IF PROBLEMS ARE EXPERIENCED IN OPENING THE CONTENTS OF THIS POST, PLEASE INFORM ME!To tell a lie is so easy to do as far as the majority of the human race is concerned. Most of the lies are actually insignificant in that by just saying nothing, the end result will be exactly the same. The problem is that these lies are being spoken, and they are condemning.

Remaining silent though can also be condemning if the need for the truth to be spoken is a definitive requirement.

Lies can be, and often are, very dangerous and detrimental.




2 CORINTHIANS 13:5 & 6

5 KEEP TESTING WHETHER YOU ARE IN THE FAITH, KEEP PROVING WHAT YOU YOURSELVES ARE. OR DO YOU NOT RECOGNISE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS IN UNION WITH YOU? UNLESS YOU ARE DISAPPROVED! 6 I TRULY HOPE THAT YOU WILL COME TO KNOW WE ARE NOT DISAPPROVED. (The onus is on each and every person to frequently ensure that they are endeavouring to persevere in doing Jehovah God’s EXPLICIT will to the best of their ability!)

All remarks in Italics are also pertinent to the other subjects that have been or will be discussed, and also relevant to the Scripture that is being given now and those given later.

All my interpretations are in italics.


 November 1st, 2010 | Author: Douglas | Edit

If, for instance, you know a person that virtually and invariably always, or often, tells lies, then the times when he really and desperately needs your assistance, you think it is once again more of his exaggerations or fabrications. This could, for instance, cost his, or the life of someone else. Yes, that is how dangerous lies can be.

Apparently, during World War Two, a president of a country withheld the fact that a very destructive attack was imminent. He was afraid that it would ruin his standing and possibility of him being re-elected. There was a severe loss of life and the destruction of massive amounts of military and civil assets. This information was apparently only made public long after his death.

How would you have felt, if just after the attack, and the loss of many of your loved ones and friends, this information was given to you. That withholding of the truth was basically a lie. That lie changed the course of history. History has most probably changed many times due to lies. During that same war, soldiers were sent as a deceptive decoy, and many of them lost their lives. These points have been made so as to indicate the seriousness of LIES, and the resultant severities that occurred. Lies cause distrust, problems, dangerous results, disaster, etc.


Now, in the Garden of Eden, the first LIE was spoken by the father of the lie. It is not necessary to tell what that LIE has cost mankind, and the cost still rolls on devastatingly and ruinously. Billions have lost their lives and suffered mentally, morally, physically and financially. Your most important gift, your life, is not worth a cent in today’s world.

Almost every family has problems with their loved ones, to the point of desperation. Remember, every murderer, rapist, paedophile, murderous dictator and many other evil persons all had mothers and most probably other family. Can you imagine their anxiety as to the futures of their convicted loved ones?

Now, every person that has been born, and even those who were aborted, are part of the human earthly family. Our Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, is delaying the destruction of the evil people, to allow time for as many of these people as possible to change their ways. That is why there is so much pain, suffering, death and destruction occurring. Jehovah God has to allow this time for the people who will still change. Just imagine that you realise that you need to change your ways, and you do, and you and your loved ones are saved into eternity, then, maybe, you would appreciate Jehovah God’s sad decision that has been forced on Him.

However, Jehovah God is concerned about all the evil things that are occurring on earth, and He can only allow it to go on for so long, and then He knows that He will have to intervene. This intervention is the Battle of Armageddon.

From the Bible, Jehovah God’s disdain as far as the LIE is concerned, is indisputably denounced by Jehovah God Himself, as the destructive tool of Satan the Devil that it is.

A valiant attempt to avoid lying should be made a goal to strive for. Remember, the “little white lie” does not exist! IT IS STILL A LIE!

Let us have a look at a few Scriptures from the Bible about Lying:

Genesis 3: 4

At this the serpent said to the woman: “You positively will not die. (The first known recorded lie from the father of the lie Satan, the Devil. This lie is rigidly being advocated by false religion under the guise of the Immortality of the Soul. It would be interesting to know where the perpetrators of this vicious doctrine say Adam has been all through these centuries. Does your religion support this doctrine? If it does, you are going to be destroyed into eternity without the possibility of ever being forgiven by Jehovah God, if you continue with this religion that supports this blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.)

Exodus 23:7

“You are to keep far from a false word. And do not kill the innocent and the righteous, for I shall not declare the wicked one righteous. (A false word is nothing other than a lie!)

Deuteronomy 18:19

And it must occur that the man who will not listen to my words that he will speak in my name, I shall myself require an account from him. (This Scripture instructs people to speak Jehovah God’s words. In other words people are actually being instructed to gain accurate Bible knowledge and PREACH. If you quote the Bible, do so Biblically correct, and do not give your own translation.)

Deuteronomy 19:17 – 21

17 the two men who have the dispute must also stand before Jehovah, before the priests and the judges who will be acting in those days 18. And the judges must search thoroughly, and if the witness is a false witness and has brought a false charge against his brother, 19. You must also do to him just as he had schemed to do to his brother, and you must clear away what is bad from your midst. 20. So those who remain will hear and be afraid, and they will never again do anything bad like this in your midst. 21. And your eye should not feel sorry: soul will be for soul, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. (A false witness is a LIE and when the person that tells that lie is punished, Jehovah God Himself says that you should have no pity for that person. Also take note that the person is also standing before Jehovah God and not only the physical priests that are visible. Taking that into consideration, I do not believe that the person should even consider false testimony or lying as an option.)

Psalm 10:13

Why is it that the wicked one has disrespected God? He has said in his heart: “You will not require an accounting.” (Jehovah God IS going to “require” an accounting. All of us WILL answer to Him!)

Isaiah 57:11

“Whom did you become frightened at and begin to fear, so that you took up lying? But I was not the one that you remembered. You took nothing to your heart. Was I not keeping silent and hiding matters? So you were in no fear even of me. (People are afraid of punishment, death, etc. They mostly lie when they find themselves in trouble. With our Creator they have no real fear as they do not see Him and always just believe that He is so kind and forgiving and that they are ONLY fallible humans that He will lovingly forgive.)

Jeremiah 6:14

14 And they try to heal the breakdown of my people lightly, saying, ‘There is peace! There is peace!’  when there is no peace. (The religious leaders are the ones that are being spoken about. When there are starving and impoverished people, especially in great numbers, and great and immense suffering is being experienced by people, then it is foolish to consider the possibility that PEACE exists. While there are billions of people that are in dire straits there are  people that are better off that sit in churches and have their consciences quietened by the lies that are being advocated there. Also, PEACE is a condition of the human heart and mind, and I would truly like to know who is being fortunate enough to experience this wonderful condition. Even the religious leaders that advocate these lies are in mental anguish and normally greed, power and self-importance are the cause of their mental anguish.)

Jeremiah 8:11

And they try to heal the breakdown of the daughter of my people lightly, saying: “There is peace!” when there is no peace . . .

Jeremiah 23:17 -19

17 They are saying again and again to those who are disrespectful of me, ‘Jehovah has spoken:  “Peace is what YOU people will come to have.”’ And [to] every one walking in the stubbornness of his heart they have said, ‘No calamity will come upon YOU people . . . 18. For who has stood in the intimate group of Jehovah that he might see and hear his word? Who has given attention to his word that he might hear it? 19. Look! The windstorm of Jehovah, rage itself, will certainly go forth, even a whirling tempest. Upon the head of the wicked ones it will whirl itself. . . (From these Scriptures it will appear that there are persons that say: “Just believe in Jehovah God, and He will protect you, irrespective. Now this is an untrue statement. If you read a motor vehicle manual and understand it incorrectly, and you adhere to your interpretation, then you can expect a breakdown of efficiency, with possible severe damage and total loss of the vehicle. Now, if you are told there is a highly respected mechanic available, and you ignore his correct advice, or do not even go to see him, you DESERVE the consequences of your decision.

The Bible states that faith without works is dead. The expression, “just believe” is a direct contradiction. So, the most likely that will happen to the person who believes “just Believe” is that Jehovah God Himself will be the One who judges that one to eternal destruction. Take note: not to death, as death is also going to be eternally destroyed, but to eternal annihilation. The onus is on each and every one to ensure that they have the right interpretation. It will do well for each and every one to realise that they are not making the decisions on their lives only.

There are people out there that study the Bible meticulously, with sincerity and “cling” to the most accurate interpretation. Even if you are extremely convinced that they are wrong, it would still be worth your while to check them out. You have most probably realised that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are being referred to. They are not considered to be the most liked religion, but then the continuous attacks against them have carried a lot of weight. Without mentioning the Jehovah’s Witnesses, just casually mention that so an so believes so and so, and the feedback will be, it does not matter to what church you go just as long as we all believe in the same God. Then casually ask: “What about the Jehovah’s Witnesses?” and see the immediate reaction which normally shows disdain. Take Note: “Just believe” is a LIE! Billions of people are going to be eternally destroyed!)

Jeremiah 28:15

And Jeremiah the prophet went on to say to Han·a·ni´ah the prophet: “Listen, please, O Han.a.ni’ah! Jehovah has not sent you, but you yourself have caused this people to trust in a falsehood . . . (Lies spread in the religious environment in Biblical times, and most of it is being  carried through until today, and into the future, until Armageddon.)

Lamentations 2:7

Jehovah has cast off his altar. He has spurned his sanctuary. Into the hand of the enemy he has surrendered the walls of her dwelling towers. In the house of Jehovah they have let out [their] own voice, as in the day of a festival. (Here Jehovah God actually states that the religious leaders that are supposed to be preaching His Word are liars, and today the followers of those religious leaders are still going strong. Their ally, Satan the Devil is still at this point very strong and very active.)

Ezekiel 13:8

“‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “‘For the reason that YOU men have spoken untruth and YOU have visioned a lie, therefore here I am against YOU,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.”  (Our Almighty God did not speak with atheists and agnostics, but with false Israelites and especially their religious leaders.)

Ezekiel 13:10

10 for the reason, yes, for the reason that they have led my people astray, saying, “There is peace!” when there is no peace, and there is one that is building a partition wall, but in vain there are those plastering it with whitewash. . . (Plaster and paint or whitewash a wall and see what a difference it makes. A terribly poorly and weakly built wall appears to be beautiful. So do the false religious leaders of this world. It is a wonderful example as the outward appearance is mostly hiding the various defects, some bad, while others are plainly wicked and evil.)

Ezekiel 13:19

And will YOU profane me toward my people for the handfuls of barley and for the morsels of bread, in order to put to death the souls that ought not to die and in order to preserve alive the souls that ought not to live by YOUR lie to my people, the hearers of a lie?”’ (Again Jehovah God speaks to lying and false religious leaders. The lavish lives they live with the high esteem they receive from the people that so willingly want to believe them are compared by Jehovah God to mere “handfuls of barley and morsels of bread” indicating of what little value it is of what they are now receiving.)

Ezekiel 36:21 – 23

21 And I shall have compassion on my holy name, which the house of Israel have profaned among the nations where they have come in.” 22. “Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Not for YOUR sakes am I doing [it], O house of Israel, but for my holy name, which YOU have profaned among the nations where YOU have come in.”’ 23. ‘And I shall certainly sanctify my great name, which was being profaned among the nations, which YOU profaned in the midst of them; and the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, when I am sanctified among YOU before their eyes.  (Again Jehovah God speaks to lying and false religious leaders.)

Micah 3:5

“This is what Jehovah has said against the prophets that are causing my people to wander, that are biting with their teeth and that actually call out, ‘Peace!’ that, when anyone does not put [something] into their mouths, also actually sanctify war against him, (It is beyond my comprehension how the false religious leaders ignore and blatantly disregard the many, many warnings directly aimed at them!)

Micah 3:11

Her own head ones judge merely for a bribe, and her own priests instruct just for a price, and her own prophets practice divination simply for money; yet upon Jehovah they keep supporting themselves, saying: “Is not Jehovah in the midst of us? There will come upon us no calamity.” (The false religious leaders still have the audacity to claim that Jehovah God is their ally in all their evil dealings.)

Habakkuk 2:3

3. For [the] vision is yet for the appointed time, and it keeps panting on to the end, and it will not tell a lie. Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it; for it will without fail come true. It will not be late. (This is a very dangerous Scripture when not understood in the right context, or even worse, not even known about. The accusation is rife: “From the very beginning of time the end of the world has been prophesied and predicted. So why are we still here? Anyone who believes this story is living in a dream world of their own”. The Bible states categorically that the vision will not tell a lie, and that the “appointed time” keeps panting on, and will not be late. Also, the warning is there to keep in expectation of it. People easily say: “Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”. How about saying: “Live as if tomorrow you are going to die, and you want to do the will of Jehovah God as He desires it to be done, so as to survive into His undeserved loving kindness” for ever and ever, into eternity. Armageddon is going to occur in the very near future. As I have stated before on my website: If you die or get killed, then it is as if you have reached your own personal Armageddon, as once you have died then you cannot change one iota of your eternal future.)

Habakkuk 2:18

Of what benefit has a carved image been, when the former of it has carved it, a molten statue, and an instructor in falsehood? When the former of its form has trusted in it, to the extent of making valueless gods that are speechless? (It is with statements that I make such as this that the Jehovah’s Witnesses will most probably be annoyed, but in all earnestness, the television could be deemed a great Jehovah’s Witness in its own right. How regularly do YOU see people bowing down to crosses, pictures of Jesus, saints and Mary, and various carved images. Similarly, corruption and corrupt government procedures and laws are displayed and brought out into the open. YOU have seen the world and its condition for what it is. YOU know of the numerous billions spent on military operations, and the unnecessary luxury that a minority lavish in, and the billions that they squander, while at the same time on the same television YOU see the hunger, pain, strife and absolute agony and misery of the majority. If you do mention to the people that they have been made completely aware of the world’s condition from television programmes then they quite easily state: “God has His reasons, who are we to question Him?” If YOU are brave enough to state these words, when YOU have seen on the television what happens in the world, then YOU had better be brave enough to know that YOU are committing one of the forever unforgivable sins against the Holy Spirit.)

Zephaniah 3:4

Her prophets were insolent, were men of treachery. Her priests themselves profaned what was holy; they did violence to [the] law. (As I said before, I do not comprehend the arrogance of the false religious leaders.)

Malachi 2:8

“But YOU men—YOU have turned aside from the way. YOU have caused many to stumble in the law. YOU have ruined the covenant of Le´vi,” Jehovah of armies has said. (As I said before, I do not comprehend the arrogance of the false religious leaders.)

Matthew 5:11

“Happy are YOU when people reproach YOU and persecute YOU and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against YOU for my sake. (Jehovah God also speaks to His true followers. Do YOU fall into this category, that is lied about, and are wicked things being said about YOU, on a daily basis, or are YOU smug in “just believing”, and leaving others alone, even though Jehovah God has said to YOU: “How will they know the truth about me if there is no one prepared to tell them”. It is a direct command that YOU find out the truth about Him, and tell as many people as YOU can. Sounds not-too-good, but go there, and find out for yourself!)

Matthew 5:18

18 for truly I say to YOU that sooner would heaven and earth pass away than for one smallest letter or one particle of a letter to pass away from the Law by any means and not all things take place. (A sincere and very serious warning, draw closer to Jehovah God and He will draw closer to you, and you will be saved. To lie, however, would be moving away from truth, and thus away from Jehovah God. Also, Jehovah God here categorically states that the Bible will never ever become outdated or old-fashioned.)

Matthew 9:34

But the Pharisees began to say: “It is by the ruler of the demons that he expels the demons.” (False religious leaders even lied about Jesus and the apostles and true and faithful prophets, and have misled, and still are misleading persons, and will still until the day of Armageddon.)

Matthew 24:24

For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones. (Those chosen ones are surely Jehovah God’s people, members of the 144 000 Heavenly Class, and just see that the possibility exists that even they could be misled. So it is a warning to all that the Devil is very wily and a person must be wide awake and alert at all times. Another important aspect is that all those physical “miracles” that people believe in as being the work of God are actually the work of Satan the Devil. The above Scripture confirms that Satan does what people presume to be great signs and wonders!)

Matthew 28:13 & 15

13 and said: “Say, ‘His disciples came in the night and stole him while we were sleeping.’ 15. So they took the silver pieces and did as they were instructed; and this saying has been spread abroad among the Jews up to this very day. (They were told by the false religious leaders to lie, and that lie is still very alive and still being advocated today, and will be until Armageddon.)

Mark 7:6

He said to them: “Isaiah aptly prophesied about YOU hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honour me with [their] lips, but their hearts are far removed from me. (It does not need a rocket scientist to know who is being spoken about. Their doctrines are still alive and well, and will be until the day of Armageddon.)

Mark 7:7 & 8

7 It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines commands of men. 8. Letting go the commandment of God, YOU hold fast the tradition of men.” (Their doctrines are still alive and doing extremely well, and will continue until the day of Armageddon. Do YOU believe them?)

Mark 7:15

There is nothing from outside a man that passes into him that can defile him; but the things that issue forth out of a man are the things that defile a man.” (The LIE is one of those ultimately important transgressions, especially when it is eventually taught as doctrine.)

Mark 7:19

19 since it passes, not into [his] heart, but into [his] intestines, and it passes out into the sewer?”  Thus he declared all foods clean. (So it is also a lie that a law still exists that certain foods are not to be eaten!)

Mark 7:20 – 22

20 Further, he said: “That which issues forth out of a man is what defiles a man; 21 for from inside, out of the heart of men, injurious reasonings issue forth: fornications, thieveries, murders, adulteries, covetings, acts of wickedness, deceit, loose conduct, an envious eye, blasphemy, haughtiness, unreasonableness. 22 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, the chosen ones.

Mark 14:1

Now the passover and the [festival of] unfermented cakes was two days later. And the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how to seize him by crafty device and kill him; (Remember the rocket scientist that was mentioned.)

Mark 14:10

And Judas Is·car´i·ot, one of the twelve, went off to the chief priests in order to betray him to them.

Luke 6:46

“Why, then, do YOU call me ‘Lord! Lord!’ but do not do the things I say?

Luke 11:44

Woe to YOU, because YOU are as those memorial tombs which are not in evidence, so that men walk upon them and do not know [it]!” (People profess to do the will of Jehovah God, but nobody even knows them because they do not openly confess that they obey Jehovah God, which they actually do not do! Faith without works is dead! If you do not preach accurate Bible knowledge then your faith is dead, as you are not obeying Jehovah God.)

Luke 11:47

“Woe to YOU, because YOU build the memorial tombs of the prophets, but YOUR forefathers killed them!

Luke 12:1

In the meantime, when the crowd had gathered together in so many thousands that they were stepping upon one another, he started out by saying first to his disciples: “Watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

John 8:44

YOU are from YOUR father the Devil, and YOU wish to do the desires of YOUR father. That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the [lie].

John 12:6

He said this, though, not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief and had the money box and used to carry off the monies put in it.

Acts 4:18

With that they called them and charged them, nowhere to make any utterance or to teach upon the basis of the name of Jesus. (I cannot comprehend that the people are so gullible so as to believe the false religious leaders.)

Acts 13:10

10 and said: “O man full of every sort of fraud and every sort of villainy, you son of the Devil, you enemy of everything righteous, will you not quit distorting the right ways of Jehovah? (“distorting the right ways of Jehovah” is lying about and altering  His true Word, the Bible.)

Acts 18:28

28 for with intensity he thoroughly proved the Jews to be wrong publicly, while he demonstrated by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ. (Can there be any confusion that the false religious leaders had distorted the Scriptures, and are still doing so today on an enormously large platform.)

Acts 23:2 & 3

2 At this the high priest An·a·ni´as ordered those standing by him to strike him on the mouth. 3. Then Paul said to him: “God is going to strike you, you whitewashed wall. Do you at one and the same time sit to judge me in accord with the Law and, transgressing the Law, command me to be struck?” (Is the practise of double-standards not rife all over our world of today? It seems to be a practice that has come through all the years from early Biblical times although it is not normally considered possible in religion. This just proves how gullible people are!)

Romans 2:20 & 21

20 do you, however, the one teaching someone else, not teach yourself? You, the one preaching “Do not steal,” do you steal? 21. You, the one saying “Do not commit adultery,” do you commit adultery? You, the one expressing abhorrence of the idols, do you rob temples? (The Bible states that people who receive any benefits or payments whatsoever while spreading the Word of Jehovah God have received their due and Jehovah God thus “owes” them nothing. Although Jehovah God “owes” nobody anything at all He is adamant to draw to every person’s attention that if you receive any remuneration for doing His work then you have been fully compensated. That means that all the religious leaders that receive any salaries or any compensation whatever are devoid of Jehovah God considering them worthy of receiving anything from him. All false religious leaders are guilty of all that is written in the Scripture above!)

Romans 3:13

“Their throat is an opened grave, they have used deceit with their tongues.” “Poison of asps is behind their lips.” (Who is the Bible talking about? It must be the false religious leaders as most of the billions of people in general are not interested enough to speak about or discuss Biblical matters or topics.)

2 Corinthians 11:13 – 15

13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. 15 It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness. But their end shall be according to their works. (The false religious leaders throughout the years are here being spoken about.)

2 Corinthians 11:31

The God and Father of the Lord Jesus, even the One who is to be praised forever, knows I am not lying.

Ephesians 4:14

14 in order that we should no longer be babes, tossed about as by waves and carried hither and thither by every wind of teaching by means of the trickery of men, by means of cunning in contriving error. (If any person has enough accurate Biblical knowledge so as to qualify to be fairly mature in that knowledge then they cannot be easily swayed. It is therefore very important to gain accurate Bible knowledge.)

Ephesians 4:25 – 30

25 Wherefore, now that YOU have put away falsehood, speak truth each one of YOU with his neighbour, because we are members belonging to one another. 26. Be wrathful, but do not sin, let the sun not set with YOU in a provoked state, 27 neither allow place for the Devil. 28. Let the stealer steal no more, but rather let him do hard work, doing with his hands what is good work, that he may have something to distribute to someone in need. 29. Let a rotten saying not proceed out of YOUR mouth, but whatever saying is good for building up as the need may be, that it may impart what is favourable to the hearers. 30. also do not be grieving God’s holy spirit, with which YOU have been sealed for a day of releasing by ransom.

Colossians 2:8

Look out: perhaps there may be someone who will carry YOU off as his prey through the philosophy and empty deception according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary things of the world and not according to Christ;

Colossians 2:22

22 respecting things that are all destined to destruction by being used up, in accordance with the commands and teachings of men?

2 Thessalonians 2:10

10 and with every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth that they might be saved.

1Timothy 1:3 – 5

3 Just as I encouraged you to stay in Eph´e·sus when I was about to go my way into Mac·e·do´ni·a, so I do now, that you might command certain ones not to teach different doctrine, 4 nor to pay attention to false stories and to genealogies, which end up in nothing, but which furnish questions for research rather than a dispensing of anything by God in connection with faith. 5. Really the objective of this mandate is love out of a clean heart and out of a good conscience and out of faith without hypocrisy.

1Timothy 2:14 & 15

14 Also, Adam was not deceived, but the woman was thoroughly deceived and came to be in transgression. 15. However, she will be kept safe through childbearing, provided they continue in faith and love and sanctification along with soundness of mind.

1Timothy 4:1 – 5

1 However, the inspired utterance says definitely that in later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons, 2 by the hypocrisy of men who speak lies, marked in their conscience as with a branding iron; 3 forbidding to marry, commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be partaken of with thanksgiving by those who have faith and accurately know the truth. 4. The reason for this is that every creation of God is fine, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5 for it is sanctified through God’s word and prayer over [it].

2 Timothy 3:13 & 14

13 But wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse, misleading and being misled. 14. You, however, continue in the things that you learned and were persuaded to believe, knowing from what persons you learned them

2 Timothy 3:16 & 17

16 All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 4:2 – 4

2 preach the word, be at it urgently in favourable season, in troublesome season, reprove, reprimand, exhort, with all long-suffering and [art of] teaching. 3. For there will be a period of time when they will not put up with the healthful teaching, but, in accord with their own desires, they will accumulate teachers for themselves to have their ears tickled; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, whereas they will be turned aside to false stories.

Titus 1:2

2 upon the basis of a hope of the everlasting life which God, who cannot lie, promised before times long lasting,

Titus 1:9 – 11

9 holding firmly to the faithful word as respects his [art of] teaching, that he may be able both to exhort by the teaching that is healthful and to reprove those who contradict. 10. For there are many unruly men, profitless talkers, and deceivers of the mind, especially those men who adhere to the circumcision. 11. It is necessary to shut the mouths of these, as these very men keep on subverting entire households by teaching things they ought not for the sake of dishonest gain. (From the head of the family right down to the unborn child already conceived. All the dependent and minor ones will be eternally annihilated if the head of the family is unfaithful.)

Hebrews 6:18 & 19

18 in order that, through two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to the refuge may have strong encouragement to lay hold on the hope set before us. 19. This [hope] we have as an anchor for the soul, both sure and firm, and it enters in within the curtain,

2 Peter 1:16 & 17

16 No, it was not by following artfully contrived false stories that we acquainted YOU with the power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, but it was by having become eyewitnesses of his magnificence. 17. For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when words such as these were borne to him by the magnificent glory: “This is my son, my beloved, whom I myself have approved.”

2 Peter 2:1

However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among YOU. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves.

2 Peter 2:19

While they are promising them freedom, they themselves are existing as slaves of corruption. For whoever is overcome by another is enslaved by this one.

2 Peter 3:4 & 5

4 and saying: “Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep [in death], all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning.” 5. For, according to their wish, this fact escapes their notice, that there were heavens from of old and an earth standing compactly out of water and in the midst of water by the word of God;

2 Peter 3:8 & 9

8 However, let this one fact not be escaping YOUR notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. 9. Jehovah is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with YOU because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.

2 Peter 3:15 & 16

15 Furthermore, consider the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul according to the wisdom given him also wrote YOU, 16 speaking about  these things as he does also in all [his] letters. In them, however, are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unsteady are twisting, as [they do] also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction.

1 John 1:8

If we make the statement: “We have no sin,” we are misleading ourselves and the truth is not in us.

1 John 1:10

If we make the statement: “We have not sinned,” we are making him a liar, and his word is not in us.

1 John 2:4

He that says: “I have come to know him,” and yet is not observing his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in this [person].

1 John 2:18

Young children, it is the last hour, and, just as YOU have heard that antichrist is coming, even now there have come to be many antichrists; from which fact we gain the knowledge that it is the last hour.

1 John 2:22

Who is the liar if it is not the one that denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one that denies the Father and the Son.

1 John 4:20

If anyone makes the statement: “I love God,” and yet is hating his brother, he is a liar. For he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot be loving God, whom he has not seen.

2 John 7

For many deceivers have gone forth into the world, persons not confessing Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.

Revelation 2:2

‘I know your deeds, and your labour and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, and that you put those to the test who say they are apostles, but they are not, and you found them liars.

Revelation 19:20

And the wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast and those who render worship to its image. While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur.

Revelation 20:3

And he hurled him into the abyss and shut [it] and sealed [it] over him, that he might not mislead the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After these things he must be let loose for a little while.