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To all the Readers: Please keep an open mind!

I think I should discuss society as a whole, and the men, women and children that make up society.

Just to introduce the subject, I would like to give a quick overview:

Question: What are the three main causes of fires? Answer: Men, women and children!

My opinion: What are the three CAUSES of the total breakdown of our world of today? Answer: Men, women and children!

The very greater portion of society today is a crybaby!  My wife had an aunt and an uncle that worked in a mental institution. One of their experiences was that the heavyweight wrestling champion who beat his wife to death had to be occassionally reprimanded or punished as such. The punishment was by injecting him with a syringe full of clean, sterilised water which gave a burning sensation. Apparently he used to cry like a baby when he was informed that he was going to be punished. That was over forty years ago, and both of them have died quite a long time ago. He personified our “crybaby” society of today.

The uncle said to me that the general observation was that all persons are born phsycopaths. I asked him how that observation was derived at and his answer was: “Give a newborn chicken to a very small child, and see how long it will take him to have the head pulled off, or to have at least caused the death of the small creature. Within a year or so of loving training and being directed to a good way of living, the same child lovingly and tenderly cuddles the newborn chicken”.

 The training of both parents with good moral standards was required to shape and polish the final behaviour to that of a caring and loving human being. The caring and loving qualities covered all the requirements to enable a good and workable society with high moral standards and a happy and content lifestyle. The average age before death according to the Bible would be seventy years, and eighty if mightily strong, when Jehovah God would implement His Kingdom at Armageddon. WE ARE NOW ALMOST THERE!

I will be very brief about society as a whole. Need I elaborate on the condition of our world of today as far as deterioration over the past century is concerned? I think not! The younger generations most probably cannot understand what I am “getting on about”! This is the only society that they know. So, what am I “getting on about”? as far as they are concerned.

Shame on the vast majority of “parents” of the latter part of the last century. It is undesirable that I should not refer to them as “parents”, but fact is that they were, and still are, by large biological mass reproduction machines. To elaborate, single “parents” are NOT PARENTS. “Parents” refers to a combination of a male as a FATHER, that Jehovah God gave a woman to, as a wife, complement and helper, to become the MOTHER. In the past children were faced with the humiliation of their “parents” being divorced. Today the children are faced with exclamations or facial expressions of utter surprise if both of the original “parents” are still in union, especially if the unions are only fairly stable.

Watching the news of our day is so saddening. The vast majority of the youth, and I mean the very young youth as well, are seen rallying in political frays, participating in plundering, stealing and destroying property and goods, and aimlessly wandering about in towns and cities in utter despair. They are hungry, hardly clothed, homeless and without hope, guidance and direction. They are prime targets of the evil leaders that enable the use of their numbers to achieve their evil goals. They are prime targets of violence, pain and suffering, and death.



All occurrences are individualised today as far as possible, with the aim of removing the accountability of the leaders of the countries of our world of today. It is either the left wing or right wing, or whatever, groups that are the ones that get the blame. Less than ten minutes ago I heard on the news that a man has been involved in the incorrect handling of approximately R46 000 000 000,00. Now and again this item of news will be repeated, but the eventual costs of the investigations and court procedures will most probably be phenominal as well.

What will the guardians of the country where this incident took place do?  Just like the leaders of the rest of the countries of our world! They will put the fear of death and destruction under the noses of their citizens in the form of Global Warming, this country at war with that country, etc. And, as per normal, the vast majority will with ease swallow the stories that they are told, mostly because their self-centred way of living does not make other peoples problems their problems.

That is why I say that the world of today exists of “crybaby” societies. It is only when I get hurt that you will hear me scream, cry, beg, seek sympathy, have sympathy or show an inkling of the understanding of the problems that are a very real part of the everyday lives of the underdogs of every society today.

The “fathers” of today are not only on average very poor specimens of fatherhood, but in millions of cases most probably do not really know how many biological children they individually have. Those that have accepted biological responsibility for “their” children often are divorced and seldom have contact or concern. Today it is part of the supervisors job to hope he “catches” his staff working or trying to perform a day’s work, in a day or two.

The “mothers”, and here I must emphasize, that I think that very few are worthy of that title, due to the love of money, give such a small percentage of themselves to their children. The words “quality time” are freely, and more often than not, the answer to “their” problem. What I am to use as an example is applicable to the father and mother, but I am just going to use it in connection with the “mother” for now. Would the “mother” accept some “quality time” from her husband if she knew that one or two other women were also receiving “quality time” from him. Why should the “children” be satisfied with less than what their Grand Creator had in mind for them?

The “children”! What a MESS the “parents” have created for them. NO I WILL NOT MENTION THE SHAME PART IN FULL HERE AGAIN!

The “children” are in a turmoil, lost, without love, without leadership, without loving guidance, without, witout, without. . . .!

If I owned a business I would not blame the workers  (“children”) if my business performed poorly. I would blame the Manager (“father”) and the Supervisor (“mother”).


To all “parents”: Your Grand Creator Jehovah God is shortly going to demand an answer from you, and if you did not comply, then not only you, but your “children” are going to pay the price. If your “children” were not considered by you as worthy of your real and true love, why should your Grand Creator believe otherwise about His love for your children.

With the existent worldwide recession most of the people in the world of today should realise that to “chase after riches is to chase after the wind”. Hundreds of thousands of “parents” of which both were employed to “keep the pot boiling” found themselves in dire straits where they were not even sure of a plate of food for themselves, never mind their “children”.

Their is a song that has the words: “When will they ever learn”.

I am not here to write fiction or what people wish to hear, and it is indeed an unpleasant task, but to all the readers: “Please read this writing with an open mind for your own sakes, return to your Grand Creator Jehovah God, and let you and your “family” have the real and true chance to live in Paradise conditions forever into all eternity. Start studying the Bible, gain accurate Bible knowledge, get to know Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus Christ, learn to love them, and you will enjoy the excitement of real and true joy.

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