, and therefore qualify to go through Armageddon. Apart from there possibly being very isolated cases here and there, Jehovah God, who knows the innermost of each and every individual, might, also possibly, allow those with good inclinations, and have not heard of His “true” will, to pass through Armageddon. JUST MAYBE! And they will be few, if any at all! I am under the impression that the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the number mentioned above will be extremely high. Another problem that I have with the above, is that baptism by total immersion is also a necessity to be saved as far as the Witnesses are concerned. I do not think that I have made the wrong assumptions!

What is known in our present point in time in general, is, that there were basically only two religions that acknowledged God, and that was the Roman Catholic religion and the Jewish religion. Further, the rest of the inhabitants were atheists or agnostics.

The Protestants broke away from the Catholic religion. The blood that has flowed to enable this process to take place would never be condoned or accepted by Jehovah God. The breakaway was not due to just a whim, or other persons desiring to also partake of the “big cake” of luxury and wealth, but due to the firm belief that the “true”contents of the Holy Bible were being withheld from the population. So the newly created Protestants found that there were differences between what they were being taught, and what the Bible actually taught, otherwise they would have been satisfied, and remained Catholics.

From the above, it is then true too, that the Protestants did not believe the Roman Catholics to be a true religion. So where does the “It does not matter how you believe, or to what church you go, as long as you accept Jesus” expression come to have any meaning? If the expression was true, then it would have been idiotic to cause so much blood to flow just to have “other churches”. Incidentally, I am of the belief that the Jewish religion does not acknowledge Jesus at all!

It, therefore, surprises me that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are so strongly, and in many countries, violently condemned, because they believe that what they preach is the exact and only truth that the Bible advocates. And should blood flow due to their claims, I can guarantee that it will only be their blood. I myself, though I differ in quite a few interpretations, believe exactly as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. There is only one “TRUE” religion, or only ONE way the Bible can be interpreted. Jehovah God is a LOGICAL God, and His manual cannot be construed to suit different needs or interpretations!

Getting back to those who will pass through Armageddon. Martin Luther and John Calvin could be accused of the downfall of billions of people if what I think the Jehovah’s Witnesses and many other religions preach. The reason that I say this is that, if persons have not heard the “true” truth of the Bible, then they will have the chance of passing through Armageddon, most of them being resurrected physically, and some that are alive at the time, will never die. It is obvious that due to there being a Jewish, a Roman Catholic and Protestant religions, that there must be disagreement as to the “whole true” truth of the Bible. SO! If Luther and Calvin did not break away from the Roman Catholic religion, and no other persons did so either, then we would all have been Roman Catholics, and according to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other religions, been oblivious of the “whole true” truth of the Bible. We would then all have qualified to go into Jehovah God’s Kingdom, which includes the Heaven and our physical earth.

Another matter that the Jehovah’s Witnesses also advocate, is that in the “last days” the Word Of God will be preached throughout the entire world. So those that choose not to even listen, are not entitled to the possibility of everlasting life. Importantly, being so convinced that the Jehovah’s Witnesse are so “evilly” incorrect, they should consider it their Christian duty to invite the Witnesses into their lives and show them where they are so “utterly wrong”.

Whichever way you take note, it is a fact that the Almighty, our Loving Heavenly Father and God, takes a very dismally last place, way down the line in the average persons list of priorities. The persons mostly do it to their physical parents, dumping them in old age homes or clinics, etc., and comfortably forget about them. Although it is far worse now than in the past, just imagine, how many babies would have survived if the parents treated them as they treat, or treated, their parents, as I said, especially in this present time. Although nowadays, the tables are swiftly being equalled. Parents are bribing, neglecting, and even dumping their babies, etc., as well.

Take Note: We are all on a probation process. If you can do your utmost to impress your imperfect human boss, how about trying to impress your Loving Creator, Who really deserves more than you can offer or give, anyway.

So it on the basis of the above reasoning that I maintain that no person can logically say that it does not matter to what religion you belong, as long as we all pray to the same God.

Are we talking about the “same” God?

The Hellfire teaching says that there is a god that allows everlasting torture.

Many persons say that there is a god that has his reasons for giving his consent to the rape and murder of a baby, it is all part of “his” plan.

Many persons say that there is a god that is out there somewhere and we are not to question “his” ways, or reasoning.

Many others say that their god is placing them on earth to learn to live in earthly conditions so that they can all be transferred after death to a heaven, where all the experience they have gained is worthless.

There are many others that say that there is no god or no Devil, and that the belief in them is just influences that make us act as we do.

Then you also hear: That person has made a god of his sport, or his love for money, etc.

Another teaching is the Trinity that states that Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are One Person, and not One in unity of purpose, where Jehovah God plays the Almighty, Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator and God, and Jesus fills the role of Mighty God, and not Almighty God.

So I sincerely think that there are millions of “gods” out there that have in the minds of many persons replaced the True and Only Jehovah God.

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