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I have spent quite a considerable amount of discussion and time  on the previous subjects of the Year 1914C.E. and the ruling World Powers. You must have realised my reason for doing so was mainly to bring to your attention that the Bible is not the “Book” that will remain throughout the ages to time indefinite, and will be adjusted as and when required to suit the prevailing  circumstances and conditions. Presently though, the Bible is being adjusted to suit the whims of many. 1914C.E. was just a little further back than yesterday, and centuries later than the creation of Adam, or the Flood of Noah’s day. So the Bible is now covering the “Here and Now”!

I have stated that Satan the Devil was hurled out of Heaven in 1914C.E. I have stated that Satan was cast out by Jesus Christ, who then became Jehovah God’s King that was to rule at His right hand side over the 144 000, the other angels and the earth. Satan was, however, to be given a period of time where he could rule over the earth and its inhabitants only. Satan was in total control over the physical side of the earth and its inhabitants.

Just as we on the earth have persons today that do not agree with the acts of their respective governments, and speak out against those acts, just so there are persons that speak out against the evil acts of Satan, and his followers. So, what I am actually saying is that I believe that Satan only controls the minds of those that allow him to do so, and also those that also desire the same evil desires that Satan himself does. Then, further, I think that it is only me myself in the world that believes that Satan is not solely responsible for the wicked deeds of most people.

People themselves are solely responsible for their deeds, whether influenced by Satan or not. I base my reasoning on the fact, that if I was in Satan’s position, and I had rebelled against Jehovah God, then my aim would have been to rule over the paradise earth that Jehovah God had intended, and is still going to let occur. I, as Satan, would have desired to rule over angels and humans that were always doing obeisance to me, into eternity. That is Jehovah God’s intention as well, and He will still accomplish it. The evildoers did not obey their Grand Creator, so why would it be any different with one of God’s meagre creations. The evildoers are actually destroying their only habitat, as well as themselves, and eventually Satan himself.

Satan now realises this and he knows, as the Bible states, that he has but a short time left. The fact that he cannot ever enter Heaven again was a very “rude” awakening for him. The fact that he went to war against Jesus Christ, proves that he still thought he had the chance to rule. He is now living a restricted existence, that he had never thought possible. Satan the Devil can most probably recite the Bible meticulously, and even backwards if he wanted to. Satan is by no means not superior in brilliance when compared to humans, and he surely realises that the Bible is the truth and that the Bible says he now knows that he has a short time left. So Satan knows that he is to be totally restricted for a period of time soon. He also knows that he will then be let loose for a short period to mislead as many “perfect” persons as possible. He also realises that he will then be totally destroyed after that last period.

So, without Satan ever being around again after that, who would be responsible to keep a hellfire burning into eternity, if that hideously false doctrine were true? There are religions that advocate that an eternal hellfire awaits sinners. How can they even think that a Loving Creator could be an eternal destructor? Do YOU belong to a religion that falsely accuses Jehovah God of  such an abominable capability? I hope not! I am not on the subject of “Hellfire”, but just the right thought at the appropriate moment might spark a perception of certain possibilities, or impossibilities.

As Jesus Christ has been reigning since 1914C.E., he then commenced with his appropriate duties, one of which had significant priority, being the resurrection and judgement of all humans that had died, since Adam’s day. The way I understand the Bible is that Jesus, and those of the 144 000 Heavenly Class that have already been resurrected and are in Heaven, have judged, from 1914C.E., backwards in time. Those that fall last will be resurrected first and judged. Those that have been dead for shorter periods than others will then be judged, as I stated, right back to Adam’s day. Those found acceptable to Jehovah God, will be temporarily returned to the “non-existence” state to “wait a little longer”, in other words until Armageddon. Those that are found not to be acceptable will immediately be destroyed, into eternity.

Although Jesus and members of the 144 000 Heavenly Class do the judging, they do it according to the “yardstick” given them by their Creator, Jehovah God. So, according to my reasoning and understanding, the only physical resurrection that will occur will be those persons found acceptable, and had to “wait a little longer”. That resurrection would be just after the event of Armageddon.

Remember, the Bible states that the evildoers will be slaughtered at Armageddon, and that the birds will eat their flesh due to the time period that it will take to bury so many of them. Would it then be logical to resurrect persons that willingly not do Jehovah God’s will just after the slaughtering takes place, so that they can enjoy a thousand years of paradise conditions, and then be slaughtered again, if they do not change. Would that be appropriate? Maybe, given the chance many of those originally slaughtered might have also been able to change.

According to my reasoning, that would eliminate the unnecessary resurrection of all persons at the same time, housing and feeding them, and having all the other hassles involved in doing it that way. My article “Resurrection”  in my “Subjects of Discussion” covers my reasoning on the subject.

So Take Note: If my reasoning is correct, then You are solely responsible for Yourself and all Your dependent loved ones!

Live eternally, or be totally destroyed!

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