Please Note: All interpretations on my Posts and Pages are entirely my own.

As there is only ONE Bible, there can only be one true religion.

There are numerous changes and “amendments” made to the one Bible, but Jehovah God is definitely capable of getting the right interpretations, the message and His theme through irrespective.

Jehovah God’s Kingdom is the theme of the Bible.

Jehovah God’s Kingdom is set out below:

Jehovah God is the Uppermost Ruler of His Kingdom.

Jesus Christ, His Son, is in the same Heaven as His Father, Jehovah God, and Jesus is the ruling King over our Universe.

Also in the same Heaven will eventually be the complete 144 000 humans bought from the earth, ruling under Jesus Christ, over the myriads of angels in the same Heaven and our Universe.

Our Universe, when it is again returned to the original perfection, without Satan the Devil, will consist of  our heavens and our earth, filled perfectly to proper and exact capacity with perfect humans that in turn will rule over all the animals, birds and creatures that are in our universe.

Jehovah God’s Kingdom will exist into eternity as He originally planned.

The Bible emphatically states at Ephesians 4:4 – 6: 4  One body there is, and one spirit, even as YOU were called in the ONE HOPE to which YOU were called; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all [persons], who is over all and through all and in all.

Please remember that all the interpretations are my own, and in this discussion I believe that I am in full agreement with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, except as far as the resurrection methods and times are concerned. I agree with them, however, with what will happen when the paradise conditions are eventually realised and all that have been found acceptable enough are already there. 

I interpret the Bible to state that every person has one of three eventualities. Either eternal life as one of the 144 000 Heavenly Class, one of the millions of the earthly class that are going to live on this same existing earth in paradise conditions eternally OR one of the billions that are going to be eternally destroyed and annihilated.

In the Scripture above that I quoted, I underlined and placed in capital letters the words “one” and  “hope”. The reason that I did so was to bring to the attention of everybody that I have this “ONE HOPE”.  I have this one hope of being one of the millions that are to be found acceptable enough and going to live on this existing earth eternally in paradise conditions.

If this one hope of mine is realised, then the following should be what happens to me:

I will either die and be spiritually resurrected straight to Heaven, where I will appear before Jesus and the members of the 144 000 Heavenly Class that are already there. To then be in the paradise conditions I will have been found favourably acceptable enough, although I will have to wait for Armageddon to be finally raised physically.

Otherwise, I might still be alive at Armageddon, and if acceptable enough, I will pass through to paradise without dying.

Hypothetically, I am now in the paradise conditions on this same existing earth.

I knew exactly where I would be if I was found acceptable enough, ON THIS EARTH. I have experience of living on this earth. The conditions were horrendous, dangerous, evil and so bad that it is difficult to put over the extremity thereof.


All the weapons have been altered into pruning shears and all kinds of different agricultural and farming equipment. I am going to firstly build my new home, with Jehovah God’s assurance that I will live in it forever and ever. Never will anyone else take possession of it.

Then I am going to use the farming equipment to plant my own vegetable garden, vine and fruit trees. Jehovah God has also promised that no one will take my possessions from me into eternity, and I will have the full use of them also into eternity.

I will then eventually have a perfct family.


Is all the above possibly a boring prospect with a boring forever after?

Not for me.  I never desired to live mysteriously! I never desired to live where there was no logic! I NEVER desired to go to Heaven!

I am nearly seventy years old and have never been bored at eating my three meals daily, cuddling into a warm bed every night for fifty-two weeks every year, associating with my fellowman daily, and just being alive and enjoying the beauties of this wonderful world even in this extremely deteriorated and dangerous condition.

Is it possible to imagine knowing about all the living creatures and their wonderful habits, I and my loved ones moving about on this earth when it is in a paradise condition, being aware of what transpires under the waves of our enormos seas, etc. I DO NOT THINK SO, BUT I KNOW IT WILL NEVER BE BORING!

If Adam and all his offspring had never listened to Satan the Devil, then this would have been the eventuality of our earth anyway.

I think that much food for thought should be given to this topic. If I explicitly do the desires of Jehovah God as He requires them to be done, and with MY human failings, I do them to the best of my ability, THEN I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE AND WHAT MY FUTURE WILL BE.


I might possibly return to this subject at a later point in time.

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