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Now I will be discussing Blood Transfusions, Fatalism, Immortality of the Soul and the Creation of Idols for Worship.

The first three are interlinked, but I will discuss all four subjects apart, which would incur repeating myself. This would enable the reader to see the contradiction of logic in the subjects themselves, and also possibly enable me to maybe include a new thought that I had ommitted in the previous subjects.Firstly, remember, we are made in Jehovah God’s image, and as we do not have spiritual bodies, then it would be logical to assume that God means that we have logical reasoning powers, and the capability to differentiate between good and bad. Secondly, Jehovah God is the epitomy of LOGIC, and all His ways are so designed. Thirdly, as we are created in God’s image, we are persons in our own right, with our own free wills, and although we will never reach the Glory, Intelligence and Power of Jehovah God, we are capable of being “perfectly” capable enough to understand and Do His Will, acceptably, to His criteria.

Firstly, let us discuss Blood Transfusions.

Jehovah God states in the Bible that humans must “abstain from blood”. In my “Subjects of Discussion” you should find all, or most, of the Biblical Scriptures that deal with blood, and blood transfusions.

Now, if a medical doctor tells you to abstain from alcohol, then he means you must not drink it, but much more so, you must not put it directly into your veins, which is obviously much worse and dangerous. Then the Bible has many Scriptures that have blood related topics, and the taking of blood is placed in the same sinful category as fornication. The Bible is also very explicit as to what must be done when blood is separated from the body. The Bible states that the blood must then be covered with dust. So blood is either in a body, or covered over with dust, so as to be totally disposed of.

Here is also a point that I differ from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. As far as I can ascertain, the Jehovah’s Witnesses say that it is a conscientious issue if a member is willing to accept a certain, or certain portions, that are extracted from blood. There are apparently three elements that make up blood. I am not even prepared to discuss the make-up or elements of blood. Jehovah God commands: “ABSTAIN FROM BLOOD” or “BURY BLOOD THAT IS NOT IN A HUMAN, ANIMAL OR ANY LIVING BODY”.SO, if Jehovah God’s commands are adhered to, then no extracts would be possible at all. In other words: Not one iota, extract, portion or part of blood is available or permissable for use. In actual fact, it is a fact today, that when the Bible states that you must rather be happy, or at least satisfied, when one dies, is more true and acceptable today, than when the Bible was written. Satan, and all his cohorts and followers are so active in our times, and have all become so vicious, that death today has almost become an escape route.

Your innocent little baby son or daughter dies from some or other illness. An unbelievably sad experience and occurrence. The other side of the coin could just as easily be experienced. The child recovers but dies later through starvation, or rape and strangling, or violence, or brutal murder, etc.

Further, fatalists say that God has a plan for every person or occurrence. This is believed by billions of persons that do not accept that they are fatalists. If their belief had any logical foundation, then blood transfusion is just being proved to be what it is, a money spinner. If God has a plan for everybody, or every occurrence, then if you take a blood transfusion or not, you will die, or you will not die. So, by taking the blood transfusion, you are actually not happy with God’s decision that He may have wanted you to die at that specific time. For the few persons that do not believe that God has decided what your future will be, even before you are born, they, at least, have some logic to the saving of the life, but are disobeying Jehovah God anyway. So by saving their life now, would mean eternal annihilation if they do not refrain from sinning against Jehovah God.

While reading the above, please do not think that I am callous, or just typing for something to type, as I myself am saddened by the deaths that occur, especially due to the fact that I am totally convinced that nobody is immortal, and that when they die, then they are possibly going to eternal annihilation. Billions of those dead, were on average, very nice and good people to know, but they had the misguided idea that on death they would be resurrected directly to Heaven. BUT, by not doing Jehovah God’s will, as He desires it, they are then not acceptable to eternal life.

 The reason that saddens me most is that those nice, good, friendly and helpful persons could possibly have enjoyed many more good years on earth, especially if they were totally happy and satisfied with their circumstances, and those circumstances were comfortable and acceptable. How many of them have their “very precious”lives cut short by the callous, no-good, useless, good-for-nothing and vicious persons, that do not have have a portion of their victim’s mentality, education, experience or input into society. Incidentally, the victim normally receives a bear minimum of assistence or compensation, whereas the perpetrator has “his” Human Rights” guaranteed.

Remember: By taking a blood transfusion, or condoning blood transfusions, is disobeying Jehovah God. By changing the ground rules, in for instance, working to a traffic collision free society, or a violent crime free society, etc., then humans will be nearer to doing Jehovah God’s will, and eliminating blood transfusions, which would be favourable to Jehovah God.

The most blood transfusions can be compared to the drinking of too much alcohol and then having to take medication with adverse affects for the hangover the next morning. Nobody willingly condones that practice, but why do they so easily accept blood transfusions that are also mostly caused by human error. A person with a severe hangover could very easily cause major disasters, with severe loss of life.

I am positive that I have at some time read in the Bible that even Jesus Christ does not know the sacred secret of blood, and, if that is the case, then it will be so much more reason to believe that Jehovah God has an absolute reason why He does not want the mixing of blood, no matter how minute.

One thing for sure: Jehovah God commands that blood is sacred, and you must obey His commands regarding blood!

I will next discuss “Fatalism” in “What Anti-Biblical Practises are extremely Prevalent In Our Present Time – Part 4.

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