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Where is Armageddon now? Where am I and YOU now? – Let us see if we can find out!

The Bible states that the generation that sees these things occur will not pass away without the advent of Armageddon ocurring. What “things” is the Bible mentioning. Remember, in most of the previous subjects, “signs of the end” were covered. Wars, earthquakes, pestilences, food shortages, etc. Also discussed was the Year of 1914 of Our Common Era, England, America, the United Nations and the “stone” not made by human hands that was going to destroy all the earthly rulers and introduce Jehovah God’s righteous Kingdom.

The Bible states that at the “time of the end”, the age of a human would be three  score years and ten, in other words seventy years, and eighty if mightily strong. So taking all that has ocurred, as discussed in the previous posts, since the year of 1914 , it would seem that Armageddon should have ocurred by the year of 1994C.E. Armageddon, however, did obviously not come to pass. Why?

For ten years you can try to convince someone of a certain matter, and for ten years have absolutely no luck. Even longer than ten years possibly, and maybe even never. But one day, just by incidentally adding a word or deed, the person’s face “lights up”, and you automatically know that you have eventually convinced the person. What is normally the person’s first reaction? The expression: “Oh! Now I see!”. The person did not “see” anything at all. The person finally “understood” or “realised” what you had tried to convey.

Now, as above, the Bible also reads “see”. Read Mark 13:28 – 30 below:

28 “Now from the fig tree learn the illustration: Just as soon as its young branch grows tender and puts forth its leaves, YOU know that summer is near. 29  Likewise also YOU, when YOU see these things happening, know that he is near, at the doors. 30 Truly I say to YOU that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things happen
So in 1914CE the people physically saw what was occurring, but it was so calamitious that very little thought, if any at all, was given to the why or wherefore of what was actually happening. It must have been very similar to what happened in Noah’s day. People had never seen rain physically before, and must have been totally surprised at the occurrence of the rain. Similarly, there had never been a World War, or the “Spanish” flu before either.
After years of trying to reason what “generation” was being spoken of, it seemed obvious that the “generation” that physically “saw” World War One would be that “generation”. As Armageddon did not occur in 1994CE, it was obviously: “Back to the drawing board”.
Realisation of the “spiritual see” has not really been considered yet, and my sincere opinion is that it was between 1930CE and 1940CE when the Name of our Almighty Father and Creator, Jehovah, became very prominent as well. Whatever the case, however, the “signs” have been with us for a long time now, and with the attitude of the human race as it is towards life itself, the “end” cannot be far away. Both your and my problem right now is to be as prepared as well as we can!

This is not the end of this discussion, however. With death, as imminent as it is today, without taking any of the above into consideration, both your or my Armageddon could be instantly upon us. Once you or I have died, then Satan the Devil has no further hold on us until the thousand years after Armageddon has elapsed and Satan the Devil is let loose again for a “short period of time”. So, once you or I have died before the actual Armageddon occurs, then we can consider ourselves as having reached Armageddon, and we will thus be judged accordingly. If either of us die before the actual Armageddon, and we are not considered worthy of being given the chance of everlasting life, then whichever one, or both of us, will not be there to be tempted by Satan again.

The time now is very short, and this discussion will most probably eventually be directed to the controversial subject of resurrection.

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