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What should be classified as sin, and are their different categories of sin, although all are subject to eternal death if not deviated from?

Yes I think that there are different categories of sins and sinning. Below are a few examples:

1. Forever unforgivable sins

2. Wilful sinning

3. Sinning by being humanly weak, sometimes repentful, but often not

Just for the record:


Forever Unforgivale Sins

According to my interpretation there are only two forever unforgivable sins: The first and most important one is “Speaking or blaspheming against the Holy Spirit”, AND secondly “the spilling of innocent blood”.

The first one, “Speaking or blaspheming against the Holy Spirit”: The Bible states that speaking against the Son, in other words, Jesus Christ will be forgiven if repentence is sincerely asked for, and further refraining from repeating the sin is ensured. So, speaking against Jesus Christ is a forgivable sin, but speaking against the Holy Spirit is forever unforgivable.

Logically then, the Holy Spirit has more importance and prominance than the Son of Jehovah God, Jesus Christ.

SO, WHO or WHAT is the Holy Spirit? Under my “Subject of Discussion” the subject, with as many Scriptures as I could find in the limited time before Armageddon, is fully covered to the best of my ability. I will, however, just summarise the very important aspects.

I, as a person, use a physical set of tools that I call my body. Now this body does all that I will it to do, me the person. ME, the person, influences many other persons, sometimes on the other side of the world, to perform acts or deeds because of my influences. Deeds or acts that they would originally never even have thought of, never mind doing.

Now, I assume that Jehovah God has a Spiritual “Body” that has nothing to do with us humans as far as He is concerned. Now Jehovah God is also a Person, and He calls His Person the Holy Spirit. His Person, although He Himself never leaves Heaven, has very far reaching influences. So just as my person or “spirit”, not my soul as I am a soul, willed others to perform deeds or acts, just so Jehovah God causes others to perform acts or deeds. You can also say that the Person of Jehovah God “entered” someone, actually meaning influenced, someone to do something. That I feel is the correct interpretation.

Nowhere does the Bible speak of speaking against Jehovah God, who everyone that has any religious interests knows and agrees is the Supreme Being. There are billions of persons that belong to religions that advocate the horrendously false doctrine of The Trinity. Most of those persons do not know that their religions advocate this false doctrine. They are, however, going to pay the price of  supporting such a false doctrine as it classifies as committing the unforgivable sin.

Jesus Christ, although enjoying very high esteem in Jehovah God’s opinion, is still only a creation of his Father, Jehovah God. So Jehovah God is fully entitled to be extremely angered by being brought down to the standard of a creation of His. Before anyone is disgusted at what I have just written, then I want to inform them that even Jesus Christ not only agrees with me, but FULLY agrees with me.

Above is only one of the blasphemies against Jehovah God. How many billion times has it been repeated by the persons that have not been properly informed by their false leaders that: “Everything is set in place by Jehovah God. Even before we are born, our life has been planned and set out by our Creator!” This is but one of the thousands of other blaspemies that have been repeated by billions of people.

Let us just go to the one that has been noted. The First and Second World Wars, the “Spanish Flu”, the Depression of the Twentieth Century, etc. For those that possibly know: Did Jehovah God enjoy causing this immense human suffering, murdering, pain and suffering, etc.? Whether Jehovah God enjoyed it or not, could you explain to us or possibly to Him what He aimed to achieve by doing so, and why you even could think so? When last did you, if ever, see a terminal cancer patient? DO I NEED TO CONTINUE? BLASPHEMING AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT WHICH IS THE PERSON OF JEHOVAH GOD CARRIES THE IRREVERSIBLE ETERNAL DEATH PENALTY!

The second forever unforgivable sin is the shedding of “INNOCENT” blood.

Although Jesus Christ asked his Father, Jehovah God, to forgive those that were murdering him, that request was not granted. More informative, Jehovah God condemned the whole city,as well as the actual perpetrators, to eternal death. The only ones that escaped were the true followers of Jesus Christ. Although they witnessed the evil brutality and murder they obeyed Jesus Christ’s information that his murder was to take place.

The argument is also mentioned that King David had innocent blood spilled when he had the husband of the beautiful woman purposefully killed. Jehovah God knows the hearts of each person, from Adam until this day. So Jehovah God most probably knew that the soldier did not have “innocent” blood, otherwise King David would not have been forgiven. Jehovah God is NOT partial!

Jehovah God does not condone warfare at all. The wars that He decided were to occur were His right to decide upon. All wars instigated by humans have never until this day had the slightest worthwhile outcomes or results, and the humans did not have the right to make those decisions. Jehovah God does not ask: “Why do you go on killing . . . ?” when He asks about wars, He asks: “Why do you go on “murdering” . . . ?”.

The reason that Jehovah God does not condone wars decided upon by humans is that they are not only instigated by human fleshly greed, but that, most importantly, many of His true followers, that have “innocent” blood, might be “murdered”, or already have been “murdered”. If any are killed, then Jehovah God states that they have been reduced to the level of those that actually deserve death, and He will not stand for that.

There are many other examples: If you drive negligently and a person with “innocent” blood is killed, then you have unwittingly committed the second unforgivable sin. If you drive recklessly and anyone is killed, then you deserve death anyway, if you do not repent. I am not talking about a one hundred percent accident, or a poor human on-the-spot judgement or error. There are other examples, but this one should suffice in ensuring that the preservation of  life  is sacred in our opinion, as it is in Jehovah God’s opinion as well. We must all ensure that this attitude is always uppermost in our minds!

Not being aware of committing a crime does not count for anything in our human courts of law, so why should Jehovah God be satisfied with less after He has given you His Bible and all the other privileges that you enjoy! THE ONUS IS ON YOU TO KNOW WHAT IS IN HIS HUMAN MANUAL, THE HOLY BIBLE!

Further thoughts on this forever unforgivable sin subject might be included in the second part of this post.

Wilful Sinning

Most probably all wilful sin is instigated by the worst sin other than the two unforgivable sins. The LOVE of money, or otherwise greed.

Purchasing a very basic commodity, I purchase a toilet roll for R1,00 today. Three months later I go to purchase the same brand, and exactly the same size roll. I pay R1,50. Now and again everyone most probably thinks they themselves have slipped a brain disc or so, but when the fifty percent increase is trying to be “justified”, then even I am sure that I surely do not appear so totally slow or stupid. The Bible, however, is very explicit about “dishonest” gain, but although often mentioned, even the Bible cannot reveal the magnitude thereof. Once again, it is summed up: “The root of all evil is the LOVE of money”.

As far as this purchase is concerned, there might be a proportion of “wilful” sin, but at least I have a choice of being “fleeced’ or not. Three months later I go and do the exact same purchase and I am quite relieved, as there has been no price increase. When I get home I find that the quality and exact quantity have been fairly severely decreased. NOW THAT IS BLATANT, DISGUSTING AND WILFUL THEFT AND SIN.Please note that I am not saying that all persons that manufacture toilet rolls, or anything else for that matter, are all part and parcel of these wilful sinners. But I must categorically state that these are the areas where wilful sin is excercised on an extremely high-amount-of-finance basis.

To be able to manufacture toilet rolls of a wellknown brand obviously requires a very wealthy owner and businessman.  Now where are those very wealthy persons normally. In very influential positions, and often with extreme power. So to bribe an official, get involved in corruption with guaranteed immunity, send fairly “useless” offspring to universities, sidestep laid down standards and commit many other wilful sins is a “piece of old tacky”. These wilful sins actually become the “norm” as far as all of their life’s practices are concerned.

Other wilful sins also are naturally performed, such as blatantly ignoring a red robot, etc. These wilful sins are mostly the result of the low moral standards of each and every specific society. The more wilful sins, the more corruption and poorer law enforcement is present. Remember the very “influential and powerful” persons that enjoy such high esteem normally. The very rich wilful sinners.

Sinning by being humanly weak, sometimes repentful, often not

Due to being born in imperfection, wrong fleshly desires so easily “spring” to mind, when the slightest oppurtunity arises. Although not each and every time, but unfortunately often enough. Stealing money might not enjoy the slightest emotional interest as the beautiful woman to the man with a “roving” eye. So sins committed due to human imperfection are totally innumerable. Again, the sins committed under this heading are actually threefold.

Firstly, I steal because I cannot find a job from my very relaxed position on my bed, and by the way the “world owes me”. Repent, what does that mean, there are billions of us that steal, but only what we really “need”?

Secondly, the persons that try to avoid the “wrongdoing” of taking what they do not pay for, but due to not taking Jehovah God seriously, they have not been able to strengthen their resolve not to steal. They do lead “christian” lives but still just fall short of the willpower. Their religious leaders are also going to pay for the sins that their “sheep” perpetrate, as they have been too busy making “unjust profit” to have noticed the poor person’s failing.

Thirdly, the down and out person that steals for survival. Here is where I will “stick my neck out”. If the person has tried as much as what was humanly possible, and is finally too weak to stand up to look for any further work, and he eventually expires because he has refused to steal, that “lucky” person has lost his life on his saviour’s account and he will have the chance of eternal life in Paradise. Further, that person was not “tested” beyond his means. Due to physical weakness growing, his hunger pains were less in intensity due to the physical weakness. Eventually he was too numb to feel pain and he thus died. He did not need to repent as he DID NOT SIN! If he had stolen, he might have had to do so for many difficult years, and then died anyway.

I am not being preposterous in my reasoning, BUT I am also not saying that that poor person is ME. I can only pray to Jehovah God that should it be me, that I persevere as did the person in my example, not to be brave for myself, but to withstand the Devil that is taunting my Creator, and in so doing glorify my Creator’s Name.

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