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The Immortality of the Soul.

This is one of the most misleading, dangerous and obnoxious doctrines ever preached!

Last night I read an article where a mother drugged her two daughters aged 14 and 13. She then shot (murdered) them and then shot (murdered) herself. Although it is considered a very traumatic experience for all the families involved, at least they are consoled by the fact that all three are now by God.


It is so sad that the religious leaders live in the lap of luxury, and feed so many lies to “their flock”. The Bible is very explicit about death. When you die all your thoughts, plans and desires become non-existent. Also, your soul is your physical body according to the Bible. In my “Subjects of Discussion” the immortality of the soul is discussed with as many Scriptures as I was able to find at the time that I wrote the article, and the Scriptures are started at Genesis and taken through to Revelation. All the Scriptures correlate the fact that the soul is actually the physical body.

The Bible also clearly states that animals, birds and fish are souls. The spirit is the force that controls the soul. There are built-in controls that are just plain physical, and are known as reactions. You do not decide to lift your arm to protect yourself when someone tries to hit you, your mind reacts. When you decide that you want to go shopping, then your spirit gives all the necessary commands to your physical body to comply with all that is necessitated to enable the shopping venture. When you die, your spirit that you have developed, nurtured and evolved into your desires and way of life is extinguished, but Jehovah God has meticuously had noted what your spirit had become. Jehovah God then has His Son, Jesus Christ, and members of the 144 000 bought from the earth, judge you according to the details recorded, and you are either doomed to eternal annihilation, or give a second chance on this earth which has been restored to a paradise.

SO, if the two daughters were doing the explicit will of their Heavenly Father as He desired it to be done, then their spirit recordings will be perused by Jesus and the 144 000, and they will have the second chance. If, however, these two beautiful creations are found to be lacking, then the mother has cut short, not only their physical lives, but their chance of learning about Jehovah God, and enjoying eternal paradisaical life.

The mother, however, destroyed sacred life. The Bible states: “Though shall not commit murder!” So, the mother disobeyed that command three times. IF she had disobeyed her earthly employer three times, if she was employed, he would have been considered as having the right to “fire” her. That would have meant that she would have become “non-existent” as far as that firm was concerned. So easy to condone the actions of humans, but when it comes to The Creator of Humans, then it is expected that He must “bend over backwards” to accommodate their whims and wiles. Would YOU allow such a mother to look after YOUR children in YOUR absence? Jehovah God has the same problem. He cannot allow her to live amongst His children in paradise as she was not interested in His will, but was prepared to cut short the lives of her “loved ones”, because she “felt” it was the thing to do.

This poor woman, and I really mean it. HER cold-blooded, merciless, lying and totally evil religious leaders that she had known through her life will have to answer to Jehovah God for the eternal death of one of His children, that had been taught to believe false doctrine. The Bible admonishes one not to judge, because with the measuring rod that one judges, that one will be judged. The main reason that Jehovah God has placed that in the Bible is to encourage and beseech us to show and HAVE real and true mercy as far as possible. If anyone is convinced that I am judging this poor woman, then I am sorry that that person should feel that way, as I sincerely believe she has been doomed to eternal death, and that because of being misinformed. I also take absolutely no delight in the fact that the false religious leaders are going to be destroyed, and I am sure that Jehovah God also would have wanted them to live eternally.

It is sad that I had to use this occurrence to illustrate what the Bible teaches, but the idea is to bring home to everyone that when you die, unless you are one of the 144 000, you are not going to Heaven. If you were doing the explicit will of Jehovah God to the best of your ability, then your loved ones should actually welcome your death, however bad that may sound. Once you have died, being a real child of God, or a sinner, then the Devil will not have a hold on you anymore, or in other words, be able to influence you.

If the soul was immortal, how would our existing earth fit into the big picture. Would it then be the breeding ground for fleshly beings that do not need any fleshly experience into eternity anywhere else? I DO NOT THINK SO!

If the soul is the physical body and can be totally destroyed as the Bible states, would humans so willingly condone violence, murder, wars, etc., as well as so easily accepting that accidents claim so many sacred lives, and that life in general is not really so sacred, and that when death occurs, that the natural thing is to move on with your own life!

It has become common to read jokes where the people that had died, “and gone to Heaven”, were upset that they were told to live a life as healthy as possible, and that when in Heaven they found out how much they had missed by living longer.  So, if I go to a church every Sunday for a specific time, unfortunately nobody knows how long, then when I feel I have done so long enough, I must surely go to dangerous areas and hope to be killed or murdered. Nobody hears the expression: “Thank Heavens, my loved ones were all killed today, now they are with God!”  Inherently, humans know that dying is BAD, but they have never sat down and really thought about what they have been led to believe. I hope this writing of mine, sparks their interest in taking a look at the “what for”and “why for” of death.

After some time I might have further thoughts about this subject, but until then I would like to urge all to find out what Jehovah God’s plans and deesires are, and to see if the immortality of the soul fits into His big picture.

If I do not have any further thoughts on this subject, then my next discussion will be about “Creations Of Idols In The Worship Environment”.

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