October 4th, 2010 | Author: Douglas

When the Bible was written, blood transfusion was not known to humans, so the eating or drinking thereof, would be a different method of taking blood into the body. Further, the Bible states that those that lay down their lives in obedience to Jehovah God would be rewarded with the possibility of everlasting life here on earth in paradise conditions.

Most people believe that your life-line has been drawn before your birth (Fatalism), and, that Jehovah God has planned everything that will happen to you beforehand. Most are adamant that you will not live past your pre-destined life-line. So, now, where does the blood transfusion become necessary? Are they trying to assist Jehovah God to keep you alive to His pre-destined point?

In Biblical times, heathens used to drink the blood of others and animals, because they were convinced that the drinking of blood healed them.

Under the subject of Blood Transfusion I would also like to state this extremely important difference that I have with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In the hospitals they are able to extract various portions or particles of the blood, thus making the use of one or more of the portions or particles different from the “whole” blood. It is then up to each and every individual Jehovah’s Witness to decide if the person can accept the portion, or particle. It then becomes a matter of “conscience”.

I cannot agree with the above, as all blood that is spilled, or out of a body, be it human or creature, should be placed on the ground and covered with “dust”. So, according to my interpretation, the blood should not even be available to be re-used in any form again. Blood testing is vital, but then again, it must be disposed of as per Jehovah God’s instruction. Nowhere does the Bible speak against the testing of blood, as Jehovah God knew it would become a necessity in a world ruled by humans. Also, animals were never intended to become food but as stated before on my website, Jehovah God also knew that if humans had no use for animals then the animals would face extinction.

It is apparently a fact that ONLY humans have been the cause of the extinction of any other species!

Below are most of the verses that deal with the abstaining from blood.

Gen 9:3

Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you. (Here we can see that Jehovah God has allowed the eating of all moving animals that are alive, then slaughtered and eaten. This allowance was imperative, as Jehovah God knows mankind. To preserve the species until earth is returned to paradise conditions, Jehovah God knew that He would have to make the animals valuable to evil mankind. What man does not require, and what is not of value to him, he quite easily causes to become extinct. Jehovah God has to protect the existence of the animals, by allowing the eating of them, and the use of their skins in some cases.)

Genesis 9:4

Only flesh with its soul – its blood – you must not eat. (Jehovah God decrees absolutely nothing without a valid reason. DNA testing is normal today as a means of identification, similar to fingerprinting in the past. So Jehovah God has given each individual the ultimate in distinctive identification. Each part of each human belongs solely to that individual. Jehovah God most probably knows that any defects, in a human, are almost fully compensated for, when His laws are adhered to. In the Bible Jehovah God states “abstain from blood, good health to you”. If an alcoholic abstains from drinking alcohol, then the direct injection thereof into his bloodstream would be far worse. Compatibility of blood types is apparently imperative before marriage is condoned, simply to enable better reproduction. Blood transfusion is invalid, has become a financial giant, and has caused known damage, and death, already. Further, why does Jehovah God allow the eating of meat, but is so strict about the blood? Jehovah God has His reason, so just obey Him. The abstaining from blood is in the following verse: Acts 15:29: “to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication. If YOU carefully keep yourselves from these things, YOU will prosper. Good health to YOU!” The wrongful use of blood is compared to fornication!)

Genesis 9:6

6 Anyone shedding man’s blood, by man will his own blood be shed (The warning is direct and non-negotiable. Blood is sacred, and should be valued at all times. If you cause blood to be shed due to negligence in the driving of a vehicle, or any similar incident, then are guilty as far as this category is concerned. Warfare is OUTRIGHT murder, as the Bible states in James 4:1 – 3. If you value your life, do not become “equal” to Jehovah God in your own mind, and get involved in blood related issues or actions. Get accurate Biblical knowledge.)

Lev 7:26 & 27

26 “and you must not eat any blood in any places where you dwell, whether that of fowl or that of beast. 27 Any soul that eats any blood, that soul must be cut off from his people.” (Refer Gen 9:4.)

Lev 17:10 – 15

10 “‘As for any man of the house of Israel or some alien resident who is residing as an alien in YOUR  midst who eats any sort of blood, I shall certainly set my face against the soul that is eating the blood, and I shall indeed cut him off from among his people. 11 For the soul of the flesh is in the blood, and I myself have put it upon the alter for YOU to make atonement for YOUR souls, because it is the blood that makes atonement by the soul (in it). 12 That is why I have said to the sons of Israel:  No soul of YOU must eat blood nor any resident who is residing as an alien in YOUR midst should eat blood.” 13. “‘As for any man of the sons of Israel or some alien resident who is residing as an alien in YOUR midst who in hunting catches a wild beast or fowl that may be eaten, he must in that case pour its  blood out and cover it with dust. 14. For the soul of every sort of flesh is in its blood. Anyone eating it will be cut off.” 15. As for any soul that eats a body [already] dead or something torn by wild beast, whether a native or an alien resident, he must in that case wash his garments and bathe in water and be unclean until the evening; (Humans do not eat human flesh, so this is proof that animals, birds, fish, etc., are living souls. There are many other Scriptures in the Bible that state that humans, animals, fish, etc., are souls, and do not have souls. The stipulation throughout these Scriptures is very plain to read and understand and that is that no foreign blood should be taken into your body at all.)

Lev 19:26

“‘YOU must eat nothing along with blood. (Jehovah God commands: Abstain from the use of blood. Ignore this command now here on earth, and then just before your eternal destruction, you will be told in Heaven that you disobeyed Jehovah God.)

Deuteronomy 12:16

Only the blood YOU must not eat. On the earth you should pour it out as water.

Deuteronomy 12:23

Simply be firmly resolved not to eat the blood, because the blood is the soul and you must not eat the soul with the flesh. (Blood plays such an important part in Jehovah God’s plan, so we must respect that. What is of utmost importance about this Scripture is that the “SOUL” can be eaten. So the soul is physical, and not some intangible quality or being of sorts, that leaves the body at the instant of death, etc. Also “being firmly resolved” is very strong wording that leaves no place for any doubt, whatsoever.)

1 Sam 14:32

And the people began darting greedily at the spoil and taking sheep and cattle and calves and slaughtering them on the earth, and the people fell to eating along with the blood. (A direct sin against Jehovah God, as Jehovah God commanded that humans should abstain from blood. If a doctor informs a person that he should abstain from alcohol as it is bad for him to drink, then the same doctor will inform him that injecting alcohol into his bloodstream would be far more dangerous. So blood transfusion would be just as sinful as the drinking of blood. In both instances the blood enters the human body.)

Acts 15:20

20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood. (Not abstaining from blood is compared to the evil of fornication and idol contamination.)

Acts 15:29

29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication. If YOU carefully keep yourselves from these things, YOU will prosper. Good health to YOU!” (There are people that paid with their lives and many that have become infected with diseases, due to their disobeying Jehovah God’s command, or complete ignorance of His command. Because they disobeyed His command, is the cause of their maladies. Jehovah God, however, did not inflict the results of their disobedience on them, it was their own choice, and Jehovah God knew what would occur, that is why He states: Abstain from blood, GOOD HEALTH TO YOU!” Just as a point of vital interest: Billions of persons wonder why Jehovah God either inflicts death, pain, and suffering OR allows the occurrence thereof.

 Firstly: Jehovah God has absolutely no input into what occurs physically on earth. There is absolutely no death, pain or suffering inflicted on humans by Jehovah God. In fact, there are no benevolent or “GOOD” physical deeds done for humans by Jehovah God either. Jehovah God only allows all these occurrences to happen so as to allow all humans the possibility of gaining His favour before the human race becomes so dangerous that they will cause all people to die, and

Secondly: Jehovah God also by His decision allows all people to see what people are prepared to do to their fellow human, or to allow it to happen, or even condone it.

Rulers and governments are voted in by persons always with the hope that the new ruling parties will improve living and worldly conditions. So by their own admission, people know instinctively that the ruling parties are responsible for all of man’s problems, and not Jehovah God. And we all know that false religion also has a vast input into world conditions.)


Acts 21:25

As for the believers from among the nations, we have sent out, rendering our decision that they should keep themselves from what is sacrificed to idols as well as from blood and what is strangled and from fornication.” (Use of blood compared to worshipping idols and also fornication.)