10th. May 2016

To ALL “The SINCERE and LOYAL JEHOVAH’s Witnesses” out there in this SINISTER and evil world:


Remember to take note of 2 Corinthians 13:5 which states: “5 Keep testing whether YOU are in the faith, keep proving what YOU yourselves are. Or do YOU not recognize that Jesus Christ is in union with YOU? Unless YOU are disapproved.”

I do NOT know if “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses” takes that Scripture seriously or applies it to themselves; as they are in my opinion VERY keen to avoid “THEIR FLOCK” doing so!!!



I believe that the publications of “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses” state that Manasseh was forgiven by JEHOVAH GOD for his sins.

If that is the case, would “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses” be kind enough to inform if they received the “Direction” to print and advocate that direct from JEHOVAH GOD!!!

Let us see what “THEIR” Bible states:

2 Kings 21:16 (New World Translation of “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses”) states: “16 And there was also innocent blood that Manasseh shed in very great quantity, until he had filled Jerusalem from end to end, besides his sin with which he caused Judah to sin by doing what was bad in the eyes of Jehovah.”

AND 2 Kings 23:26 (New World Translation of “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses”) states: “26 Nevertheless, Jehovah did not turn back from the great burning of his anger, with which his anger burned against Judah over all the offensive things with which Manasseh had made them offend.”

AND 2 Kings 24:3 & 4 (New World Translation of “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses”) states: “3 It was only by the order of Jehovah that it took place against Judah, to remove it from his sight for the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done; 4 and also [for] the innocent blood that he had shed, so that he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, and Jehovah did not consent to grant forgiveness.

It is TRULY saddening that if ALL the incorrect publishing and evil Biblical alterations that I, in my opinion, am finding should be found to be true.

As stated by me above, “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses” in my opinion is NOT at all keen, or should I say completely against “THEIR FLOCK” doubting “THEIR” direct “DIRECTIONS” that they supposedly receive from JEHOVAH GOD!!!

Most people that mention The JEHOVAH’s Witnesses are quite prepared to admit that these persons are valiant in their attempts to preach what they believe.

It is, though, normally, a human trait to dislike or even unwillingly and unwittingly bear grudges against persons who DO what they know that they should also be DOING; BUT sadly they do NOT realise that in the case of religion that it is the fault of the false religions that they believe in.

There religions are NORMALLY NOT REALLY demanding; advocate that the LOVE of GOD is ALL encompassing; that the LOVE of GOD is ALL forgiving; that the LOVE of GOD can be adjusted to meet the MODERN world conditions, etc.

In actual fact, it is quite “NICE” to only set aside a Sabbath day once a week; AND then have a social “get together” once a week where a cup of tea and some snacks are most probably enjoyed and ALL that under the guise of a weekly Bible study.

QUITE TRUTHFULLY, with the VAGUE religious teachings that so valiantly proclaim ALL GOD’s wonderful forgiveness, I would, if I also believed it, been just as happy to behave similarly.

It is actually quite saddening that it is so often stated, especially with the use of these numerous “SMS” and email messages, that with GOD in your life, everything will work out wonderful eventually, irrespective.

The condition of our world of today is a plain statement that billions of people do NOT have GOD in their lives AT ALL; as the minority of the world’s population are living quite comfortably and are NOT AT ALL TRULY concerned about the horrendous suffering of the VAST MAJORITY.

The JEHOVAH’s Witnesses at grassroots level are advocating a Paradise on this VERY SAME PHYSICAL EARTH IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE FOR ALL THE INHABITANTS THAT BECOME ACCEPTABLE TO JEHOVAH GOD; and that is what MOTIVATES them to be prepared to suffer the inconveniences, bad weather conditions, verbal and, also in many cases, physical abuse and suffering.

It is with these inconveniences in mind that I believe that I have to show the people of the world that “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses” are NOT only failing “THEIR FLOCK” BUT actually hindering their progress in assisting in the saving of the ETERNAL lives of more people.

QUESTION 6 should be tomorrow; so PLEASE “The Governing Body of The Jehovah’s Witnesses”, BE THERE FOR THOSE LOYAL, FAITHFUL and SINCERE PEOPLE; who so willingly, obediently and faithfully support you.



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