There are a few differences between what I believe and what the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, but there is no other group that share their overall dedication, conviction, industriousness and a number of other desirable qualities, that they continuously strive to maintain. Many believe that way due to the fact that they were members of a family that were Jehovah’s Witnesses, but even those do daily studying of the Holy Bible, and by conviction, stay members. The majority, however, are persons that were willing to listen, and by Bible study they  became convinced.

My reason for this writing is to try to shake the human race awake. The Jehovah’s Witnesses maintain a certain degree of diplomacy, with the view to not offend the listener. I, on the other hand, see this massive symbolic big Ark, similar in purpose to the one that Noah built, and that is very soon to be sealed off by God. I do not profess to have the rights of Jesus, but I can assure all that he did not approach those that were desecrating his Father’s House with the sale of merchandise with diplomacy, but was livid with anger. I, therefore, believe that straight talk is not my right, but my duty to my fellowmen, and their loved ones.

If anyone reads my writing from the beginning to the end, then they will know that I am fearful of the fate that awaits billions of humankind. Billions are going to be massacred, but it need not necessarily include you or your loved ones. Remember, your decision does not only affect  you, but many, many persons, that observe how you believe, live and behave. Further, the Almighty Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, is not choosing you, you are choosing Him. The Holy Bible says so. Take a a step in real truth towards God, and He will reciprocate.

I have done a lot of work on this book, but it is still going to take too much time to complete, and time is of the essence. The chapters that do not have my interpretation, are those that are also in the Bible. I have not had the time to complete the writing fully, as I need to get God’s message across to as many people as soon as possible.

I am hopeful that the Jehovah’s Witnesses regard this writing in the way it is intended, and do not feel that I am trying to undermine them. There are about seven million Witnesses that are trying to inform the over seven billion people they are being led astray. Is it not sad that even a small iota of those persons who consider the Witnesses to be so wrong, do not try to listen to them, and then set them on the “narrow” road. The road is narrow, and few are those finding it, whereas the wide road will allow billions to pass along it to eternal death and total annihilation.

Read the writing, and then at least, you will eventually know that it contains real substance, and that most who “really” read the writing, will then find out on Judgement Day that the substance was factual.

Written, with a heart filled with anxiety. Millions of babies and young children were destroyed in the Flood of Noah’s day, and that was a direct result of the hard heartedness of their parents. Please do not make the same mistake.

This writing is done without an iota of malice or contempt, and as I am not a writer, there will obviously  be a number of errors, or erratic spellings, chapter numbers, etc. I, therefore, beseech everyone that reads this writing to try to see the “large picture”, and believe that my intentions are really sincere.

Douglas William Mackay