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Let us continue with what doctrines are being preached, and what is acceptable, in various religions:

Living together before marriage is on average acceptable in most Christian religions. Although maybe not condoned, the fact that they are accepted makes all the members of those religions equally guilty of accepting the acceptance of living together before marriage. The Bible is very specific that marriage is an institution of Jehovah God, and that even nudity, before or after marriage is a very restricted area. In other words the nude bodies of humans are only the privilege of the marriage partners, that they alone may enjoy. Remember, Jehovah God is NOT petty, and He realises that due to worldly conditions, the medical fraternity has become a necessity, and that during hospitilisation, it is inevitable that persons will be exposed to nudity. The human body should, however, always be considered as sacred, and the greatest respect and discipline should always be prevalent during the necessitated nudity. Any deviation from what Jehovah God expects will be punishable by Him. Any Jehovah’s Witness that lives together, or is intimate, before marriage, will be disfellowshipped as soon as it comes to the attention of their Organization.

Same sex marriages, or active participation of intimacy of same sex persons, will be treated exactly the same as for the “Living together before marriage” section. Nobody, but nobody, expects that a person that is physically disabled should be allowed to do illegal deeds, even if  their survival depends on it. So, similarly, same sex desires are not natural, and could also thus be considered a mental disability, which then also forbids them disobeying Jehovah God’s laws. So, if a person is that way inclined, then they will have to refrain from any intimate activity, and suppress those emotions. They will then receive Jehovah God’s recognition of their efforts. Materialism is one of the top-ranking evil desires that causes billions of persons to fall foul of true religious devotion, and that will also be unacceptable if it leads to illegal deeds. Even persons with same sex desires will readily condemn those that are corrupt or illegally gain or amass fortunes. Materialism is also a mental disability that has to be suppressed, just as for same sex desires, and with the same recognition from Jehovah God, if accomplished and maintained. Another important point to consider: If everyone had same sex desires, how long would the human race exist, and worst of all, how long would real family life exist. A real family has a male father, a female mother, and then children.

The admiration of fellow human beings. Also very acceptable in almost all religions is the admiration of “exalted” human beings. Even Jesus said to his disciples: “I am not your master, there is but One Master, my Father, Jehovah God. The Bible states that: “Jehovah God is not partial”, so where does the prayer of religious leaders hold more significance than the sincere prayer of the poor, possibly not too intelligent, pauper. “Prominent, wealthy, upstanding, and many other significant descriptions of  glorification are attached to many, many persons. A surgeon performs the first heart plant on a human being, he then travels worldwide, meets very “prominent and important” persons, and even has the “right” to air his political opinions on a basis that gives “his” political opinions credibility and recognition, especially if the opinions are accepted by the majority of the people. A vast proportion of the world’s population go into a frenzy when an actor or sportsman dies, a privilege that even Jesus Christ was denied.

Tatooes. In addition to the glorification and adoration of human beings as discussed above, is the evil actions that are performed to enhance the glorification or adoration of those humans, openly and publicly. A very prominent way that this is done today is to have a tattoo, or maybe even multiple tattoes. It will be interesting to see how the Bible verse is “twisted” to render these acts of disobedience to Jehovah God’s command, as old-fashioned or not really so important. Many people have tatooes just to be “in fashion” or “cool”. I am fairly sure that they are quite oblivious of the fact that they are disobeying Jehovah God, as I am sure that they might not have done so if their religious leaders had enlightened them.

Then there is also the way people dress today when they go to church. For an interview or visit with an earthly, fleshly “boss” or “prominent” person, nothing but the best is “good enough”. So why should their Heavenly Father be satisfied with less. Also, other persons see the casual dress, or even slovenly dress, and their impression is that those persons do not have sufficient respect, or that their Creator is not worthy of such respect anyway. Please take note that everybody “knows” the love of God, although most do not realise it. Some of the examples of the “love” of God is: the warmth of the sun on a cold day, the birth of a child, the emotion of true love between husband and wife, the real love between family members, and many, many other examples. What most persons do not “know” is:


Jehovah God is not going to allow anyone to constitute a danger to His children in His Paradise that He is going to restore on earth.

This is not only a WARNING, this is a FACT. Get to “know” the SEVERITY OF JEHOVAH GOD for your, and your loved ones sakes’.

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