It is a fact that most people believe the spirit mediums and fortune-tellers to be evil in the eyes of Jehovah God, and although billions are very serious about these practices and fully believe in them, many other people shrug and say that they just do it for fun.

Due to lack of accurate Bible knowledge, they do not realise that Jehovah God finds them, as well as their actions and practices, detestable.




2 CORINTHIANS 13:5 & 6

5 KEEP TESTING WHETHER YOU ARE IN THE FAITH, KEEP PROVING WHAT YOU YOURSELVES ARE. OR DO YOU NOT RECOGNISE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS IN UNION WITH YOU? UNLESS YOU ARE DISAPPROVED! 6 I TRULY HOPE THAT YOU WILL COME TO KNOW WE ARE NOT DISAPPROVED. (The onus is on each and every person to frequently ensure that they are endeavouring to persevere in doing Jehovah God’s EXPLICIT will to the best of their ability!)

All remarks in Italics are also pertinent to the other subjects that have been or will be discussed, and also relevant to the Scripture that is being given now and those given later.

All my interpretations are in italics.


November 2nd, 2010 | Author: Douglas |  Edit

It is a fearsome thought that the Almighty Person of Jehovah God should find a person detestable. This will not fall in the “food for thought” category, but rather in the “you are offending the Almighty, and are going to get destroyed into eternity” category.

The warning is very serious; When you participate in spiritualism practices you are setting a table, and inviting Satan as the main guest!

Do not be misled, mediums utilise Satan the Devil’s powers and knowledge to perform these “miraculous” and deceiving acts and that is why they are so convincing.

Every person that has died is totally non-existent and only those that Jehovah God finds acceptable will remain in His memory and be physically resurrected after the advent of Armageddon.

The fact that people believe that they see or hear “relatives” is a fact, as Satan has the memory to know what the people that died looked like, acted like, and every other aspect of them. He then utilises that information with the power that he has, and similar to hypnotism, “re-incarnates” those that “cannot rest” due to unsolved issues that they had before or when they died.

 The Bible states that dead people are non-existent and do not have one iota of life left in them.

 Although it is only one of many, the following Scripture is quoted to prove my above statement:

Ecclesiastes 9:5 & 6

5 For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten. 6 Also, their love and their hate and their jealousy have already perished, and they have no portion anymore to time indefinite in anything that has to be done under the sun.

If only this one Scripture does not prove that involvement with Mediums is associating with Satan the Devil, then I fear that it will be very difficult to change the minds of those that wish to believe otherwise.

Let us have a look at a few Scriptures from the Bible about Mediums:

Leviticus 19:26

“‘YOU must eat nothing along with blood. “‘YOU must not look for omens, and You must not practice magic.

Leviticus 19:28

“‘And YOU must not make cuts in YOUR flesh for a deceased soul, and YOU must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves. I am Jehovah.

Leviticus 20:6

“‘As for the soul who turns himself to the spirit mediums and the professional foretellers of events so as to have immoral intercourse with them, I shall certainly set my face against that soul and cut him off from among his people.

Leviticus 20:27

“‘And as for a man or woman in whom there proves to be a mediumistic spirit or spirit of prediction, they should be put death without fail. They should pelt them to death with stones. Their own blood is upon them. “‘

Deuteronomy 13:1 – 3

1 “In case a prophet or a dreamer of a dream arises in your midst and does give you a sign or a portent, 2 and the sign or the portent does come true of which he spoke to you, saying, ‘Let us walk after other gods, whom you have not known, and let us serve them, 3 you must not listen to the words of that prophet or to the dreamer of that dream, because Jehovah YOUR God is testing YOU to know whether YOU are loving Jehovah YOUR God with all YOUR heart and all YOUR soul. (The Bible does not dispute that these evil deeds do take place, as if they never did, it would be the loss of a powerful tool of Satan the Devil, as no person would believe them, or go to them.)

Deuteronomy 18:9 – 13

9 “When you are entered into the land that Jehovah your God is giving you, you must not learn to do according to the detestable things of those nations. 10.There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, 11 or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead.12. For everybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah, and on account of these detestable things Jehovah your God is driving them away from before you. 13. You should prove yourself faultless with Jehovah your God.

Isaiah 8:19

And in case they should say to YOU people: “Apply to the spiritistic mediums or to those having a spirit of prediction who are chirping and making utterances in low tones,” is it not to its God that any people should apply? Should there be application] to dead persons in behalf of living persons?

Isaiah 19:3

And the spirit of Egypt must become bewildered in the midst of it, and I shall confuse its own counsel. And they will be certain to resort to the valueless gods and to the charmers and to the spirit mediums and to the  professional foretellers of events.

Isaiah 29:4

And you must become low so that you will speak from the very earth, and as from the dust your saying will sound low. And like a spirit medium your voice must become even from the earth, and from the dust your own saying will chirp.

Isaiah 41:22 – 24

22 “Produce and tell to us the things that are going to happen. The first things-what they were-do tell, that we may apply our heart and know the future of them. Or cause us to hear even the things that are coming. 23. Tell the things that are to come afterward, that we may know that YOU are gods. Yes, YOU ought to do good or do bad, that we may gaze about and see [it] at the same time. 24. Look! YOU are something non-existent, and YOUR achievement is nothing. A detestable thing is anyone that chooses YOU.

Isaiah 65:11

“But YOU men are those leaving Jehovah, those forgetting my holy mountain, those setting in order a table for the god of Good Luck and those filling up mixed wine for the god of Destiny. (The Lotto is also a tool of the goddess of Good Luck, as are many other seemingly “innocent” games. Also the belief in fatalism is believing in the God of Destiny!)

Jeremiah 14:14

And Jehovah went on to say to me: “Falsehood is what the prophets are prophesying in my name. I have not sent them, nor have I commanded them or spoken to them. A false vision and divination and a valueless thing and the trickiness of their heart they are speaking prophetically to YOU people . . .

Ezekiel 7:26

There will come adversity upon adversity, and there will occur report upon report, and people will actually seek a vision from a prophet, and the law itself will perish from a priest and counsel from elderly men. . .

Ezekiel 12:24

For there will no more prove to be any valueless vision nor double-faced divination in the midst of the house of Israel . . .

Ezekiel 13:8

“‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “‘For the reason that YOU men have spoken untruth and YOU have visioned a lie, therefore here I am against YOU,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.”

Ezekiel 13:23

therefore untruth YOU women will not keep on visioning, and divination YOU will divine no longer; and I will deliver my people out of YOUR hand, and YOU will have to know that I am Jehovah.’”

Ezekiel 21:21

For the king of Babylon stood still at the crossways, at the head of the two ways, in order to resort to divination. He has shaken the arrows. He has asked by means of the teraphim; he has looked into the liver.

Ezekiel 21:23

And it has become to them like an untrue divination in their eyes—those who are sworn with oaths to them; and he is calling error to remembrance, in order [for them] to be caught.

Micah 3:11

Her own head ones judge merely for a bribe, and her own priests instruct just for a price, and her own prophets practice divination simply for money; yet upon Jehovah they keep supporting themselves, saying: “Is not Jehovah in the midst of us? There will come upon us no calamity.” (Babylon the Great, the empire of false religion, is here being spoken about.)

Micah 5:12

And I will cut off sorceries out of your hand, and no practisers of magic will you continue to have.

Zechariah 10:2

For the teraphim themselves have spoken what is uncanny; and the practisers of divination, for their part, have visioned falsehood, and valueless dreams are what they keep speaking, and in vain they try to comfort. That is why they will certainly depart like a flock; they will become afflicted, because there is no shepherd.

Mark 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, the chosen ones.

Luke 11:29

When the crowds were massing together, he started to say: “This generation is a wicked generation; it looks for a sign. But no sign will be given it except the sign of Jo´nah.

Acts 8:9

Now in the city there was a certain man named Simon, who, prior to this, had been practicing magical arts and amazing the nation of Sa·mar´i·a, saying he himself was somebody great.

Acts 13:6

When they had gone through the whole island as far as Pa´phos, they met up with a certain man, a sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew whose name was Bar-Je´sus,

Acts 16:16

And it happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a certain servant girl with a spirit, a demon of divination, met us. She used to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction.

Revelation 9:20 & 21

20 But the rest of the men who were not killed by these plagues did not repent of the works of their hands, so that they should not worship the demons and the idols of gold and silver and copper and stone and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk; 21 and they did not repent of their murders nor of their spiritistic practices nor of their fornication nor of their thefts.