All the interpretations are my own!Jesus told us how to pray. He included himself in the prayer when he voiced the introduction.So Jesus himself considered Jehovah God to be His Father as well.The main reason for placing the prayer as a Post is to make sure what Jehovah God has planned and also to prioritize His Qualities, Desires and Intentions.You will see from my Post that Jehovah God is first and foremost a FATHER!


“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us, not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever, Amen.


Although there have been many changes by many translations, the above very old version says it all.


“Our Father”

The introduction into the prayer – the most important factor is that our Great and Heavenly God requires us as humans to firstly see, feel, appreciate and LOVE Him as a True and Real Wonderful Father. What are the attributes of a real and true and wonderful father as we have come to appreciate as humans. It is a person that loves, guides, protects, nourishes, trains, teaches and lives for us with the desire to fulfil our every healthy desire and those of all our loved ones. Those are the basic attributes that come to mind. Then there is the trust and faith instilled in us from birth, that we live out, until we feel that we can choose our own future and become independent. Remember, we are discussing a real, true and wonderful father, as described above.

Further, when, in comparison to our earthly father, at birth we knew virtually nothing, and our reasoning powers were virtually non-existent. But, in adulthood, our reasoning powers are proportionally far, far smaller than that of our Father in Heaven. For the first years of our lives, we quite naturally placed our total faith and trust in our earthly father, who we believed was capable of any miracle or feat. This is the faith and trust that we need to place in our Heavenly Father. He is that faith and trust due, and He will never fail His true children. Once we cultivate those two attributes, then the love for our Heavenly Father will become far greater than the love we felt for our earthly father, in the first years of our life. The more we learn about our Heavenly Father, all the more He says we are entitled to “brag” about our knowledge of Him, especially if we are also obedient to Him. Therefore, the Almighty God desires that each and everyone of us could, and also should, qualify to be one of His Children, but it is the choice He allows us to make. The reason why you have that choice, either being His loving and obedient child, or eternal annihilation, is because it is the only way our Father can protect His other true children. The “DESIRE” must come from YOU.


Who art in Heaven


The Bible tells WHERE our Father and Grand Creator, Jehovah God resides. The Bible states that there is the Heaven that Jehovah God resides in, and that there are many other heavens. One of those heavens is the heaven that belongs to our universe, and the one we can see, and know of. The Bible also states that all the other heavens, ours included, are too small to contain Jehovah God’s presence.


Hallowed be thy Name.


In the beginning Jehovah God had His earthly children only know Him as Almighty God. Being aware of the introduction of other gods as well as the false Trinity doctrine, He then gave His Name, Jehovah, to be known. He instructs us to glorify His Name, as it is worthy of the glorification that we humans are actually incapable of really giving His Name. All humans belong to Jehovah God, but that is not the reason that He wants us to glorify His Name. What Jehovah God means to us is the reason that His Name  should be glorified. Jehovah God also instructs us to inform all other humans that they should obtain accurate Bible knowledge so as to find out about His Kingdom and the reason why His Name should be glorified. Take note: Humans must glorify His Name and not Him, as humans are totally incapable of the intellectual capacity to even understand His own glory.


“Thy kingdom come.” 

The kingdom of England was so known because it was ruled by a king. That kingdom, however, consisted of many tiers of superiority, various levels of authority, vast numbers of persons, animals and living creatures. Just as the prince in the castle was a part of that kingdom, so also the maiden that served the tea, so also the family dog. Now, our Father’s Heavenly Kingdom consists of numerous facets. He is in His Heaven along with Jesus and all the other angels. Then we have many other heavens, of which one of them is ours. Also, then there is our earth, of which we know extremely little, but most probably enough to know about our fellow human beings, animals, our heaven with it’s sun and moon and stars, etc. We know such a small amount that our scientists do not even know, or can see, the ring of water that encircles our entire universe, and keeps it all intact. It is from this ring of water that Jehovah God used to flood the earth in Noah’s day. When Adam was created it was perfect, and this is what this portion of the prayer is about. Jehovah God’s Perfect Kingdom must be re-instated, and this is Jehovah God’s desire, and this is what He will “Let” occur. The three words above, “thy Kingdom come”, stipulate that Jehovah God’s Kingdom must come, and not that Jehovah God’s Kingdom IS here!


“Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

This causes much confusion amongst human beings, as they now proclaim that each and every occurrence, occurs by the will of Jehovah God. When they actually say this, then they are accusing Jehovah God of the most atrocious deeds and acts, and are thus speaking against the “Holy Spirit” and thus committing one of the two totally unforgivable sins. It is true that Jehovah God’s will is being perfectly performed in His Heaven by His obedient angels, as well as all the laws of nature are operating in Heaven exactly as Jehovah God had created them. So, irrespective of the presence of the Devil, certain Heavenly occurrences remained perfect, many of which the humans do not even know of their existence. This is the will of our Father that we pray for. The Devil must be destroyed along with all his spiritual and fleshly followers, and Jehovah God’s perfection must be entirely re-instated. Jehovah God’s Earthly Paradise Kingdom is the only outstanding occurrence that has to still happen, and that is very, very soon. Then the above sentence in the Prayer will be a reality. This is what a Witness of God and Jesus has been commanded to do. Warn your fellow humans of their imperative salvation or destruction. Jehovah God has set His time limit, and the Bible states that He will not be late. His Will will be done, as soon as His decided time has arrived. It will not be late. Again, the words above do not stipulate that Jehovah God’s will IS being done, especially on our earth.


“Give us this day our daily bread”

This request could also be grossly misconstrued, as there are most probably very many loving people that have prayed this way, and still died hungry, or of hunger. The “Lord’s Prayer” is a prayer that is meant for YOUR spiritual YOU. Your body is a “set of tools”, or the “equipment required”, to enable the spiritual YOU, or the “PERSON” YOU are, to do what YOU desire YOUR body to do. If, for instance, it is YOUR greatest desire to commit suicide and YOU instruct YOUR body to comply, the mechanisms of YOUR body will rebel against the results of YOUR decision, and fight to remain well. So, we must accept that the “daily bread” referred to, is “spiritual bread”. If YOU have received much “spiritual bread” and have become spiritually strong, with accurate Biblical knowledge, then YOU can never be spiritually hungry, or die from spiritual hunger. The stronger YOU are spiritually, the more YOU will realise that death is of no real importance, as resurrection will re-instate YOU to immortality in a Paradise that we now only know as our earth. It is, however, also acceptable that YOU desire to preserve the body that YOUR Heavenly Father gave YOU to the best of YOUR ability, with physical food. If YOU accept the above reasoning, then YOU will never think of blaming Jehovah God for Satan’s, and all his fleshly followers’, deeds that caused YOUR physical hunger, and even possibly YOUR physical death. The same applies  for any, or all of the deaths or sufferings on earth that occur, every second of every day, on earth. If the above is in fact truth, then you can pray to Jehovah God anywhere and anytime, in privacy, as Jehovah God can read YOUR thoughts, so you do not even need to move your lips. Also, the “daily spiritual bread” is available, anywhere and anytime, even to the furthest point of our universe.


“and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

This is a formidable request. If somebody bumps against you slightly in a crowd, quick is the mutual response of total forgiveness normally, but as the trespasses grow in intensity, are we as anxious to forgive, and just as totally. Remember, Jehovah God can minutely measure OUR reactions, and WE are quite easily asking that WE be forgiven just as WE forgive. Being imperfect is absolutely not an excuse, but it is this imperfection combined with Jehovah God’s loving and undeserved kindness that works in OUR favour, as Jehovah God can just as accurately measure our desire and attempts to forgive. The important fact here is: WE cannot bluff our Heavenly Father. Self-importance is a major factor of the human’s actions and reasoning’s. WE are not all that important, but can become more valuable if our capability to show and HAVE mercy and kindness AND FORGIVENESS increases. Also, if YOU half-heartedly forgive, then You will not be forgiven half-heartedly by Jehovah God. YOU will then not be forgiven by Him in that case at all. He desires YOU to be totally honest and merciful, so that when You are possibly in His Kingdom, You will honestly know and show mercy.



And lead us, not into temptation,

The above request is totally a request to be lead by Jehovah God in the direction that He requires of us, period. The portion, “not into temptation” is again totally the fact that Jehovah God cannot lead us into temptation. Jehovah God is totally incapable of being tempted, and also reserves the right never to tempt anyone, or in any way cause temptation whatsoever. Below are some of the examples of the false ways that humans reason:

The “not into temptation” denies that the death of  a loved one was Jehovah God’s will. While driving my motorcar, I am tempted to overtake in the face of oncoming traffic. I actually succumb to that temptation, and my loved one is fatally injured. What do most people say, especially when offering condolences: “It is God’s will!” This normally soothes consciences and assists in the acceptance of the death of the loved one. How convenient it would be if all the religious leaders that hold funeral services can appear at all trials involving human suffering. The logical outcome of the trial should be: “Innocent, the witness from God Himself, stated quite categorically at the funeral of the deceased, that God committed the crime, in that he engineered all the movements, so as to ensure that His will be done!” So, that is why this sentence is included in the “model prayer”. Jehovah God knew that false religious leaders would twist the Scripture to “line their pockets, and it did not bother them that they used Him to appease the people with LIES. Satan is the father of the lie, and the false religious leaders are his mere puppets, so much for their self-righteousness and “noble” bearing. So Jehovah God can lead US, but He can never lead US into temptation. So to all those who quite easily say: “It is God’s will!”, YOU are speaking against the Holy Spirit, which is the Person Of God, and thus committing one of the two forever unforgivable sins! Jehovah God is in Spirit form, thus we can say that our Heavenly Father has a Spiritual body, and the Holy Spirit is the Person of God. In the above example, I succumbed to my evil desire and temptation to overtake in the face of oncoming traffic. My loved one was killed because of my blatant evil desire. It was not Jehovah God’s will, or Jehovah God’s doing. It was a purely hateful fleshly desire or failing of mine, and I wilfully carried it out!


but deliver us from evil.

These few words are self-explanatory. “Please Jehovah God, protect us from the Satan the Devil, in all and anything that he can do to our spirit, or our spiritual person”. This is where faith is ultimately important. If we love and obey Jehovah God, He will love and protect us, and if we endure to the end, Jehovah God will lovingly make us members of His Family, in Paradise here on this same earth. Satan the Devil and evil will be destroyed into eternity in Jehovah God’s due time, and then the sentence being discussed will never need to be thought of again.


For thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

These words are similarly self-explanatory and totally true. BELIEVE THEM! Satan the Devil will have been given the chance to humiliate Jehovah God, and will have miserably failed, and thus been totally destroyed forever and ever into eternity.

Also read Psalm 78:18, And they proceeded to test God in their heart by asking for something to eat for their soul. (Prayers indeed, but purposely for the wrong reasons. People never ever to test Jehovah God, and also physical food is here requested and not “spiritual food”. They tested Jehovah God in that they knew He was not free to supply them with actual physical food! Remember, you do not have a soul, you ARE a soul.) 


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