A Summary Of The Contents And Purpose Of The Bible

Evolution – the “Big Bang”

As this is only a summary, further perusal, thought and study will have to be made as to the factuality thereof. Of utmost importance is that practicability should be the key to all information provided. In the manufacture of the motorcar, only practicability determined the successful outcome. In later stages the summary will cover a large number of topics. One will be the advent of Creation. In this topic, will be seen, that just as with the motorcar, no “Big Bang” could have produced our universe. Similarly the Earth, Heaven, the heavens and the rest of Creation could not have come with a “Big Bang”. No  practicability, no LOGIC at all. In everything that man has conjured  up, there has been room for improvement, with Creation not.

NB: Remember – Practicability – Logic – Feasibility. Let the summary continue:

The Bible begins with the words: “In the beginning”. But, we read: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Surely there must be feasibility to such a statement: “In the beginning”. There is! By example:

In the beginning, the first motorcars were very primitive, compared to today. So here is seen that  the words “in the beginning” bears reference to the motor industry, it’s history and motorcars.

Just so: Before the creation of the entire earth and universe, as we know it, God and his son, Jesus Christ, were in God’s Heaven, with myriads of angels also present. So, the concept of “in the beginning” bears reference to our existence as the human race, with the creation of our universe and our habitat in totality.

After God had given instruction to his son, Jesus, to “make” our universe, Jesus and the myriads of obedient angels immediately obeyed. On completion of the universe, God saw that “it was good”. In other words, God was satisfied that everything was “perfect”.

Surely there must be feasibility to such a statement: “perfect”. There is! By example:

Can it ever be considered that a battered, dirty old plastic bag can be “perfect”? The obvious answer would be: “No, never at all”.

Wrong. An amount of garden refuse has to be taken to the city dump, and this fits in the bag. The bag is still definitely strong enough to perform this possibly last task. So, not only is the bag “perfect” for the job, but also has the further advantage that it, the bag, can be disposed of at the same time if so needed, without the cost and effort of another trip to the dump.

Just so: God created everything “in the beginning” capable of performing everything that would be required, in other words “perfect” for the intended functions. Everything was in place, the human race just had to abide by God’s rules.

Further study would prove that God knew that the first human pair would fail Him, but for all His reasons and purposes, He had to allow that to happen. The Devil was there, watching and waiting, but not openly yet. God knew that He would have to prove that there would be persons, with their own minds and individualities, that would remain faithful to Him, no matter what. With Jesus and the angels as witnesses He has to date partially achieved proving that.

Adam and Eve could not have dreamed that the human race, with the assistance of the Devil, could have fallen to such degrading levels that we perceive today. When the human race is given the same chance as Noah to survive the cleansing of the earth, then they will not be able to claim ignorance, as they have witnessed the degradation. Please note: the Flood of Noah’s day did occur!

To continue with the summary: When the Person of God purposes anything, you must be informed, or even warned, for that matter: Whatever God has purposed, will eventually occur!

God created our universe for the purpose of the earth being filled to a specific capacity, procreation being terminated, and His earthly family living in paradise conditions, into eternity. Everyday, under normal circumstances, especially in years gone by, people enjoyed three meals a day. Never were there thoughts that eating could become boring or unfulfilling, and that sickness, then death and then going to Heaven could, or would be preferable. Even very ill and sickly bed-ridden people hope for good health and inevitable survival.

Just so: Paradise conditions would never become boring, or unfulfilling. A glance around you should convince you that you really know actually very little, and absolutely nothing, about most elements that you see, so what about further afield, the world in it’s entirety, for instance. Another aspect, naturally, is satisfaction of what and who you are, and what you have. Remember, under the care and guidance of God and Jesus, you cannot be wanting for anything. Contentment for us is God’s will in His Kingdom.

From the previous paragraph can be noted that God’s command was to “fill the Earth, and subdue it”.

Not even in this disillusioned, frustrated world in turmoil, will you find a person being trained in the dentistry profession, for the purpose of qualifying as a motor mechanic, capable of maintaining or repairing machinery.

Just so: The Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient Creator, God, in his wisdom will not install earthly knowledge in a person for between seventy and eighty years, to utilise this experience in a Spiritual Realm. A baby of three months is raped and murdered. Could this poor child utilise this knowledge and experience in “any” hereafter. Not LOGICAL, practical or at all likely. Further, dying with a broken, weak and sickly body would, or could, not be a prerequisite for eligibility to enter Heaven. A totally illogical or unacceptable concept, especially for our Father, Jehovah God, to even consider.

Throughout the world today, billions of people were, and still are, being affected by the interest and study that one man, Calvin, put into the Bible. Because of this one person’s involvement millions have lost their most precious possession, life itself, in so-called religious wars and struggles, executions and persecutions. Even today, most persons believe in the one or other concept of religion. When asked if he had had persons killed or murdered, and if that was the case, did he feel even the slightest guilt, the most infamous gangster, Al Capone, apparently answered that he felt absolutely no remorse. His reasoning was that no man could live long enough to murder the number of people murdered in the name of so-called religion.

When buying a motorcar a good amount of information is obtained which influences the decision made. There are many aspects that are considered. Price, quality, petrol consumption, lifespan, all the accessories and comfort, etc. are taken into consideration. This all for the temporary use for three to fifteen years. How much more so should all the aspects of your future be, a future that could span into eternity. Is the concept of the Bible you cling to accepted because of family history, tradition, a necessary effort with apparent good intentions, or is it motivated by conviction based on LOGIC or racticability. Remember, God did not create this universe to perform to beliefs, or to conform to changing theories, but to perfect laws of nature designed by Him Himself. Since the beginning there has been no need for change, although it might seem so when earthquakes, floods, etc. occur. Mankind is the cause of all these catastrophes. Millions die of air pollution related diseases. Definitely motivated by human greed, not God.

To continue with this summary: God has since before creation of our universe laid all the plans for His purposes to be fulfilled, and what God has decided and planned, is an eventuality, whether others agree and accept, or not.

Firstly, the design of our universe, the creation thereof, the Garden of Eden, the human and animal kingdoms. Then the entrance of sin, the prophecies of what He would do, and the prophecies of what would occur due to man’s actions, and the price that would have to be paid for the everlasting future of mankind on earth. Prophecies involving time are numerous, especially the prophecy of “the time of the END”. Accurate Bible study will soon show the learner that the “time of the End” is the present time in which we live.

Then there is the ultimate promise. Throughout the Bible comes the theme: God’s Kingdom and everlasting life for millions of persons now living, and millions that have died. Then there is also the promise that there are people that are now living that will never “taste” death. In other words, they will not experience death, or dying, as such, into eternity. To end off this promise, God then asks: “Do you believe  this?” So God is totally aware that the concept of people never dying, is so far fetched to the human mind, that to believe such a statement would take quite some doing. On the other hand, many believe that Jesus will come on the clouds for all to see. What purpose would that serve, if it were true? What the Bible conveys is totally logical all the time, but no logic can come from the previous statement of Jesus and the clouds.

There is not only the good news of God’s Kingdom and everlasting life, but also the warnings of what disobedience and sin will cost.

Take Heed: “speaking against the Holy Spirit”, and “shedding of Innocent Blood”, are priorities in activating God’s wrath to the extent that God will destroy, without any hope, the perpetrators thereof. 2 Kings 24:3 and 4 confirm that  God will sometimes not forgive. The sins, committed, although there was a form of repentance present, were too severe to warrant God’s forgiveness. Adam and Satan the Devil, definitely fall into that category. The price that Jesus, especially, had to pay, and the human suffering that has transpired since Adam sinned, is just not acceptable to God. To confirm the possibility of God’s unforgivable wrath, the verse below is included: 2 Kings 24:3 & 4 reads as follows: 3 

It was only by the order of Jehovah that it took place against Judah, to remove it from his sight for the sins of Ma·nas’seh, according to all that he had done; 4 and also [for] the innocent blood that he had shed, so that he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, and Jehovah did not consent to grant forgiveness.

We are all living now in “Noah’s Day”, so put down this book, and carry on living, marrying, giving in marriage, etc. In other words, carry on living what is considered a normal way, with God taking the very back seat, if granted a seat at all. If also, with God taking the blame for the evils of Satan and mankind, you are adhering to the wrong interpretation of the Bible. When God “seals” the “Way” to experience everlasting life and dooms the evil people to everlasting destruction, it will depend on each and everyone to have served God, and saved himself and the loved ones dependent on him. The fact of the matter is that you owe it to yourself to test the facts. Like the billions of others that did not bother to check the facts, to test the source of their information, only eight persons survived the “Flood”. “Marrying, and giving in marriage” as indicated above, does by no means mean that people should not marry, but as shown above, people today are doing just as they wish to do. The norm today is to believe as you wish, but the Bible is the accurate manual as to how one should live. Marriage being mentioned, divorce is rampant, and adultery rife. But not if God’s manual is adhered to. So the example of marriage is totally indicative of the successfulness of man ruling man, and man guiding his own life. In Noah’s day, crime, moral values, the value of life, the sheer callousness of people, and all other prevailing evils were as prevalent then as now. The fact of the matter is that everything today, existed then. The above phrases of “marriage” etc, are indicative of the way people really live, and that God really has no place in their lives. Their marriage vows are promises to God, but we all know how much they really mean, and also that today’s way of living is accepted as totally normal and acceptable. Similarly, with Sodom and Gomorrah. And the Bible states what happened there!

Can anyone feel that there is any hope in our universe today, except for gaining accurate knowledge of the Bible, having faith, and doing God’s will. With only a callous attitude can a person say that everything is in God’s hands, we must just have hope and trust.

God promised that there would be people that would never taste death. Please, to allow you to be able to judge for yourself, let us now leave the Summary, and get to this promise of Jehovah God. READ ON!

All remarks in Italics are also pertinent to the other subjects that will be discussed in later chapters, and also relevant to the Scripture that has been written.